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River is the quintessential homicide detective story. The show features a gentleman named John River, who is a brilliant police inspector who has a humongous amount of genius. Naturally, he has had a long career and is well-respected in his field. His genius is both and blessing and a curse, because along with his genius there is also the weakness of having a fragile, depression-prone mind. He has many burdens to bear and has had many traumatising events happen to him. As a result, sometimes he takes his murders much too personally. He is a man that is haunted by the many murder cases he has grappled with. He must lay them to rest, or go insane and die trying.

In the first episode we see that the British Detective Inspector John River is haunted by visions of his colleague, who has been murdered. Detective Sergeant Jackie "Stevie" Stevenson was one of the best detectives in the business, and River feels he is on a mission to find her killer.

The show has a lion's share of suspense, and it capitalizes very nicely on the man-vs-himself genre. John River must perform his job and bring various villains to justice, all the while confronting his own demons along the way.

River is a Drama series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 2015. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 8.0.

River is available for streaming on the BBC One website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch River on demand at Apple TV+, Amazon Prime online.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
October 13, 2015
Cast: Stellan Skarsg
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River Full Episode Guide

  • River is convinced that Stevie's investigation into the exploitation of undocumented migrants holds the key to her murder. Further questioning of someone close to the team reveals a system of immigration cases that could lead into some very unexpected places. When a common link to certain businesses is found, it all starts to fall into place for River, with unfortunate repercussions.As Stevie's loved ones reel from the truths unearthed, River holds the future in his hands. How will he keep his final promises to Stevie? How can he keep her secrets for her and do what is right? And, if he solves her murder, can he cope with losing her forever?

  • Following the murder in the public library, River and Ira must track down the killer. Their journey takes them deep into the world of the undocumented migrant community in London, a world of international hostels and immigration lawyers. They begin to get a sense of what it was that Stevie might have been unravelling before she died. Was it these investigations she was punished for?And as River finds himself back at the hearing voices group, an unfortunate contribution leads to River being drawn closer to Rosa, his colleague and counsellor. But as River finally finds some solace, Ira is led into the heart of the storm, and the spotlight is thrown onto somebody with an awful lot to lose.

  • With his career and access to the Stevie case resting on the outcome of his psychiatric report, River must keep his unofficial investigations into Stevie's death to himself. This sends tensions high with his new partner Ira, who fears being dragged down by River's instability, and Chrissie, who needs River working on his own caseload, most pressingly investigating a suspicious workplace accident that has left a foreman fighting for his life.But River's mind is elsewhere as the discovery that Stevie has been keeping secrets forces him to reassess how well he knew his best friend and colleague. Unearthing new information about who Stevie spoke with in the lead-up to her murder throws suspicion on somebody close to her - somebody with real motive.

  • Still wracked with grief over the death of his friend and partner Jackie 'Stevie' Stevenson, River and his colleagues must attend her wake. There he is surprised to come across her brother Jimmy - recently released after serving sixteen years for a brutal murder, in which Stevie's own evidence was key. River reaches breaking point as he begins to suspect that the man he chased to his death was innocent. The victim's pregnant and unstable girlfriend is on the warpath and pursues River, only to find in him an unexpected ally in a confusing world.

  • John River is a respected police officer haunted by the murder victims whose secrets he must uncover. Struggling to come to terms with the recent loss of a close colleague, River chases a potential suspect across London, with tragic consequences. In his fragile mental state, he comes under increasing pressure both from the press and within the police force as calls for his dismissal grow. Meanwhile, the mother of a murdered teenager is growing increasingly desperate - the boyfriend has confessed but no body has been found, and she blames River for failing to make good on his promise to find her daughter.

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