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This reality series presents the day-to-day operations of a commercial airline company operating in the northern reaches of Canada. Buffalo Airways hauls cargo and passengers year-round all over the Arctic, even when temperatures are 30 degrees below zero and their airplanes' engines are in danger of freezing solid. The series aired from 2009 to 2014 on the History cable network.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
April 22, 2011
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  • Rookie waterbomber pilot Scott gets his first taste of action when Buffalo responds to an emergency callout to fight fires in Alberta. Mikey and Rod think they hit the jackpot when they buy a million dollar firefighting plane on eBay at a bargain price. Joe marks his 50 years of flying by returning to the place he grew up in his historic Norseman. And Arnie shows up in Yellowknife to cheer on daughter Caitlin in a cancer fundraiser.

  • Mechanic Jimmy is sent to a northern mining camp to create an ice landing strip on a remote lake where AJ will have to land a DC-3 and the much bigger C-46. New co-pilot Tyler faces the ultimate test - flying the sked with Joe. And Mikey turns the Buffalo hangar into a playhouse for his niece's first birthday.

  • Duane's choice to leave the Electra crew unsupervised, threatens the completion of a major contract, and could cost him his job. Young DC-3 co-pilot Graeme's chance to move up to a bigger plane is ruined when he falls out of favor with Joe.

  • Trying to make his mark at Buffalo, Duane lands two more Electra contracts. But his over-ambitions result in a clash with the crew and with Joe, and a race against the clock to meet a deadline. Rookie DC-3 co-pilot Tyler discovers that landing the big plane takes practice.

  • Tension rises when Joe discovers Gord has accepted a job with a rival airline after completing expensive training on one of the Buffalo planes. Larry, a rookie rampie, makes a near fatal error while training on the C-46. A desperate search is launched for elusive C-46 parts.

  • Young pilots AJ and Andrew get the opportunity of a lifetime to fly the magnificent DC-3 specially equipped with skis to land on frozen strips. Meanwhile, tension mounts as Buffalo's contract for the Mackenzie Valley food mail service is up for renewal, and Rod balances tricky personnel issues with preparing for the birth of his first child.

  • Crusty mechanic Chuck leads the scramble to ready the Electra for a disaster relief mission in Haiti, but fate's curveball sends them to the High Arctic instead. As Buffalo's current crop of rampies struggles to get ahead, former flight attendant Audrey returns to shake up the roster.

  • A vital ferry link is down, so Buffalo mounts an all-out campaign to airlift 100,000lbs of essential goods across the Mackenzie River. As Devan and Scott shuttle goods nonstop, things really pile up for Jynelle in cargo. Meanwhile, Justin helps an RCMP corporal move to a new community, and expectant parents Rod and Sasha McBryan get the first glimpse of their baby via 3D ultrasound.

  • Mikey heads to Venezuela in search of a rare CL-215 waterbomber. Cargo Manager Kelly's stress levels skyrocket when she returns from her Mexican vacation in even worse health than when she left. And new pilots Andrew and Graeme must fly with irascible Buffalo boss Joe McBryan.

  • The curse of -40 hits Buffalo pilots Devan and Scott on a food mail flight up the Mackenzie Valley when a mysterious rise in oil pressure threatens to destroy one of the C-46's engines. Rookie pilots Andrew and Graeme face the test they've been working toward for years - getting "checked out" as DC-3 co-pilots. And when Jynelle gets pulled back into running Buffalo's cargo operations during her school exams, it's a recipe for a meltdown.

  • When a deadly fire destroys a northern outpost a week before Christmas, Buffalo sacrifices everything to come to the rescue. Cargo Manager Kelly receives a shocking diagnosis that renews her fight to quit smoking. And new father AJ balances a captain's life with new responsibilities.

  • As Joe fights a Transport Canada claim against the airline, star pilot Justin must ship an 8,000lb generator to a remote town. But a controversial decision results in the DC-4 becoming stranded and frozen solid on a High Arctic airstrip.

  • After her husband's acrimonious departure from Buffalo, Kelly has a confrontation that decides whether she, too, will quit. Jeremy makes a mistake that could end his Buffalo career. When the dust settles, someone will be leaving Buffalo Airways.

  • When her husband quits after a blowout with Joe, Kelly is put in a terrible position. Will she stay at Buffalo - or will she go? Jeremy has a chance to beat the other rampies to a job piloting the DC-3 - if he can pass the Joe test.

  • After thousands of hours of painstaking preparation and dangerous flying, a terrible accident devastates the waterbomber crew in Turkey and everyone at Buffalo.

  • C-46 and DC-4 crews race against the spring melt to fly mining equipment to an airstrip on a frozen lake. On the final leg to Turkey, Arnie and Justin face some serious volcanoes and busy Mediterranean air traffic.

  • The Turkey crew makes the critical jump over the North Atlantic. But en route to Portugal, one crew is forced to turn back. Mikey and Scott search for a new rampie, while Jeremy's hopes plummet even further.

  • AJ and Candace get married in the Ice Castle. A frustrated Chuck tries to get the Electra to pay her way. A flummoxed Mikey tries to bake a cake for Joe's birthday. A fuel leak, a sobering survival course, and a tragic crash rattle the Turkey crew.

  • A furious Joe fights against a federal suspension that will prevent him from carrying passengers for the first time in 20 years. It's also a setback for Jeremy and the other rampies, which takes a turn for the worse with an unexpected injury.

  • A charter flight falls through the cracks after the McBryans attend a wild family wedding, and an irate Joe pulls captain Justin from the Turkey test flights to do the job. Devan ponders a job offer in Africa leaving his girlfriend to ponder their future.

  • It's up to engineer Adam to get the C-46 crew out of a jam on a remote airstrip in minus 40. When Devan and Scott encounter the menace of wind shear at Bear Rock, it's a hair-raising experience that tests their friendship.

  • When a power failure leaves Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, captain Justin races to deliver an emergency generator. Ramp hand Jeremy tries to move ahead of co-worker Audrey by training a new hire from India to replace him.

  • A string of bad luck turns chief pilot Arnie's 66th birthday run into the flight from hell - and threatens to spoil his naughty birthday surprise. Ramp hand Jeremy is desperate to move up the ranks, but a female newbie could throw a wrench in his plans.

  • Christmas is just around the corner, but Buffalo's crucial food and mail runs come to a halt. An engine seizure strands Scott, AJ and the C-46 plane, creating a chaotic chain reaction. Crusty mechanic Chuck must attempt a bare-handed engine swap in minus 30, and pressure from customers and co-workers pushes cargo manager Kelly to the breaking point.

  • Rookie co-pilot Scott faces his worst nightmare when a faltering Curtiss C-46 Commando engine and low fog force a scary landing. Ambitious young flyer Alex must prove himself when Buffalo's chief pilot gives him control of the 20-ton Douglas DC-4 for the very first time. And boss' son Mikey gets in hot water when "Buffalo" Joe needs the backup Douglas DC-3 -and it's nowhere near ready.

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