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The series Xploration Earth 2050 explores what scientists think that the Earth will look like in the year 2050. This is based on technology, exploration, and mathematical calculations. The viewer will get to see the different parts of the Earth and how humans are projected to live.

Xploration Earth 2050 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (55 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 2014.

Where do I stream Xploration Earth 2050 online? Xploration Earth 2050 is available for streaming on Xploration Station, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Xploration Earth 2050 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Xploration Station
4 Seasons, 55 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Documentary & Biography News
Cast: Chuck Pell, Joe Penna
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Xploration Earth 2050 Full Episode Guide

  • Future tech is bringing the past alive. Join host Chuck Pell as Virtual Reality technology recreates ancient cities and laser scanning and video animation give new life to old fossils.

  • Examine the different methods of farming. We'll join an oyster farmer as he pulls in a harvest off the coast of southeastern Louisiana, and then visit an aquaponics farm in Los Angeles.

  • Artificial Intelligence, or 'AI', is all the rage among futurists. Is it good, bad, something to be worried about, or something to be embraced? Leaders of AI discuss Deep Blue, the IBM computer that beat the best chess player in the world.

  • Host Chuck Pell meets inventors who are literally creating shoes out of thin air. Yes, they're taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and creating sneakers with it. And who would have thought that landfills would be a great source of diesel fuel?

  • Future tech is changing the basics of human existence, including our five senses. Host Chuck Pell experiences a future robotic hand that will transform our sense of touch.

  • The STEM initiative, which is designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to the nation's schoolchildren, is getting a big boost from both the private---and public---sectors.

  • We tend think of robots as boxy, hard, and a little awkward.   Well, those days are over. Discover the new world of soft robotics, where robots are so human-like they can actually feel things.

  • DNA-we all have it, and it's being used for a lot more than solving crimes. Could we get DNA from dinosaurs? Host Chuck Pell visits a lab where they've discovered fossilized proteins that are coming awfully close.

  • A child born in 2000 will most likely see people living on the moon and maybe even Mars. Host Chuck Pell visits training facilities for these future colonies.

  • Plastic is one of mankind's most revolutionary inventions. It's everywhere—in your home, in your car, in your clothes. It's also fouling your environment. Host Chuck Pell visits the world of plastic recycling.

  • High tech is revolutionizing the way art is being created. Is Artificial Intelligence intelligent enough to make art? Host Chuck Pell find out when sees works of art produced solely by computers.

  • Weather---it's Mother Nature's way to remind us how beautiful---and fickle---she can be. Host Chuck Pell visits a local TV station to see how supercomputers are used to predict future weather events.

  • We don€™t often think about what things are made of, but the materials that go into our vehicles, homes, and appliances are undergoing a revolution. Host Chuck Pell will see how industrial diamonds are transforming manufacturing.

  • New tech is allowing all of us to become inventors. Welcome to the Maker Movement --- a worldwide phenomenon designed to get everyone making all sorts of strange and unusual gadgets. Host Chuck Pell visits a Makers Faire to learn more about the fun!

  • Hi tech is a serious business, but it€™s also fun and games. Host Chuck Pell gets in the virtual cockpit for a new kind of drone racing that€™s going international. He€™ll watch as robots compete in the world€™s most futuristic soccer match.

  • New sources of power are transforming people€™s lives, particularly in developing countries. Host Chuck Pell meets two young entrepreneurs who€™ve invented a portable light that€™s virtually indestructible and runs on sunlight.

  • Environmental bad guys beware! Trees are now safer thanks to new satellite imagery giving us a view of our planet like we€™ve never had before. We now know how many trees are on Earth and€almost in real-time--- can tell who€™s cutting them down.

  • Movies and video games have been creating simulated environments for years but now the military is creating physical environments that simulate rain forests, deserts, combat situations, and even the surface of Mars.

  • Humans have always been interested in the workings of planet Earth and high tech is giving them all sorts of new insights. Did you know that Earth€™s magnetic poles have shifted dozens of times during the planet€™s history?

  • Doctors and botanists have come together to GROW medicine. Host Chuck Pell visits a lab where vaccines are developed inside of plants and then processed into pills---a development that could save millions of lives in the developing world.

  • A metal stronger than a speeding bullet, a robot that helps you with your bags at your hotel, a bike helmet helps urban planners map out future cities, and the mirror of the future has a memory.

  • If you want to see some of the world's most famous treasures you often have to travel thousands of miles. Now, asChuck Pell saw for himself, high tech is bringing fossils, artwork and historical artifacts to classrooms around the world. And virtual reality is changing the way teachers learn to do their job. Chuck goes to the virtual classroom to test himself in front of the students of the future.

  • Green technology is radically changing the way people get around.  Host Chuck Pell will take to the road in a hybrid between a solar powered car and an old fashioned tricycle-- that has no carbon footprint.

  • Humans have always used their best technology to save lives, and new tech---and even some OLD tech---is now being employed by doctors the world over.  Meet a designer who uses old car parts to help 3rd world doctors keep babies from getting juandice.

  • High tech is revolutionizing the way kids learn AND the way teachers teach. Host Chuck Pell gets deep in the €˜sandbox of the future€™---and 3D topographical sandbox that allows young students to test earth science theories with their own hands in real time

  • Sound-you don€™t think much about it, but futurists and entrepreneurs do. Host Chuck Pell catches up with two college-age inventors who€™ve created a fire extinguisher that puts out fires---with sound waves. Also witness a sound cloaking device!