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Take a tour of NASA facilities and learn about some of the mysteries of space. Harvard scholar and former NASA employee Emily Calandrell shows the progress the space agency is making in embarking on the first manned mission to Mars. She also takes a ride on the famed "Vomit Comet," a plane that aids astronauts in dealing with a zero gravity environment, and ponders the question, "Is there life elsewhere in the universe?"

Xploration Station
3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Emily Calandrelli
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Xploration Outer Space Full Episode Guide

  • What should NASA explore next, planet Mars or the Moon? Scientists make their case for spending our energy on going to Mars, while others think we should first conquer the Moon. Host Emily Calandrelli investigates this dilemma.

  • The Space Shuttle program spanned 30 years, and accomplished many things in low-Earth orbit. Host Emily Calandrelli speaks with five astronauts who ventured into space aboard this amazing and complex spacecraft.

  • When venturing into deep space to discover new worlds, robots are needed to first explore these extreme environments. Host Emily Calandrelli shows us robots that are leading the way, both to Mars, and other destinations in the future.

  • High school and college students compete for a fantastic prize: Going aboard a Zero-G aircraft where they€™ll experience microgravity with host, Emily Calandrelli. We€™ll see the student-winner try to execute a scientific experiment in weightlessness.

  • Join Host Emily Calandrelli as she explores the latest in science€™s search for life outside of planet Earth. From Microbes to advanced intelligent beings - recent discoveries are bringing scientists closer than ever to finding alien life.

  • The world€™s leading private space companies are testing their top-secret technologies everyday in the desert of California. Join Emily Calandrelli as she explores Mojave Air and Space Port and the technologies of tomorrow...

  • Four astronauts who have gone on missions into outer space share their perspective of life in micro-gravity. Host Emily Calandrelli visits each astronaut, including Story Musgrave, the only astronaut to fly aboard all five space shuttles.

  • Who owns space? The answer has changed over time. Some companies have their sites set on mining the moon. Here on Earth, if you find a meteorite, is it yours? Join as as we explore these questions and more!

  • Our universe can provide some amazing images. Ever wonder what it might be like to live in a space colony? There are all kinds of ways to use lets use our imaginations to see what life might look like beyond planet Earth!

  • There's a new generation of satellites that are heading for low-earth orbit. They're now smaller and smarter than ever before. Join host Emily Calandrelli as we look at satellites that will provide us with instant images of our planet and bring high-speed internet to every human on Earth.

  • Sending rockets to space equires all types of engineers. Host Emily Calandrelli visits 4 types of engineers who are on the cutting edge of aerospace technology. From building rocket engines using 3D printing to creating autonomous robots exploring Mars.

  • Once we land on Mars, how will we survive? Host Emily Calandrelli visits NASA€™s Swamp Works, which tests space suits and machines for Mars-like conditions. Also, the history of space suits, and a futuristic space suit that€™s in the works at MIT.

  • Host Emily Calandrelli discovers various ways the public is helping scientists explore outer space; from sending bacteria samples to the International Space Station to tweeting observations about the Northern Lights.

  • Emily trains the student winner for a mission into orbital space. We will learn to fight the g-force, and much more, as our winner experiences the dream of a lifetime!

  • Space is a dangerous place where bones and muscles waste away. Even sleeping and eating take practice. Thats why NASA is going all out to protect its crew members. See how astronauts stay healthy on Xploration Outer Space.

  • The Apollo mission to send Americans to the moon was was the greatest adventure in human history. We will explore the enormous challenges, the doubters, and much more, on this episode of Xploration Outer Space.

  • Launching a mission to mars involve challenges at every step. We will meet the best selling author of The Martian, drop in on a year long experiment of living life - martian style, and the tools needed to survive in space.

  • A giant asteroid once hit Earth and ultimately destroyed the dinosaurs. What if that scenario were to happen today? Discover the people who help keep us safe from the very real dangers above the Earth, from asteroids to space junk.

  • Mercury is the closest planet to our sun. Venus, similiar in size, is Earth's evil twin. Neptune is our solar systems windiest World. See the most extreme places in our solar system, this week on Xploration Outer Space!

  • The future is already here! From space taxis to the World's most powerful rocket, this week we are looking at the future of space exploration on Xploration Outer Space

  • This week is all about rockets! They've been around for over 2000 years. See how we build them, how we test them, and see how future generations are being inspired to improve them.

  • The discovery of exoplanets outside our solar system opened up a universe of possibilities -and we have never been closer to finding Earth's twin than we are today. Join host Emily Calandrelli as she explores the fascinating world of exoplanets.

  • Host Emily Calandrelli makes the case for space exploration. Astronauts have reported a profound change in perspective when looking back at the earth from space, which they believe could change the world if experienced by others.

  • Space travel is a dangerous business and that is never more apparent than when disaster strikes. Join host Emily Calandrelli as she explores the most prominent disasters in our journey through the cosmos, and what we learned from each set-back.

  • What do space and Amusement parks have in common? Join Emily Calandrelli and astronaut Jon McBride as they discover how amusement park rides can be just like space travel. Weightlessness, high G's, and disorientation are all a part of the human experience

  • Get ready to suit up and rocket into orbit! From weightlessness to space craft missions, space camp lets you try it all!

  • Smile! You're using technology from space right here on Earth. From the tiny camera in your smartphone to the space age material that help people walk again. Discover the products made for the space program that make life better for us here on Earth!

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