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Take a tour of NASA facilities and learn about some of the mysteries of space. Harvard scholar and former NASA employee Emily Calandrell shows the progress the space agency is making in embarking on the first manned mission to Mars. She also takes a ride on the famed "Vomit Comet," a plane that aids astronauts in dealing with a zero gravity environment, and ponders the question, "Is there life elsewhere in the universe?"

Xploration Outer Space is a Documentary & Biography, News series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (64 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 2014. It has mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.7.

Xploration Outer Space is available for streaming on the Xploration Station website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Xploration Outer Space on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Xploration Station
5 Seasons, 64 Episodes
September 13, 2014
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: Emily Calandrelli
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Xploration Outer Space Full Episode Guide

  • Host Emily Calandrelli holds the fourth annual #StudentAstronaut Contest. One lucky student wins a trip to Russia to train like a cosmonaut at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

  • Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing; amazing footage; interviews with astronauts and historians.

  • Scientists and engineers sometimes have to go to extremes to learn more about our universe. Host Emily Calandrelli boards the world's largest flying observatory, dives to an underwater habitat, and explores a laboratory nearly a mile underground.

  • Countless spacecraft, such as Cassini and Galileo, have made invaluable discoveries in our solar system - but they can't last forever. Who decides when and how to end their missions? Host Emily Calandrelli speaks to NASA scientists at the heart of these decisions.

  • Astronauts from the last five decades share stories of their adventures. Scientists and engineers involved with exploring space also give insights to the fascinating worlds within our solar system.

  • Host Emily Calandrelli explores the future of space medicine and how we may overcome the challenges ahead. She operates a small surgical robot and 3D prints a custom medical device.

  • Do you know which planet in our solar system has a longer day than year? Or why Apollo astronauts were quarantined after returning from the Moon? Learn all this and more as host Emily Calandrelli speaks to two experts about the most fascinating facts about our universe.

  • The InSight Lander is on its way to Mars. Host Emily Calandrelli discovers what it takes to prepare this spacecraft for its mission, learns all about the science it will do once it lands, and feels the power of this historic launch.

  • One lucky student wins the prize of going to Hawaii and experience the HI-SEAS habitat, which simulates life on Mars. Host Emily Calandrelli joins the contest winner in this special episode.

  • A boy scout troop sends an experiment to the International Space Station. A 14-year old girl has aspirations of becoming the first astronaut to set foot on Mars. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at...

  • Many private companies are working with NASA to make space exploration more efficient. Host Emily Calandrelli visits the Sierra Nevada Corporation, which is building a spacecraft that can deliver cargo to and from the International Space Station.

  • A look at the first African-American woman in space and the first spacecraft to reach interstellar space. Host Emily Calandrelli interviews several pioneers of space and discovers the determination and courage required to become the first.

  • Host Emily Calandrelli looks at NASA's next mission to send a spacecraft that will touch the sun. She also witnesses a total solar eclipse, and visits a man who races homing pigeons, a bird that uses the sun to navigate its way home.

  • Canada has made significant contributions to the space effort, despite having a much smaller budget than NASA. Visit the Canadian Space Center in Quebec, and examines their exceptional expertise in robotics, which includes the famous Canadarm.

  • There have been a few occasions when spacecraft have been lost in space. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at several of these adventures. In some cases, the spacecraft that were lost, were remarkable found again.

  • When Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon, it put an emphatic end to the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.

  • The Hubble Space Telescope provides amazing insights into our universe, capturing stars forming and distant galaxies. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at the incredible phenomena of our universe, and our own planet's turbulent atmosphere.

  • Host Emily Calandrelli looks at how surviving in deep space can become a reality. Lockheed Martin is designing a spacecraft, similar to a smaller International Space Station, where astronauts can comfortably make a three year trip to Mars and back.

  • The year 2011 was remarkable as NASA visited several planets, asteroids and comets. Host Emily Calandrelli explores the amazing journeys of spacecraft that gathered spectacular images of Mercury, Jupiter and Mars.

  • NASA has been remarkably successful sending robot to Mars' surface. Host Emily Calandrelli looks at the varied and ingenious methods used to land spacecraft on the red planet, starting with Pathfinder in 1997.