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In this series of shorts, science teacher Steve Spangler demonstrates scientific principles in fun and creative ways. The series was originally a self-produced web-based project on YouTube, but it has subsequently been developed into a traditional series that airs on Fox affiliate TV stations.

Xploration DIY SCI is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (37 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 2016.

Where do I stream Xploration DIY SCI online? Xploration DIY SCI is available for streaming on Xploration Station, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Xploration DIY SCI on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Crackle, Tubi TV, BYUtv online.

Xploration Station
4 Seasons, 37 Episodes
September 10, 2016
Cast: Steve Spangler, Bryan Higgins
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Xploration DIY SCI Full Episode Guide

  • You can turn your kitchen into your very own science lab. Steve Spangler cooks up experiments you can create in your kitchen - like movie stunt glass you can make from sugar, and flowers that turn crazy colors from ingredients in your cupboard.

  • At Philadelphia's historic science museum - the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Steve Spangler and Higginsworth race through a giant heart as big as a room to trace the path of a red blood cell. And Steve shows you ways to discover more about your own heart, without having to go to a doctor.

  • What happens when you set gummy bears on fire? Steve Spangler dishes up some sweet science with do-it-yourself experiments all using candy. You'll discover the secret hidden on every M&M plus a new way to harness the explosive power of Mentos and diet soda

  • Steve Spangler is throwing a "science party" for his pal Higginsworth and you're invited. Find out how to create an invisible party invitation, your own science snacks like gummy worms and a volcano cake, and the messiest confetti poppers you'll ever see.

  • Host Steve Spangler stumps kids with crazy science brainteasers like how to blow up a bunch of paint cans without lighting an explosive. And how to inflate a balloon inside a bottle. (It's harder than it sounds.)

  • In a workshop garage, host Steve Spangler creates wild science toys and inventions that seem to defy gravity. There's a tray that holds a bucket of water upside-down over your head without you getting wet. And a monster trebuchet that flings melons three hundred feet in the air.

  • Host Steve Spangler shows the easy way to make fun toys that fly. Star member of the U.S. Boomerang Team, Logan Broadbent, performs astonishing stunts with a boomerang.

  • Host Steve Spangler gets messy with "slime." He shows how to make it and how to turn it into art. Then, he discovers what happens when you drop a vat of slime from ten stories in the air!

  • Host Steve Spangler performs his wild experiments live onstage in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He shows how to make a Toilet Paper Cannon and reveals the secret of creating fire from dust.

  • From the amazing Science Museum Oklahoma, host Steve Spangler shows how to create ingenious inventions - like a washing machine robot that can paint. And a giant Chain Reaction Machine that can catch a person with a net!

  • Host Steve Spangler reveals the secrets behind some of his best science tricks. He shows how to create a toy that reads your mind and a balloon you can put in fire without popping it.