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  • 2016
  • 5 Seasons
  • 8.8  (30)

Xploration DIY SCI is a science-based television show, which is part of the Xploration Station series. The show is hosted by Steve Spangler, Bryan Higgins, and Camille Schrier, and aims to explore science through do-it-yourself experiments and demonstrations. The show has been airing since 2016 and has garnered a loyal following of science enthusiasts of all ages.

The show aims to make science accessible and fun for everyone, especially those who may not have access to extensive lab equipment or resources. It's all about using everyday materials that can be found around the house or sourced easily, to create science experiments that are not only safe but also exciting to watch.

One of the key themes of the show is the idea of "DIY Science". This means that viewers can take the ideas and experiments they see on the show and try them out at home for themselves. By promoting hands-on experimentation, the show aims to inspire a new generation of scientists and inventors.

The show covers a wide range of scientific topics, including physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. Each episode typically focuses on a specific topic and features a variety of experiments that are designed to explore that theme in depth.

One of the standout features of the show is the level of expertise of the hosts. Steve Spangler is a science educator and Emmy-award winning television personality who has dedicated his career to making science accessible to everyone. Bryan Higgins is a science communicator who has appeared on a variety of science-themed TV shows and programs. Camille Schrier is a pharmaceutical scientist and also the winner of the 2020 Miss America pageant. With their combined expertise, the hosts are able to explain complex scientific concepts in a clear and engaging manner.

The experiments featured on the show vary in complexity, from simple demonstrations that can be done in a matter of minutes, to more complex experiments that can take an hour or longer to complete. Some examples of experiments featured on the show include creating homemade ice cream using liquid nitrogen, making a DIY lava lamp, and exploring the science behind sound waves using household objects.

The show also features a "Viewer Mail" segment where viewers can submit their own science-related questions or experiments for the hosts to try out on the show. This gives viewers an opportunity to engage directly with the hosts and also provides a platform for sharing ideas and experiments with a wider audience.

Throughout the show, the hosts emphasize the importance of safety when conducting science experiments at home. They provide clear instructions on how to handle materials and equipment safely, as well as advice on how to handle unexpected situations that may arise during an experiment. This focus on safety is particularly important given the show's target audience of younger viewers who may not yet have a lot of experience with laboratory procedures.

Overall, Xploration DIY SCI is an engaging and educational TV show that makes science accessible and fun for everyone. With its DIY approach to science experiments, it inspires viewers to try out their own experiments at home and encourages a love of science and experimentation. Whether you're a professional scientist, a student, or just someone who loves learning about the world around them, there's something for everyone on Xploration DIY SCI.

Xploration DIY SCI is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (48 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 2016.

Xploration DIY SCI
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8. Inclusion
August 8, 2023
For the first time in his career as an educator, host Steve Spangler is invited to teach a class of kids who are blind or visually impaired. But Steve is not sure he's up to the challenge. Join Steve as he learns from a teacher who is blind and the students themselves how to bring DIY Sci to children without sight.
Museum of Science, Boston #2
7. Museum of Science, Boston #2
August 8, 2023
Host Steve Spangler and his sidekick Higginsworth return to the Museum of Science, Boston, where they take simple demonstrations they've done on DIY Sci and make them gigantic! Higgins becomes a human-sized balancing toy and Steve get locked in a cage that's struck by lightning at the world's largest Van de Graaf generator...
Science Fair
6. Science Fair
August 8, 2023
At Science Museum Oklahoma, host Steve Spangler tricks volunteers into getting covered with paint in an explosive art project. Plus, ingenious science toys and experiments you can make at home.
The Higgins Show
5. The Higgins Show
August 8, 2023
After years of feeling like he's been the butt of all of Steve Spangler's jokes, his sidekick Higginsworth threatens to leave unless Steve quits his pranks. Find out how Higgins turns the tables on his pal when Steve does the seemingly impossible and seals Higgins' phone inside a soda bottle! And how can Higgins escape when Steve invents a toy car that seems designed to get Higgins soaked?
Classroom: Impossible
3. Classroom: Impossible
August 8, 2023
Fourth grade teacher Sandra Sanchez has a problem - her class is a year behind in science after a season of virtual-only teaching. So, she's asked educational expert and host of DIY Sci - Steve Spangler - for new ideas. With Ms. Sanchez's help, Steve brings his fresh, fun science lessons and do-it-yourself science toys to share with the class.
Garage Science
1. Garage Science
August 8, 2023
Host Steve Spangler and his sidekick Higginsworth explore science experiments you can do in your own garage. Together they play the funny new game show - 'Will It Float?' - to discover if a baby and a hot dog can float in a jet of air. And they try to figure out how to lift a 3,000 pound car with a plastic bag.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 10, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    8.8  (30)