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The drama behind the drama. The show follows the cast & crew of the fictitious soap opera, "Painted Dreams." When the director yells cut, the drama on camera doesn't come close to the fireworks that happen behind-the-scenes. Loosely based on experiences of show creator, Sonia Blangiardo's 20+yrs experience working as director/producer on daytime dramas; AMC, OLTL, ATWT, GH, & currently DOOL.

Tainted Dreams is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Tainted Dreams online? Tainted Dreams is available for streaming on Sonia Blangiardo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tainted Dreams on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Sonia Blangiardo
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes
Cast: Alicia Minshew, Michael Lowry
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Tainted Dreams Full Episode Guide

  • Jordan's world is turned upside down. Veronica attempt to offer an olive branch to Gregory. Peyton turns to Dylan in a vulnerable moment. Liza and Adam to a look back at their past. A favor for a friend puts Anthony in danger. One mistake has perilous consequences for Kassandra. An unexpected opportunity comes knocking on Angelica's door.

  • An incident brings Gregory and Veronica back together and questioning their true feelings. Courtney's sister, Tina, sweeps into town to pick up the pieces after the tragic car crash. Kassandra wants something from Jordan that he just can't give her. Adam feels conflicted between the woman he married and the woman he loves.

  • Adam's decision backfires. Dylan past threats to come back and haunt him. Liza confides in Angelica a secret regret. And speaking of secrets...Gregory gains the upper hand in dealing with his divorce to Veronica and Max's actions force Angelica to deal with the ugly truth.

  • The cast and crew of "Painted Dreams" are in mourning over the loss of one of their own. A ratings stunt brings a reality star into the show and wrecks havoc during the difficult time. Angelica asks Jordan if he's really happy with his current situation. Jordan stumbles upon a revelation that could bring about consequences for everyone.

  • The season comes crashing to an end as Courtney throws a party for Eddy's birthday, while Veronica faces the consequences of her drunken rage. Waiting for Adam, Peyton finds herself bonding with Dylan at the bar. Liza gets closer to finding her daughter while Greg feels guilty about his actions. With Angelica stuck at work, Max flirts with a girl at the party and is confronted by Jordan.

  • Angelica find herself alone with Jordan at a bar who reveals a secret about himself, as Max & Kassandra escort each other to a high profIle industry party. All hell breaks lose when Veronica discovers Greg at Liza's apt. She goes to a bar for comfort and her drunken tirade carries into the next day when she shows up to work intoxicated and attacks her director Henry as the cast & crew watches.

  • Kassandra & Max try to guilt Jordan & Angelica into going to a celeb studded party but they want no part of it. So the two decide to go together. Peyton discovers she and her new husband don't share the same dreams. Anthony's plan to escape his mom by going to a speed dating event goes awry. Performing a poignant scene on the show makes Veronica reconsider giving Greg a second chance.

  • Dylan gives Peyton an "inappropriate" gift that gets him in hot water with Angelica. Liza confesses her plan to rectify a past mistake. Although Anthony still disapproves of Angelica's decision about Max, he can't help but put his feelings aside to dish with her when Adam sticks her with his airhead niece as an assistant. When Anthony's mother sweeps into town, life as he knows it is over.

  • Angelica is reminded her time to have a baby is running out and confides in Anthony her plan to get pregnant. Adam uses sex to distract Peyton that he's having doubts about the other aspects of their "marriage." Sparks fly between Dylan & Peyton as both feel they should apologize for their awkward encounter. A jealous Max makes a rash decision about Angelica.

  • Veronica uses her pull to get Dylan the handyman job at the studio, much to Angelica's dismay, before heading off to couples' counseling with Gregory where a mystery is unveiled. As Angelica & Jordan wait for their significant others, Max & Kassandra to join them for dinner, it's clear there is more to their relationship than meets the eye. Adam & Peyton return for first time as husband & wife.

  • Behind the scenes at "Painted Dreams", senior producer, Angelica's sexy rumination is interrupted as she must do damage control when leading man Gregory sleeps with his on-screen daughter, Liza, as his on & off screen wife, Veronica walks in. Elsewhere, commitment phoebe Adam, the show's exec producer is feeling no pain as he marries the show's ingenue, Peyton at a Vegas chapel.

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