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This drama thriller series centers around three Norwegian best friends who get away for a relaxing weekend together. When a mysterious accident turns the weekend tragic, suspicions begin to flare, and the relationship between the three women is tested. The series debuted in the United States in 2017.

Black Widows is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (24 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Black Widows online? Black Widows is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Black Widows on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Sling, Tubi TV online.

Acorn TV
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
Cast: Cecilia Forss, Beate Bille, Synnøve Macody Lund, Kyrre Hellum
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Black Widows Full Episode Guide

  • The DVD is published. Johanna makes a confession to Petri.

  • Petri finds a witness against Buntta. Palojoki is arrested. Veera decides to let Anttu go.

  • Johanna's and Petri's domestic bliss is shadowed by Petri's interest in the boating accident. Jukka has to give the DVD to Buntta. Kirsi becomes a shoplifter.

  • Jukka gets hold of the sought after DVD. The media find out about Veera's and Anttu's affair. Johanna and Petri move in together, but Kirsi's mansion romance turns into mansion drama.

  • The police have matched the blood sample from the cabin with the victim Mario, and they come to STB to take the fingerprints of all the widows. Jesus begins to suspect Johanne as his brother's killer. What will he do when he finds out the truth?

  • Jesus begins target practicing with a sniper rifle to prepare for his next encounter with Peter. Ståhl finds Rebecka lifelessJesus begins target practicing with a sniper rifle to prepare for his next encounter with Peter. Ståhl finds Rebecka lifeless on the floor. Johanne and Kira must race to find an antidote for the poison before it's too late.

  • Jesus finds the last two photos of Jesper and Peter. Peter becomes his next target even though Kira wants to confess the truth to Jesus. Meanwhile, Rebecka confronts Loa, putting herself in danger.

  • An accident helps Rebecka escape from Ståhl's car, meanwhile Alex, Johanne, and Loa must avoid the police. Kira and Jesus arrive at the widow's cabin, will Jesus find the link to his brother's death?

  • Rebecka and Kira are trapped in the strip club, Johanne must find a way to rescue them.

  • The widows have had enough and want to quit the business, but they owe CJ money and will have to pay, one way or the other.

  • Jesus has tracked his dead brother's phone, and enters the crime scene. He discovers Jesper's ID, which leads him to STB. Kira is convinced that she is being followed on her sales route.

  • Gunshots outside of the cabin startle Rebecka, Johanne, and Kira. They must save themselves from a dangerous hitman, and continue to keep their actions hidden from the police.

  • Vesa's arrested for shooting Joonas and Jukka wants to settle things with Palojoki. Kirsi makes her move on Jukka and Veera plans to take him back to the lake house.

  • Now that she's staying with Veera, Kirsi forms a new fantasy life, with Jukka in its central role. But Veera's true feelings are starting to awaken. Johanna meets with Palojoki to make her own demands, unaware of just how dangerous a game she's playing.

  • Veera's beginning to wonder if she wants her husband dead, after all. Johanna wants the plan to go ahead, but gets no help from Kirsi, who's beginning to come unhinged.

  • Detective Inspector Wessel¸€™s persistence in the investigation saves a life. Meanwhile, PharmaTeca does everything in their power to keep the police blind to their operations.

  • An act of kindness brings Espen and Johanne closer together, while Rebecka pulls away from Stefan after Jesper€™s return.

  • Johanne prepares for a meeting with PharmaTeca, but Rebecka rushes to stop her.

  • Jesper believes his shady business dealings are the cause of his attempted murder and reveals himself to Rebecka. Meanwhile, the women learn more about PharmaTeca.

  • Rebecka, Johanne, and Kira€™s friendship is tested when Jesper turns out to be alive and Kira starts having an affair with Espen.

  • When prime suspect Rami is found dead, the investigation takes a turn into a bigger crime story with murder, blackmail, and illegal trade.

  • In preparation for the forensic investigation about to take place, the women clean the house from top to bottom to direct the police€™s suspicion away from them.

  • Best friends Rebecka, Johanne, and Kira are at a weekend at a summer cottage in Norway with their husbands when the men board their fishing boat and it explodes without warning.

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