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In this comedy/drama series, a widower moves with his two kids from Sydney to a small town on the coast of New Zealand. The three of them have to get used to life without their wife and mother, along the differences between life in the big city and life in a small town. The series' title refers to the length of the newspaper column the father writes for a living.

800 Words is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream 800 Words online? 800 Words is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 800 Words on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, The Roku Channel, Sling, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV online.

Acorn TV
3 Seasons, 40 Episodes
Cast: Erik Thomson, Melina Vidler, Benson Jack Anthony, Michelle Langstone
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800 Words Full Episode Guide

  • George and Fiona confront Big Mac about his plan to change Weld. With Shay going back to school and staying with her father, Katie rents a tiny house-truck, and Poppy's mom comes to visit Woody and Tracey.

  • Still upset after her confrontation with Katie, Shay avoids the Turner household. Poppy faces bullying on social media before the school ball, and the election for president of the New Republic of Weld heats up.

  • George's in-laws urge him to get involved with the sentencing of the driver who killed Laura, which puts strain on his relationship with Katie. Shay and Siouxsie pick up a handsome Australian hitchhiker.

  • George just wants to be left alone, however his plan to get rid of his unwanted guests backfires. Meanwhile, Woody's relationship with Tracey is on the rocks.

  • George's concerns about Operation Quickie Divorce are finally realized. Tracy discovers the truth.

  • George and Katie plan their first vacation together, but instead of a romantic getaway, they end up on a crowded camping trip in winter. As George competes with Katie's ex, Zac, Shay unexpectedly runs into Ike's new girlfriend.

  • George and Katie worry that their new relationship will hurt Fiona's feelings, but Fiona is upset for other reasons. Shay and Siouxsie join the fire-brigade boot camp, and Hannah helps an unwilling Tom with his police physical assessment.

  • George becomes invloved with a secret mission regarding Woody's past.

  • Monty seeks out George for help writing his best-man speech, prompting George to reminisce about his own wedding day. Ollie's attentions towards Shay take a dangerous turn, while Lindsay grows increasingly jealous about Arlo and Poppy's friendship. Woody and Tracey's big day arrives, but a power outage threatens their wedding.

  • The Turner home is exploding with houseguests, and George is desperate for solitude, but his plan to evict some of the extra bodies backfires. Woody and Tracey struggle to come to terms, leaving Woody's daughter, Poppy, in a very awkward position.

  • George and his cohorts head into the outback to meet with Woody's ex, but Woody ends up getting the shock of his lifetime. Back in Weld, Tracey stumbles upon the truth about Woody's solar conference, while Shay receives unwelcome attention from Ollie.

  • George feels a welter of emotions when Ike confesses that Laura appeared to him in a vision when he was lost at sea. As his former love weighs heavily on his mind, George is in no mood to help Woody with his plan to fly to Australia and secretly obtain a divorce.

  • George is recruited as a reluctant accomplice in the secret search for Woody's ex-wife. Shay has a very public meltdown after being dumped by Ike, and Katie takes a teaching job at the high school.

  • As Jan recuperates at George's house following the birth, George is surprised by how much he enjoys having the babies around. He and the other two prospective fathers take paternity tests and anxiously await the results. Meanwhile, Ike struggles to deal with the trauma of his sea ordeal.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Weld mounts search for Ike, Zac and Steve.

  • The fallout from George's savage article is immediate: the restaurant closes and Big Mac threatens to fire George. Terry's true colors are revealed much to Hannah's horror, and Constable Tom tries to solve Weld's first art theft.

  • George fears that Weld is changing because of Terry's new restaurant causing a divide. Terry makes a proposal to Hannah, and George gets a big shock when Constable Tom reveals that Jan is back in town.

  • While Terry works to charm Hannah and the locals, George gets editorial pressure from Big Mac to put celebrity chef Terry on the front page of the paper.  George's warnings of his brother's murky past fall on deaf ears.

  • George tries to reassure Fiona that their relationship is sound despite Jan's pregnancy news, but Fiona has doubts. Katie unintentionally gets Shay involved in an art scam, much to Ike's dismay, while Arlo struggles with his long distance relationship.

  • George and Fiona plan an escape to the city for a romantic weekend away from the kids. Arlo plans his own romantic weekend with Emma, but a jealous Lindsay starts a party at the Turner house. Jan desperately tries to get a hold of George to tell him her news.

  • George is livid when Arlo secretly switches school subjects with an intention to become a chef.  Fiona struggles to define her role in Shay and Arlo's lives, and Woody tries to come up with ways to relieve Tracey's stress as a principal.

  • George and Fiona unintentionally put some strain on their new relationship when a casual meal turns into a dinner party after word spreads around Weld.  However, if they're to survive as a couple they must overcome obstacles both in and out of the kitchen.

  • Monty recruits George to play on the Weld cricket team in a high-stakes match, but Shay and Arlo don€™t think it€™s a great idea. Shay is blamed for Ike staying in Weld instead of going to university, and Arlo gets serious with Emma.

  • The one-year anniversary of Laura€™s death looms over the Turners, and a brutal struggle breaks out between the family and Laura€™s parents over the final resting place for her ashes.

  • Much to the locals€™ dismay, the €œsummer people€ come to Weld-and a Jet Ski rider hits Woody, putting him into a coma. Tracey contemplates her relationship with Woody, and George unknowingly starts a Twitter war.

  • George€™s first date with Katie is the talk of the town, putting pressure on them both to make the evening perfect. Constable Tom and Big Mac clash over the use of the old camping grounds, and Woody continues his relationship with Becks.

  • All of Weld comes out to Jan€™s farewell party, and George and Woody€™s friendship is threatened by a feud over a rather large invoice. With the future of their finances in question, Shay begins working for Katie, and George bartends at the Boat Club before receiving a job offer from Big Mac.

  • George and Arlo implement a plan to bring Shay back from Sydney, while George and Jan€™s new relationship lurches towards the rocks. Weld braces for the town€™s biggest celebration of the year: Guy Fawkes Night.

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