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This crime drama series follows both the professional and personal lives of police officers working on the streets of Montreal. The original version of the series ran from 2011 to 2015 on the Radio-Canada network. An English adaptation was created for British television and debuted on the Bravo channel in the UK in 2014.

19-2 is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on January 29, 2014.

Where do I stream 19-2 online? 19-2 is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 19-2 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, Apple TV online.

Acorn TV
4 Seasons, 38 Episodes
January 29, 2014
Cast: Claude Legault, Réal Bossé, Véronique Beaudet, Fred-Eric Salvail
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19-2 Full Episode Guide

  • A full-moon shift provides some humorous incidents, but soon the squad must race to prevent a tragedy. Suarez and Beatrice get unexpected news, and Ben's brother brings him a gift from home.

  • Ben's troubles become public, and Nick's mother has an accident. While Audrey rides solo for the first time since she was attacked, Dulac gets in over his head with Tammy. Ben and Nick return to Viger High School and confront the memories that still haunt them.

  • Dulac crosses a line with a young woman he encounters while off-duty, and Nick's new romance becomes complicated. Ben deals with the consequences from his actions on surveillance and checks in on Martine.

  • In the aftermath of the shooting, the officers of Station 19 are shaken and struggle to move forward. Ben tries to uphold his sense of morality and comes clean to Internal Affairs, while Nick tries to connect with Farah.

  • The squad retreats to a cottage for the weekend, but conflict soon arises. A call from Internal Affairs increases Nick's concern about how Ben is coping. Back on the job, Station 19 faces a personal attack.

  • A new female officer joins the precinct, and Sergeant Suarez tells the squad disturbing news about one of their own. While Ben and Nick seek justice for a raped prostitute, they encounter someone they never thought they would see again.

  • With the investigation of Elise concluded, Nick and Ben try to move on with their lives. Ben volunteers for overtime surveillance duty, while also dealing with the consequences of the car accident. Nick looks for fulfillment outside of the job, and the squad is pulled into a burgeoning gang war.

  • Nick and Ben are determined to take down Elise and avenge Amelie's murder. Nick is first on the scene at a horrific attack with numerous casualties. In pursuit of the suspect, Ben and Audrey are implicated in a tragic car accident

  • Ben seeks revenge when the justice system fails him, and Nick tries to save his partner. Elise takes extraordinary measures to continue her case against Ciarelli. Ben and Nick must set aside their differences to discover what really happened to Amelie.

  • Despite their devastation, Ben and Nick return to work and join the full squad in the search for a missing child. As Elise continues her desperate hunt for Martine, Ben's faith in the justice system is broken.

  • Fearing that Ciarelli knows about the investigation, Elise moves Martine into protective custody. Ben and Amelie's relationship is put to the test as they take Ben's father into their home to help him recover from his alcoholism.

  • Elise takes over the investigation of Kaz's murder. Ben tries to save his father, and Audrey meets a new guy after a car accident in front of Station 19.

  • Ben must return to Morin Heights when his father goes missing. Amelie finds Martine a home, but Nick makes a deal with the teenager to get her to stay. While J.M. and Audrey are on duty, a mix-up leaves the department questioning the competence of the two officers.

  • Ben gives his family an ultimatum after an accident with his father. J.M. returns to the squad, and during a riot Tyler is torn between friendship with his AA buddies and loyalty to the squad.

  • Nick is approached by a local mobster who claims to know the identity of Kaz's killer, while Amelie enlists Ben's help in dealing with Martine's dodgy uncle. Beatrice volunteers for a high-risk assignment with Vice.

  • Nick is desperate to identify Kaz's killer and risks bringing Martine to Homicide. In hopes that Nick will drop the investigation, Ben tries to help. Meanwhile, a robbery call goes wrong when the rookie believes he is being hazed.

  • Nick digs deeper into the cause of his cousin's death; the primary witness to the murder seems to be a teenage girl in foster care, much to Amelie's dismay. Audrey is partnered with station 19's rookie, and Tyler slips back into his alcoholism.

  • Station 19 deals with the fallout of Sergeant Houle's deception, and the higher-ranking officers make accusations about who bears the blame. Then, Ben and Nick are first on the scene of a terrible car accident.