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Cigar puffing, whiskey sipping, insult-generating defense barrister Horace Rumpole (played by Leo McKern) proves why he's one of the most unexpected successful attorneys in Great Britain in this collection of episodes from the popular British television series Rumpole of the Bailey.

Rumpole of the Bailey is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Rumpole of the Bailey online? Rumpole of the Bailey is available for streaming on Acorn TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Rumpole of the Bailey on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Acorn TV
7 Seasons, 43 Episodes
Cast: Leo McKern, Jonathan Coy, Julian Curry, Marion Mathie
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Rumpole of the Bailey Full Episode Guide

  • Hilda persuades Ballard to defend Rumpole when he faces a disciplinary hearing. Rumpole seems to have gone a good deal too far in what he said in Mr. Justice Oliphant's court - or did he?

  • Rumpole and Hilda are invited for the weekend at a cousin's castle, but when they get there they find their relative faces the charge of murdering a traveling woman and is looking for Rumpole to rally round to help him.

  • Rumpole defends a teenager charged with stealing from old people. Curiously, Rumpole's own apartment is promptly broken into and documents are stolen.

  • Rumpole flirts with a beautiful violinist and finds himself reluctantly defending her husband, who is charged with murdering the violinist's musical partner. Meanwhile, Claude Erskine-Brown accuses Henry, the clerk at 3 Equity Court, of sexually harassing a secretary.

  • Rumpole defends a policeman, Superintendent Gannon, who is accused of changing a teenager's murder confession.

  • Rumpole again defends the Timsons, when they are accused of Satanism and their daughter Tracy has been put into local authority care. Hilda is angling for Rumpole to take her to this year's Scales of Justice Ball.

  • Rumpole defends his own doctor, charged with feeling up a woman patient - and Rumpole's friend Phyllida is counsel for the prosecution. Then Claude Erskine-Brown is also in hot water, when Phyllida persuades herself that Claude has been advertising in the personal column of a top-shelf magazine, with a view to dating other women.

  • With little sign of enthusiasm, Rumpole takes Hilda on a cruising holiday. He is appalled to learn that a High Court judge, Mr Justice Graves, is also on board, and Rumpole promptly dives for cover. But then the missing wife of a reverend becomes the target of some skullduggery, and Rumpole surfaces again from his hidey-hole.

  • Rumpole defends a radical lecturer charged with murdering an unpopular university administrator. But his client refuses to give critical information in his own defense. Meanwhile, Rumpole gives Ballard and Erskine-Brown advice on how to keep secrets from their lady wives, and Hilda takes offence.

  • Before Mr Justice Guthrie Featherstone, Rumpole defends a trade unionist on charges of recklessly causing the death of a truck-driver who was crossing a union picket-line. Guthrie is thinking about a strike of his own, to hit back at new rights of audience for mere solicitors in court. Meanwhile, chez Rumpole, Hilda declares she is going on strike herself.

  • A live mouse is served to Erskine-Brown in a London restaurant, and Rumpole finds himself defending the self-important chef-restaurateur on the environmental health charges which follow. At home, Hilda takes up with her Canadian cousin and loses all interest in Rumpole.