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  • 2008
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.6  (262)

Bed of Roses is an Australian comedy-drama television series that originally aired from 2008 to 2011. The show follows the life of Louisa Atherton, played by Kerry Armstrong, a recently widowed florist who lives in the fictional town of Rainbow's End in Victoria. The series showcases Louisa's journey as she explores new opportunities, friendships, and love interests while navigating the ups and downs of life as a middle-aged woman.

The show's first season begins with Louisa struggling to come to terms with her husband's death while also managing her struggling flower shop. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a phone call informing her that she has inherited a large sum of money from her late husband's estate. With newfound financial freedom, Louisa decides to take a chance and explore the world outside of Rainbow's End, leading to various adventures including attending a lavish garden party in Melbourne and a road trip to Broken Hill.

Throughout the series, Louisa is supported by her eccentric mother, Minna, played by Julia Blake, and her two children, Holly and Nick. Minna is a cheeky and playful presence in Louisa's life, often pushing her to take risks and enjoy life to the fullest. Meanwhile, Holly and Nick are dealing with their own personal and romantic struggles, which occasionally intersect with Louisa's own journey.

As Louisa begins to blossom in her new life, she becomes entangled in various romantic relationships, including a budding romance with a local farmer named Nick. However, Louisa's past continues to haunt her as she is forced to confront her ex-husband, who reappears in her life and attempts to win her back.

One of the unique aspects of Bed of Roses is its portrayal of a middle-aged female protagonist, something that is not often seen in contemporary television. Louisa is a refreshing and complex character, grappling with the challenges of aging and widowhood while still pursuing her dreams and desires. Kerry Armstrong's performance is delightfully nuanced, bringing both humor and depth to the role.

The show's charming and quirky small-town setting also stands out, providing a picturesque backdrop for Louisa's adventures. The various supporting characters that make up Rainbow's End add to the show's whimsical and humorous tone. From the no-nonsense town gossip, Norma, to the lovable rogue, Zac, Louisa's interactions with the town's residents provide some of the show's most entertaining moments.

Overall, Bed of Roses is a heartfelt and uplifting series that celebrates the joys and challenges of growing older. Its combination of humor, drama and romance creates a compelling and enjoyable viewing experience. Fans of Australian television and thoughtful character-driven dramas will particularly enjoy this show.

Bed of Roses is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on May 10, 2008.

Bed of Roses
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Forged by Fire
12. Forged by Fire
February 26, 2011
On Louis and Nick's wedding day, bushfires are threatening Rainbow's End. Nick is called out to fight the fires, while Louisa must assume her official role as media liaison to the journalists flocking to cover the story. Despite imminent threat, Minna does not want to vacate her home, and Louisa confronts a devastating possibility.
Mount Misery
11. Mount Misery
February 19, 2011
It is a week before Louisa and Nick's wedding, and Louisa is still without a dress, so she sets off on a shopping excursion to Melbourne with her mother and daughter. But the weekend does not go as planned, and monumental revelations come to light. Meanwhile, Nick experiences his own misery when he is injured on a fishing trip with Sean.
10. Heartache
February 12, 2011
When Gavin has a health crisis after a particularly bad day, the women in his life feel guilty for giving him grief. Minna is caught driving without a license and finds a novel way to regain her independence.
Dirt Rich
9. Dirt Rich
February 5, 2011
When Deb receives shocking news, Louisa and Marg try to support her through an emotional minefield. Louisa writes a profile on a local winemaker who might be able to resolve Deb's problems-until he also proves to be the right man to distract Holly from her heartbreak.
Every Time We Say Goodbye
8. Every Time We Say Goodbye
January 29, 2011
When a teenage boy arrives to reconnect with Nick, Louisa welcomes him into her home until his errant ways drives a wedge between her and Nick. A fundraising concert acts as a catalyst for Minna and Frida to have a long overdue heart-to-heart, while Holly's broken heart provokes uncharacteristic behavior.
Insurgent Activity
7. Insurgent Activity
January 22, 2011
When the army comes to Rainbow's End for a training exercise, their presence flushes out more than insurgents, as Louisa learns a secret from Nick's past. Sean reaches a breaking point and risks his relationship with Holly, while Frida finds catharsis in the trials of young love.
Fryberg's Folly
6. Fryberg's Folly
January 15, 2011
Minna's estranged sister, Frida, returns to town, and her visit coincides with the anniversary of their father's discovery of an orchid varietal that is the highlight of a local park, now struggling from drought. As Holly tries to save the park, Minna struggles with her resentment of her sister.
Cat Fight
5. Cat Fight
January 8, 2011
Louisa is caught between her two closest friends in a town debate over regulations for pet cats. When a stray cat wanders into her home, her attempts to remain unbiased are further compromised. Premarital counseling leads Louisa to discover a secret that Nick has been hiding from her.
Laid Bare
4. Laid Bare
January 1, 2011
Rainbow's End has been plagued by a recent spate of burglaries, and when Minna becomes a victim, it throws her confidence. The community is rocked by the death of Lionel Smithwick, and Louisa is forced to add to Sean's woes by revealing the truth about his father.
Womb to Tomb
3. Womb to Tomb
December 18, 2010
The community rallies around a local woman whose husband has left her with three young children, and Louisa and Nick grapple with being surrogate parents for a night. Holly's gap-year antics threaten harmony on the home front until she learns a hard lesson in responsibility.
Mind the Gap
2. Mind the Gap
December 11, 2010
When the Echo staff uncover a damaging story about undertaker Lionel Smithwick, they're torn between their duty to report the truth and their duty to his son, Sean. Holly decides to revel in her freedom, while Minna's bid for greater independence is derailed by her driver's license test.
5838 Plus One
1. 5838 Plus One
December 4, 2010
As the new co-owner and editor of the town newspaper, Louisa wants her first issue to have a real impact, but she struggles to find a story worthy of her expectations. Holly deals with a major setback, and Nick brings both help and upheaval to Louisa's life.
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  • Premiere Date
    May 10, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (262)