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Agents Fred the Enforcer, Denise the Huntress, and Benny the Teddy Bear are a team of bounty hunters who are strong and passionate about capturing the bad guys. Each episode shows real cases with real criminals and real stories. Capturing the country's most evasive bail jumpers is no easy task but team members live up to their reputation by taking on extreme dangers without hesitation.

U.S. Bounty Hunters is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream U.S. Bounty Hunters online? U.S. Bounty Hunters is available for streaming on XiveTV; Xive TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch U.S. Bounty Hunters on demand at , Tubi TV online.

XiveTV; Xive TV
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
Cast: Fred the Enforcer, Benny the Teddy Bear
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U.S. Bounty Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • The team goes after a man working at a church who is wanted for receiving stolen property.

  • The team has to figure out what to do with a female fugitive's baby yet again. They pursue a recently released convict who doesn't want to go easily.

  • The team happens upon a defendant when they least expect it. A woman is wanted for welfare fraud and puts up more of a fight than the team is used to, and they have to decide what to do with her crying baby.

  • Fred "The Enforcer" is getting tired of defendants who run and make excuses. The team interrupts a defendant on a date.

  • The crew is in search of a gang of tough guys who've evaded court dates, but don't like where they have to go to find them.

  • A young defendant avoids going to court over a minor charge. Fred and a defendant who he has a history with make an agreement, but the rest of the team feels uneasy about the decision.

  • The team hunts down the local ice cream truck driver. A mother in need enlists the help of Fred "The Enforcer" for her young teenage son who seems to be on the path to ruin.

  • The team has to confront a friend of Fred's called Big Wayne and discover the surprising reason why he didn't show up for court. A fugitive slips through the fingers of Fred "The Enforcer", Denise "The Huntress", AND Mark "The Muscle".

  • The team's light hearted lunch is interrupted by a lead on a fugitive that has been evading them for weeks.

  • The team awakens a sleeping attempted-murderess and Fred "The Enforcer" is led to confront an old friend at his childhood church which leads to a heartfelt surrender.

  • A fugitive is woken up from a mid-afternoon nap by Fred "The Enforcer" and the team after his own family member tips them off to his location. The Bounty Hunters go after a longtime booze crazy crook who won't stop putting up a fight.

  • A man called "The Chaser" proves his nickname true in a trailer park maze and the team goes after a dangerous fugitive.

  • In this episode's final chapter, Fred's daughter calls for the team's help when a group of unknown men come knocking on her door in a scenario that is frightening similar to previous robberies in the neighborhood.

  • Three different fugitives try to get the best of the bounty hunters, but the gang stays one step ahead every time.

  • The Bounty Hunters find themselves on a chaotic chase after an armed fugitive like a scene straight out of a thriller.

  • Fred "The Enforcer" makes a mistake that forces the team to make some quick decisions. The Bounty Hunters have to break the bad news to a woman who doesn't know about her boyfriend's criminal activities.

  • Two mothers would rather turn their children into the bounty hunters than see them continue to use drugs and violate their paroles.

  • The Bounty Hunters go after thieves, drug users, and an old foe. Denise proves why she's called "The Huntress."

  • Benny, the "Teddy Bear", is forced to go down memory lane when the search for a dead-beat dad comes to a head at a scene from his childhood and a warrant is issued for a friend from his schooldays.

  • A criminal slips through Fred "The Enforcer" and the rest of the bounty hunters' fingertips and Donny "The Don" gets a little too "taser happy" with a defendant.

  • A gang of bounty hunters, led by Fred "The Enforcer", search for three different fugitives - a man plays pool at a dive bar despite a warrant for his arrest, a young punk runs from narcotics charges with a baby on the way, and a prostitute attempts to seduce the group.