The Price of Empire

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This is the story of two wars fought at the same time on opposite ends of the globe, often mislabeled as a single war; The Second World War. Our world, centuries in the making, was completely remade in a few decades. It's the story of how great powers fell as others rose to make the modern world - of those that could afford, and those that could not afford The Price of Empire. Featured by XIVETV.

The Price of Empire

The Price of Empire Full Episode Guide

  • After years of war, the defeat of Hitler and the Third Reich is inevitable. Peace in Asia will follow peace in Europe after the detonation of the atomic bomb.

  • The war was started solely be Germany's and Japan's acts of aggression. But in 1944 they are being driven from the lands that they had conquered and are being pressured to an act of unconditional surrender.

  • After starting on the second front, the Allies broke out of Normandy and launch the Red Army. In the East, the invasion of the Philippines will bring the Allies one step closer to the home islands.

  • In 1943, the axis was on the defensive everywhere. In 1944, The Allies strength would grow in the East in, the Soviet Union, and with the opening of the second front.

  • The United Nations planned how best to secure victory and how to arrange the post war world at conference after conference. The Allies fought one war on two fronts. The Axis fought two wars. For both, 1943 would mark the beginning of the end.

  • There was a plot that eventually Germany, headed east and Japan, heading west, would eventually join up in the Indian subcontinent to make a massive territory. But too many setbacks in 1942 marked the end of the beginning.

  • It took hitler half a war to gain an empire. But it would also take him half a war to lose one. Japan also wound up growing and growing only to start to fall about halfway through the war.

  • Before 1941 was half over the soviet union was locked in struggle with Germany. Before the year was out, humanity would be hanging on the fate of Roosevelt's great union, compelled to join the struggle by what he termed "a date which will live in infamy."

  • In 1941 Britain is holding its own, altho it is still threatened. Japan took action that made world war two truly global. but before that, the story of the second world war is to be transformed by a single word. Barbarossa.

  • Six months after the fall of France, Vyacheslav Molotov visited Berlin to discuss how the world was to be divided after victory. He was told Britain was defeated. But Britain wasn't beaten. Just alone.

  • Six months have passed with very little action in the Phony War. that is about to end and a new word is added to the vocabulary of warfare...Blitzkrieg.

  • Japan's unprovoked invasion had plunged china into war and Europe had been brought to the brink of conflict. In Italy Mussolini introduced fascism to the political landscape and Hitler dismantled democracy. Their expansion threatened neighboring nations.

  • The second world war ended more than 70 years ago, but wars never end. For those who fought the memories are indestructible. To understand something so profound we must start before the beginning with what Churchill called, The Gathering Storm.