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  • Get an unprecedented look at the strategy and sacrifice behind America's air raids on Japan in the final days of World War II. Explore the inside story via archival footage, all transferred to stunning HD, from General Lemay's planning stages to fighter action to final touch down back at Iwo Jima.

  • Meet forgotten hero Bill Genaust, who captured on film the flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Learn his story as told by his photo unit commander, the last living relative to remember him, and the photojournalist's own forceful, visceral footage of two of the fiercest battles in World War II.

  • Wings of Honor is the story of the men who fought during World War II and are now flown to Washington DC to visit a monument built in their honor... men like George Koogle, a Marine that stormed ashore on Saipan, nearly losing his life... E.J. Novotny, a SeaBee that saw the war from both sides... And Lee Phelps, a Navy Pharmacist's Mate charged with treating the wounded, and then witnessed the devastation that ended the violence.

  • The award-winning Day of the Kamikaze documents the origins of kamikaze battle and shares true, eye-witness accounts of the biggest and bloodiest suicide attack in history over two days in 1945 when the Japanese launched "Operation Heaven" against the allied fleet in the Pacific.

  • Much has been written about the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki following the use of atomic bombs and the effect of the attack on civilian life in Japan. But what of the American servicemen commissioned to carry out this serious task? Now, the crewmen of the Enola Gay and the Bockscar speak out about what happened during those fateful days, and how the weight of their task has changed them forever.

  • History of the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall in Washington, DC is chronicled. Controversial upon inception, today this American icon is the nation's most-visited monument and considered the most accurate listing of the 58,195 U.S. soldiers who fell or remain MIA.

  • The USS Enterprise is returning from war. Stationed in the Middle East for the last year, its pilots have seen heavy action in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now, finally, they're returning home. We go aboard to deconstruct how a carrier works in wartime. With amazing personal stories and real-time footage from missions we reveal the awesome power of what's often called "the most dangerous place on the planet", a major aircraft carrier. And best of all, we're there when our characters are reunited with their loved ones back in the U.S.

  • Before the Korean War, the idea of a Chinese-American leading a group of soldiers into battle would have been unthinkable. But the story of Chew-Een Lee is more than one of breaking barriers; it is a story of courage, grit and dogged determination, proving that bravery belongs to no single race.

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