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  • 1969
  • 1 Season

The Great Commanders from XiveTV is an enthralling docuseries that explores the lives, accomplishments, and strategies of renowned military leaders who shaped the course of history through their remarkable military campaigns. Spanning different eras and continents, the show delves deep into the psyche of some of the most fascinating and influential commanders who rose to prominence during times of war and crisis.

The show takes a chronological approach, presenting each commander in their historical context and highlighting the challenges and conditions that led them to become great leaders. From the ancient Greek general Alexander the Great to the modern-day U.S. Army General Norman Schwarzkopf, The Great Commanders from XiveTV covers a wide range of figures who had a significant impact on the art and science of warfare.

One of the most impressive aspects of the show is its attention to detail and accuracy. The series draws upon a wealth of historical sources, including primary accounts of battles and campaigns, to provide a comprehensive and nuanced portrait of each commander. Each episode features interviews with leading military historians, who offer insightful commentary and analysis on the tactics, strategies, and leadership styles of these great commanders.

The show also employs cutting-edge visual effects and cinematic techniques to bring these historical figures to life. The battles are depicted through a mix of reenactments, CGI simulations, and archive footage, providing a vivid and immersive experience for viewers. The production values of the show are impressive, with top-notch cinematography, music, and sound design that enhance the dramatic impact of the stories.

One of the standout elements of the series is its focus on the personal lives of these great commanders. While the show certainly covers the military aspects of their lives, it also provides a glimpse into their personalities, relationships, and motivations. We learn about the childhood of Julius Caesar, the love life of Napoleon Bonaparte, and the political ambitions of George Washington, among many others. By examining the human side of these great leaders, the show makes them more relatable and memorable.

Another strength of The Great Commanders from XiveTV is its global scope. The series features commanders from diverse cultures and nationalities, providing a panoramic view of the history of warfare. We learn about the tactics of the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan, the military genius of the Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, and the courage of the Japanese Admiral Togo Heihachiro, among others. This global perspective enriches the show's coverage of military history and provides a broader understanding of the challenges of leadership in different contexts.

Overall, The Great Commanders from XiveTV is an outstanding docuseries that will captivate anyone with an interest in military history, leadership, or strategy. With its engaging storytelling, meticulous research, and stunning visuals, the show is a must-watch for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of the great commanders who shaped the world we live in today. Whether you're a student of history, a military buff, or just looking for a good story, this show has something to offer.

The Great Commanders is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (6 episodes). The series first aired on .

The Great Commanders
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Georgy Zhukov
6. Georgy Zhukov
Following the Russian Revolution, Georgi Zhukov rose to become Stalin's deputy in the war against Hitler. Though and innovative, he was a single-minded soldier whose abilities helped turn the war around.
Ulysses S. Grant
5. Ulysses S. Grant
At the beginning of the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant worked in a store. Within four years he was commanding the Union Armies and within eight, he was President of the United States.
Horatio Nelson
4. Horatio Nelson
Horatio Nelson is Britain's greatest naval hero. Though at times insubordinate and reckless, Nelson's professional skills and personal inspiration brought him uncommon successes throughout the Mediterranean and Atlantic.
Napoleon Bonaparte
3. Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte was a political and military genius who exploited the turmoil of revolution to become Emperor of France. He then used his command skills to conquer Europe.
Julius Caesar
2. Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar, a scheming politician, used military power to dominate Rome. Massively in debt, he led his armies through a decade of conquest in a bid for wealth, glory and power.
Alexander the Great
1. Alexander the Great
The first, and perhaps the greatest, commander of all was Alexander the Great. Still in his early twenties Alexander went on to conquer more of the known world than anyone before or since.
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The Great Commanders is available for streaming on the XiveTV; Xive TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Great Commanders on demand at Amazon Prime.