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Reliable Sources is CNN cable television news and commentary show broadcast weekly at various times. The show focuses upon analyzing the news media in American and its impact upon worldwide perceptions on various topics. The show features Howard Kurtz as its host. The topics on the show range from coverage of relevant news stories from the past week to the most pressing stories of the day. Depending on the importance of a story, it could be featured above another on that basis.

In addition to news stories about how the news media handles their stories behind the scenes, the show also focuses upon the continually changing traditional broadcast, print and online journalists. Segments also include several individual interviews where the journalists participate in news events or covering stories. For example, the journey of journalist Bob Woodruff once he returned to the ABC News family after his near fatal attack while on assignment in Iraq.

Some of the topics have included how the Haitians recovered from the disastrous earthquake when an ESPN pundit questioned Robert Griffin III's ability to handle the racial issues present. Also discussed was how Al Roker's admission concerning gastric bypass surgery side effects were handled by the media.

The show was first created in order to cover how the media dealt with many of the aspects of the facts pertaining to the Persian Gulf War. However, its popularity extended it to follow the media coverage of the War in Iraq, Valerie Plame affair, the the outing of Deep Throat, Mark Felt and many other internal media events and stories.

Between 1992 and 2009 the show ran independently. In early 2009, the show became part of a segment during the political program, State of the Union that is hosted by John King each week. However, Kurtz remained as the segment host. After John King left the show, Reliable Sources became a show on its own once more and changed its timeslot.

Reliable Sources is a News series that is currently running and has 2017 seasons (291 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 2012. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.9.

Reliable Sources is available for streaming on the CNN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Reliable Sources on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

2017 Seasons, 291 Episodes
June 10, 2012
Cast: Brian Stelter
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Reliable Sources Full Episode Guide

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Examining media coverage and how it can shape the news.

  • Today: Dan Abrams and Jeff Greenfield analyze the unprecedented battle between GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and the GOP's favorite television channel Fox News and discusses new polls and the convoluted Iowa caucus process. Plus, Is Donald Trump driving a wedge between Fox and its fans? Dylan Byers, Marisa Guthrie and David Zurawik discuss the "divide" in conservative media.

  • Today: Washington Post editor Marty Baron tells Brian Stelter about Jason Rezaian's release after 18 months in an Iranian prison. And, Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson and New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg predict what will happen at the next GOP debate. And, Former Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer reacts to reports that Michael Bloomberg is considering a presidential run and discusses the tricky position his news organization is in.

  • Today: Marty Baron, the Washington Post's executive editor, and Doug Jehl, the foreign editor, tell Brian Stelter they're elated that Jason Rezaian has been freed. Then, Roxana Saberi and Maziar Bahari, who were detained in Iran, and David Rohde, who was kidnapped by the Taliban, describe their experiences after being freed. And, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chair of the Democratic National Committee, responds to criticism about the number of Democratic primary debates.

  • CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin & New York Times Reporter Ravi Somaiya analyze ethical & legal implications of Sean Penn's interview with El Chapo. And, Erik Wemple, S.E. Cupp and Lois Beckett analyze the NRA's media strategy, and expert mediator Kenneth Feinberg discusses the country's divide about guns. Then HLN host Nancy Grace faults the makers of "Making a Murderer" and doubts that media coverage erodes defendants' presumption of innocence.

  • What should journalists call the armed group that has taken over a wildlife refuge in Oregon? Brian Stelter speaks with Dan Abrams, Art Roderick and Ian Kullgren. Deborah Davies, whose documentary charged that Ashley Manning received HGH shipments, defends her disputed reporting. Alex Gibney, the director of a new CNN documentary about Steve Jobs, contrasts "fanboy" coverage of Apple with thorough investigative journalism.

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