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  • 2012
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Reliable Sources is a weekly television show on CNN hosted by Brian Stelter that premiered in 1992 and ran until 2022. The show is a media analysis program and focuses on critical examination of news outlets, their coverage of current events, and the larger media landscape. Reliable Sources covers a range of topics including media ethics, journalistic standards, social media, and the impact of modern technology on news production.

Throughout its 30-year run, the show has featured a roster of prominent media experts, journalists, and industry insiders who offer perspectives on the news and the media from a wide variety of vantage points. Each episode typically features interviews with several guests, in-depth discussions of recent news stories, and analysis of the media's role in shaping the public's understanding of the world.

One of the defining characteristics of Reliable Sources is its commitment to journalistic integrity and the importance of credible reporting. In an era where news outlets are facing increasing scrutiny over their accuracy and objectivity, Reliable Sources serves as a watchdog over the media, holding journalists and news organizations accountable for their reporting.

Over the years, the show has tackled a number of controversial issues and faced criticism from some quarters for its perceived bias. Despite these challenges, however, Reliable Sources has remained a fixture on the CNN lineup, attracting a loyal audience of viewers who rely on the program for its thoughtful, incisive analysis of the news and the media.

In addition to its regular weekly episodes, Reliable Sources has also produced a number of special programs and series over the years. These have included election coverage, special reports on major news events, and in-depth explorations of specific topics related to the media.

One of the show's most enduring legacies, however, is its role in shaping the larger conversation around media literacy and the importance of critical thinking in today's information landscape. As the show has evolved over the years, it has become increasingly focused on issues related to disinformation, propaganda, and the spread of fake news. Through its coverage of these topics, Reliable Sources has helped educate viewers about the importance of being discerning consumers of news and information.

In terms of production value, Reliable Sources has always been a visually engaging program. From its early years when it relied on simple sets and graphics to more recent episodes that feature high-tech graphics and cutting-edge visual effects, the show has always prioritized delivering a high-quality viewing experience for its audiences.

Overall, Reliable Sources is a landmark program in the history of media analysis and journalism. Through its commitment to journalistic integrity, its thoughtful analysis of the news and the media, and its innovative approach to visual storytelling, the show has become a trusted source of information and insight for viewers around the world. As it comes to an end in 2022, it leaves behind a rich legacy that will continue to inform and inspire generations to come.

Reliable Sources is a series that is currently running and has 2017 seasons (291 episodes). The series first aired on June 10, 2012.

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Reliable Sources is available for streaming on the CNN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Reliable Sources on demand at Amazon and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 10, 2012
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    4.6  (225)