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  • TV-14
  • 2014
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.4  (295)

The Hunt with John Walsh was a groundbreaking true crime series on CNN that aired from 2014 to 2017. Hosted by John Walsh, the creator and host of America's Most Wanted, the show focused on tracking down fugitives, finding missing persons, and solving unsolved cases.

John Walsh himself was a powerful presence on the show, fueled by an unbreakable passion for justice. Walsh became a true crime icon when his own son, Adam, was kidnapped and murdered in 1981. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping families who have suffered similar tragedies.

The Hunt with John Walsh took viewers on a journey across the United States, delving into some of the most intriguing and heartbreaking criminal cases of our time. The show was divided into different segments, each of which had its own unique focus.

One of the most gripping segments on the show was titled "The Hunted", which featured profiles of some of the most dangerous and elusive criminals in America. These were individuals who were wanted by law enforcement for crimes such as murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping. Walsh worked closely with a team of expert detectives, including Manuel Perez and Marcos A. Gonzalez, to track down these criminals and bring them to justice.

Another segment on the show, called "The Missing", focused on missing persons cases. In each episode, Walsh highlighted the case of a person who had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The show explored the possible reasons why the person went missing, and in some cases, Walsh was able to help reunite families with their lost loved ones.

"The Solved" was another segment of the show that focused on cases that had already been solved. During these segments, Walsh revisited cases that had been closed, often featuring interviews with law enforcement officials and the families of the victims. The show highlighted the hard work and dedication of the detectives who solved these crimes, while also giving hope to families who were still searching for answers.

One of the main strengths of The Hunt with John Walsh was its ability to shine a light on lesser-known cases that had not received significant media attention. The show tackled cases that had been ignored by the mainstream media, bringing them to a wider audience and often leading to breakthroughs in the investigations.

Overall, The Hunt with John Walsh was an important and powerful series that helped to shine a light on some of the most important and tragic criminal cases of our time. The show was a testament to Walsh's unwavering commitment to justice and his passion for helping families who had suffered unimaginable losses. While the show is no longer on the air, its legacy lives on in the countless lives it helped to change and the families it brought together.

The Hunt with John Walsh is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on July 13, 2014.

The Hunt with John Walsh
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The Enemy Within
17. The Enemy Within
November 19, 2017
When two teenagers from different gangs get into an ongoing battle over family and respect, one stabs the other to death in front of dozens of witnesses; during an early 1980s protest, a member of a radical group blinds a police officer.
Factory of Death
16. Factory of Death
November 12, 2017
An undocumented factory worker in southern California vanishes after he blackmails his employers about their illegal employment practices.
Death in Broad Daylight
15. Death in Broad Daylight
November 5, 2017
After allegedly murdering his parents in a drug-fueld haze of rage and anger, a young father then abandons his child and flees south.
No Way Out
14. No Way Out
October 29, 2017
A young girl being raped by her stepfather tells her family and the authorities but no one believes her; a grudge-fight between acquaintances escalates until one man shoots the other in the head in front of their three mutual friends.
Bad Cop
13. Bad Cop
October 22, 2017
A former police officer who had stalked, assaulted, or attempted to seduce more than five young women over the course of his career is arrested while attempting to hook up for sex with minor girls using Internet chat rooms.
Enemy Territory
12. Enemy Territory
October 15, 2017
A Chicago teen who refuses to declare his allegiance to a violent gang winds up beaten and shot to death in an alleyway; a serial DUI offender is accused of killing an Iraq War veteran while driving under the influence.
Death Do Us Part
11. Death Do Us Part
October 8, 2017
A Southern California millionaire allegedly murders his wife, then calls the authorities with a far-fetched claim that a house painter did it; a flight attendant is raped and murdered in a case that goes unsolved for eight years.
Brutal Obsession
10. Brutal Obsession
October 1, 2017
A rejected boyfriend stalks his ex and kills her in her workplace; a 61-year-old grandmother is raped by a 37-year-old man after he lures her to his dungeon-like home.
School of Lies
9. School of Lies
September 24, 2017
Ty and Tisa Yiyara founded a progressive urban school but went on the run after they allegedly were caught having sex with a student; a construction worker in New York is accused of killing a popular young man.
The Stolen Child
8. The Stolen Child
September 17, 2017
A father in the midst of a child custody battle over his son discovers a note announcing that the child's mother has vanished, taking their child with her. Also, a young mother working as a custodian in an office complex is found raped and strangled.
A Final Romance
7. A Final Romance
September 10, 2017
An unlikely love affair develops between former high school classmates but the whirlwind romance ends with one lover dead and the other on the run; a rare night out for a group of single moms ends tragically.
Stolen Innocence
6. Stolen Innocence
August 27, 2017
A family man allegedly rapes his stepdaughter for five years before she comes forward with the truth; two coworkers and roommates become close friends, but soon greed and desperation drives one of them to allegedly commit murder.
Sacrament of Blood
5. Sacrament of Blood
August 20, 2017
A Santeria priest allegedly murders his lover, rapes a minor during a ``healing ritual,'' and molests his step-daughter, hiding it all behind the cloak of his religion.
Good Wife
4. Good Wife
August 13, 2017
A millionaire allegedly murders his wife then calls the authorities with a claim that a house-painter did it; the brutal rape and murder of a flight attendant goes unsolved for eight years until the perp's family flees to Mexico to unmask him.
Family Predator
3. Family Predator
August 6, 2017
A serial child molester preys on young women in his own family for two generations, then vanishes just before his 12-year-old daughter testifies at his trial.
The Frozen Prison
2. The Frozen Prison
July 30, 2017
A rapist forces his 17-year-old victim to marry him, then imprisons her in a psychological cage for seven years.
Still Running 2017
1. Still Running 2017
July 23, 2017
A compilation of open cases from the prior seasons of ``The Hunt With John Walsh.''
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The Hunt with John Walsh is available for streaming on the CNN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Hunt with John Walsh on demand at Max and Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    July 13, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (295)