Movie Fights

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Where real nerds get in real fights over fake movies! Each week, our panelists will be judged and scored on their arguments for facts, passion and creativity. So "let them fight!" because "there can only be one."

ScreenJunkies Plus
6 Seasons, 127 Episodes
October 12, 2014
Game Show
Movie Fights

Movie Fights Full Episode Guide

  • ROUND 1 Who's the greatest living filmmaker? ROUND 2 What Comic Book Movie of our time, will be most celebrated in 50 years? ROUND 3 Scariest Movie Scene of all time? ROUND 4 If you could permanently erase ONE movie from all of existence - which would it be?

  • 1. What movie character / franchise do you want to see incorporate time travel in a sequel (that hasn't already) 2. IS STAR WARS IN TROUBLE AND HOW DO WE FIX IT? 3.What box office disappointment should be reimagined for television? 4. What's the best Daniel-Day Lewis performance 5. - In honor of the 25th Anniversary of Batman Returns, what's the best movie of 1992?

  • 1. Who do you want to join Universal's Dark Universe - Pitch the actor and the Universal monster they'd play 2. Choose a New director for Top Gun 2 3. What movie character would open the best chain restaurant? 4.Taking out Rocky & Rambo - Which Stallone Character Wins in All Out Battle Royale 5 Pitch La La Land 2

  • 1. Best DC Comics Movie Adaptation 2. Best overall character: Batman v. Superman v. Wonder Woman [email protected]_2001: Worst DC movie? 4. @BadWitUsernames: What DC comic storyline that hasn't already been used would make the best movie? Choose a Director as well. [email protected]: Of all movie Batmans, which one would win in a fight?

  • 1) What performance best defines the essence of Nicolas Cage? 2)@yahboyantman: Seriously, What is Nicholas Cage's Best Performance? 3) Would movie would be most improved by replacing the hero and villain with Nicolas Cage in a dual role? 4)@Josh72Rictor: Whats the Best Nicolas Cage one-liner? 5)@phinstweets: What Nicolas Cage character would win in a bare knuckle fight to the death?

  • 1. What will be the biggest summer blockbuster of 2017? 2. Best movie featuring Morgan Freeman? 3. What non-Terminator film/franchise should Arnold revisit or take over? 4. Who could replace Stallone as leader of The Expendables? Who would be on his/her team? 5. In honor of IT, what's the best all time horror reboot?

  • 1. Improve a film by adding King Kong 2. Best James Cameron movie? 3. In honor of Logan, what actor/superhero should return for a final film when they're old? 4. Pitch a Reboot of any Jean Claude Van Damme movie. 5. Whats the Nerdiest Movie Ever?

  • 1) Greatest all time movie fist fight? (No weapons used at all) 2) Which Arnold Schwarzenegger character would kill all the others in a battle royale? 3) Pitch your own Star Wars droid. 4) Pitch a sequel to any of this year€™s Best Picture nominees. 5) What series should cross over with the €œFifty Shades€ franchise?

  • 1. Who€™s the next character that should get their own LEGO movie adventure? 2. Worst successful director (that has had at least 2 hit movies)? 3. If you could cancel any upcoming or potential sequel, right now, what would it be? 4. What mainstream studio franchise would you MOST want to see Quentin Tarantino join? 5. Most over-rated movie of all time?

  • 1. Now that Ben Affleck has dropped out, who should direct The Batman? 2. What film from the last 5 years will inspire the most irritating nostalgia in 20 years? 3. Which 2 celebrities would you wanna see become gigantic and fight in a city, King Kong vs. Godzilla style? 4. Who is the greatest living actor? 5. Blind pitch

  • 1. Whats the worst M Night Shymalan movie? 2. In honor of Xander Cage - Whats a character that€™s only been in 1 movie that deserves to come back? 3. What two actors should star in the White Man Can€™t Jump remake? 4. Pitch a G.I. Joe / Transformers Crossover movie 5. Biggest name actor with the poorest filmography

  • 1. What€™s the all-time most disappointing movie sequel? 2. What movie franchise is the most consistently good across all entries? 3. Worst Christopher Nolan movie? 4. What€™s the best Pixar movie?

  • 1. What movie character would make the best roommate? 2. MONSTER TRUCKS is out this week so we want to know what movie seems the most like it was a young child€™s idea? 3. What SNL alumni has had the best movie career? 4. In honor of BYE BYE MAN - what is the best movie with the worst title? 5. In honor of the €œHome Alone with Blood€ parody - What movie would be better if it was really

  • 1.Best movie featuring Vin Diesel? 2. Who€™s the best supporting or character actor in Hollywood today? 3. Inspired by €œHidden Figures,€ best movie that€™s based on a true story? 4. As of this moment, who€™s the biggest movie star in the world? 5. BLIND FIGHT: Improve your movie by replacing an actor/actress with Kevin James.

  • 1. Best Scene from a Movie in 2016 2.Best Performance of 2016? 3. Most over-rated movie of 2016 4. What 2016 movie would you like to officially get a €œdo-over€ in 2017? 5. Best Movie of 2016?

  • 1. What character should Jim Carrey play next? 2. Pitch setting and villain for Speed 2 3. Who should direct and star in the live action Jetsons movie? 4. What pre 94 historical figure or event should Forrest Gump visit? 5. Best movie of 1994

  • 1. What classic director would have the best career in Hollywood today? 2. Best pre 1980 animated movie of all time? 3. Best song-and-dance number from any musical? 4. What classic movie remains most relevant in 2016? 5. What€™s the all-time best decade for movies?

  • 1.Best individual performance in any single €œStar Wars€ film. 2. Who Would win in light saber battle royale? 3. Pitch an Old Republic movie 4. Best Line of dialogue from any Star Wars Movie? 5. If you had to spend a year on any moon/planet which do you choose?

  • 1) Worst Robert DeNiro Performance? 2) Best Martin Scorsese movie 3) Worst Prequel of all time? 4) Best Disney Animal Sidekick? 5) Worst Comic Book Movie?

  • 1. What Movie - played on loop - would you use to torture somoen for information? 2. What Major Hollywood release has the all-time dumbest premise 3. Recast a John Travolta movie with Nicolas Cage 4. If you had to build a religion around the philosophy of any movie character, which one would you pick? 5. Improve a movie by swapping out a main character for a talking dog 6. What movie family

  • 1) What is the Best Harry Potter film? 2) What element of the Wizarding World are you glad doesn't really exist? 3) If you could own one magical item from any Harry Potter film, which one would it be? 4) What€™s the most shocking moment in the Harry Potter series? 5) What actor gives the best performance throughout the Potter franchise?

  • 1. What is the best movie alien? 2. Who should direct The Flash? 3. What 80's movie deserves a remake? 4. What classic or iconic movie character should NEVER be recast or rebooted? 5. @JollyJamer What is the best closing shot of any movie?

  • 1) Who is the best movie President? 2) What Iconic Role Should Benedict Cumberbatch Play Next? 3) Which retro game character deserves a solo movie? 4) What other franchise should Wonder Woman join? 5) Of the seven dwarves, Who is the best Dwarf?

  • 1. Pitch two iconic horror villains that you would want to see face off in a movie 2. What is the deadliest Horror Movie Villain? 3. What familiar horror trope should be permanently retired? 4. What Horror Movie Death would you least want to experience? 5. Who is the greatest Horror Film Director?

  • 1) Best Zombie Movie 2) What Movie Would be Better by Adding Zombies 3) In honor of Dirk Gently€™s Holistic Detective Agency AND Walking Dead: What€™s the best movie twist of all time? 4) Pitch us the premise to the newly announced, Leonardo DiCaprio produced CAPTAIN PLANET movie, and who should play the titular character? 5) Best movie based on a graphic novel?