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  • 2013
  • 1 Season
  • 7.2  (282)

Big History is a documentary television series that premiered on H2 in 2013. The show explores the history of the universe and humanity through the lenses of science and history, examining the origins of the universe, the earth, and the human species. The show is hosted by actors Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Markley, and Trevor S. Valle, and features expert interviews, stunning visuals, and engaging storytelling.

The show's premise is to explore the history of the universe from the Big Bang to the present day. The series is organized into ten episodes that cover different stages of the universe's development, such as the formation of stars and galaxies, the origins of life on earth, and the evolution of human civilization. Each episode is approximately one hour long and focuses on a specific theme and time period.

The series is unique in that it combines science and history to create a comprehensive perspective on the history of the universe. The show uses scientific concepts and discoveries to explain historical events and vice versa. For example, the show uses the geological record to explain the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and the natural resources they relied on. The show also explores the relationship between science and philosophy, examining how scientific discoveries have influenced our understanding of the universe and our place in it.

Big History places a strong emphasis on the evolution of human civilization. The series examines how humans have interacted with their environment and each other throughout history, exploring the development of agriculture, language, and technology, as well as the rise and fall of empires and the impact of religion and ideology on human behavior. The show also explores the challenges facing humanity today, such as climate change and resource depletion, and offers hope for the future through scientific advancements and human ingenuity.

One of the show's strengths is its use of expert interviews. The series features interviews with scientists, historians, and philosophers who provide insights and perspectives on the topics covered in each episode. These experts include astrophysicists, geologists, biologists, anthropologists, and sociologists, among others. Their insights add depth and complexity to the show's exploration of the history of the universe and humanity.

Big History also features stunning visuals that bring the history of the universe to life. The show uses a combination of footage, animation, and computer-generated images to illustrate scientific concepts and historical events. These visuals help to make the information presented in the show more accessible and engaging to viewers.

Another strong aspect of the show is its engaging storytelling. The series uses a narrative format to explore the history of the universe and humanity, with each episode following a particular storyline. The show's hosts, Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Markley, and Trevor S. Valle, provide narration that helps to guide the viewer through the complex topics covered in each episode. The show's storytelling approach makes the history of the universe and humanity more engaging and accessible to a wide audience.

In conclusion, Big History is an engaging and informative documentary series that explores the history of the universe and humanity through a combination of science and history. The show's use of expert interviews, stunning visuals, and engaging storytelling make it a must-watch for anyone interested in the history of the universe and humanity. Whether you're a science enthusiast, history buff, or just curious about the world around you, Big History has something to offer.

Big History is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on November 2, 2013.

Big History
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The Big History of Everything
17. The Big History of Everything
December 28, 2013
In the first season finale, links are made between seemingly random events throughout history.
Silver Supernova
16. Silver Supernova
December 21, 2013
How silver has influenced human civilization throughout history.
15. H2O
December 21, 2013
How water has influenced human civilization throughout history.
Rise of the Carnivores
14. Rise of the Carnivores
December 14, 2013
Human consumption of different meats throughout history.
The Sun
13. The Sun
December 14, 2013
How the sun has effected civilization.
Deadly Meteors
12. Deadly Meteors
December 7, 2013
Exploring how meteors affected Earth's formation - and how they could potentially destroy Earth.
11. Decoded
December 7, 2013
Exploring codes, including DNA, language and binary.
Pocket Time Machine
10. Pocket Time Machine
November 30, 2013
How does the cellphone in your pocket link to the Big Bang, the evolution of human memory, and even the Titanic disaster? Big History reveals how cosmic forces conspired to give us the tool that has revolutionized the planet.
Mountain Machines
9. Mountain Machines
November 23, 2013
They form natural boundaries, dictate how we spread around the planet, create natural defenses, and control our weather.
World of Weapons
8. World of Weapons
November 23, 2013
Exploring the evolution of warfare.
Brain Boost
7. Brain Boost
November 18, 2013
Behind that cup of coffee or tea is a global story that goes back to the collision that created the Moon and the evolution of plant and animal life. The key is the molecule that gives your morning cup its kick: caffeine, the most popular drug in history.
Defeating Gravity
6. Defeating Gravity
November 16, 2013
Big History reveals how planet Earth is the perfect planet for flight.
5. Megastructers
November 16, 2013
Why do humans have the urge to build tall, and how do mega-structures on earth echo a basic principle embedded in the very structure of the universe?
Below Zero
4. Below Zero
November 9, 2013
Exploring the impact cold weather has had on civilization.
Gold Fever
3. Gold Fever
November 9, 2013
The impact gold has had on human history.
Horse Power Revolution
2. Horse Power Revolution
November 2, 2013
The horse has been a revolutionary animal in unexpected ways. It has changed how we speak, what we wear, and sets the hidden limit for the size of our most massive empires.
1. Salt
November 2, 2013
Did you know that the salt on your table is a key to unlocking the story of our planet and the cosmos?
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  • Premiere Date
    November 2, 2013
  • IMDB Rating
    7.2  (282)