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  • 2012
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.4  (201)

10 Things You Don't Know About is a historical documentary series that aims to explore the lesser-known facts about some of the most iconic figures and events in history. The show is produced by H2, a subsidiary of the History Channel, and features a variety of experts and historians who provide insights and commentary on each topic.

The show is hosted by musician and actor Henry Rollins, who brings a charismatic and engaging presence to each episode. His passion for history is evident in every segment, as he dives deep into each topic and shares his own thoughts and opinions.

Each episode of 10 Things You Don't Know About focuses on a different historical figure or event, ranging from presidents to explorers to generals. Some notable episodes include "George Washington," "Nikola Tesla," "The Salem Witch Trials," and "The Vikings."

The show's format is straightforward and easy to follow. Each episode consists of Rollins providing an introduction to the topic, followed by a series of guest appearances from historians and experts who share their own insights and discoveries about the subject at hand. These segments are intercut with historical footage and imagery, adding a visual component to the show's informative content.

In addition to the standard format, some episodes feature more interactive segments, such as Rollins traveling to historical sites or participating in demonstrations of historical technologies. These moments add a fun and immersive element to the show, allowing viewers to experience history in a new and exciting way.

One of the strengths of 10 Things You Don't Know About is its ability to present complex historical information in an accessible and engaging manner. The show isn't afraid to tackle difficult or controversial topics, but it always does so with respect and nuance. The experts and historians featured on the show are passionate about their subjects and offer a wealth of knowledge and context that helps bring each topic to life.

Overall, 10 Things You Don't Know About is a fascinating and informative series that offers a fresh perspective on some of history's most well-known figures and events. With its accessible approach and engaging host, the show is a must-watch for anyone interested in history or looking to learn something new.

10 Things You Don't Know About is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on February 27, 2012.

10 Things You Don't Know About
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Civil Rights
3. Civil Rights
August 30, 2014
Henry cracks open the books on one of America's most defining chapters--the Civil Rights movement. On a road not often traveled, he crosses the country in search of the unknown stories that built a generation of heroes. From the little-known actions of iconic pioneers like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and Lyndon Johnson to the many courageous deeds of unheralded champions, there's much more to America's fight for equality than you've been taught.
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10 Things You Don't Know About is available for streaming on the H2 website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 10 Things You Don't Know About on demand at Apple TV Channels, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, History Vault, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 27, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (201)