Watch TV Shows on H2

The H2 network is short for History 2 and is a cable and satellite television channel owned by the A&E Networks. H2 currently offers about 200 hours of programming and much of it is original. The network covers reruns of their more favorite shows and documentaries first run on its sister station The History Channel. When the History Channel started showing more reality-based programs, they transferred their more popular documentary-type shows to H2. Most of their original series focuses on history, science, and pseudo-science subject material.

H2 is notorious for broadcasting shows that have more to do with alleged conspiracy theories rather than history. Programs like America Unearthed, America’s Book of Secrets, and Brad Meltzer’s Lost History focus on facts that you probably won’t find in the average history book. Popular shows like Ancient Aliens and Hangar 1 the UFO Files discuss a possible government cover of extraterrestrials. H2 has a variety of programming and something for everyone. Shows like, How the States Got There Shapes, Big History, and Museum Men are great for history buffs and older school aged children. If you’re looking for a more supernatural show to watch this network has plenty to choose from like Monster Quest and Haunted History. The H2 Network has a variety of entertaining and educational programs for the whole family.