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  • 2011
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (105)

Planet Egypt is a fascinating documentary series that explores ancient Egypt like never before. With the help of leading experts in the field, viewers are taken on a journey through time to uncover the secrets of this remarkable civilization. The show premiered on H2 in 2011 and was hosted by Tom Zahner, an experienced Egyptologist who has spent years studying the culture and history of this incredible civilization.

Each episode of Planet Egypt focuses on a different aspect of ancient Egypt, from its monumental architecture to its religious practices and daily life. Through stunning cinematography and expert insights, the show brings to life the stories and mysteries of this fascinating civilization. Along the way, we meet a range of fascinating experts, including archaeologist Kent Weeks and renowned Egyptologist Salima Ikram, who provide their own unique perspectives on the world of ancient Egypt.

The first episode of Planet Egypt explores the Pyramids of Giza, one of the most iconic structures in all of human history. With the help of Kent Weeks, Tom Zahner takes viewers on a journey inside the pyramids, exploring their hidden chambers and learning about the engineering feats that made them possible. We learn about the role of these structures in ancient Egyptian society, and the powerful symbolism they held for the people who built them.

In subsequent episodes, Planet Egypt continues to unravel the mysteries of this remarkable civilization. We learn about the role of women in ancient Egyptian society, and how they held positions of power and influence in ways that might be surprising to modern audiences. We delve into the world of religion, exploring how the Egyptians worshipped their gods and how these beliefs informed every aspect of their lives. And we explore the daily life of ordinary Egyptians, from their diets and clothing to their social customs and traditions.

Throughout the series, Salima Ikram provides invaluable insights into the world of ancient Egypt. As a renowned Egyptologist who has spent decades studying the people and culture of this remarkable civilization, she offers a unique perspective on the stories and secrets that have captivated generations of people around the world. With her help, we learn about the mummification process, the role of animals in Egyptian society, and the hidden stories behind some of the most famous artifacts from the ancient world.

In conclusion, Planet Egypt is a must-watch series for anyone with an interest in ancient history. With its expert insights, beautiful cinematography, and engaging storytelling, it brings to life the stories and secrets of ancient Egypt like never before. From the pyramids of Giza to the daily life of ordinary Egyptians, this series explores every aspect of this remarkable civilization, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past and a deeper understanding of the world we live in today.

Planet Egypt
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Temples of Power
4. Temples of Power
October 16, 2011
Religion played a major role in Egypt's success story. In the eyes of the people, daily religious observance guaranteed the annual harvest and the survival of mankind, as well as ensuring access to the afterlife. The people gave offerings to the priests, who became wealthy and powerful. The pharaoh Akhenaten decided that one god, the sun disc Aten, should be worshipped and built a new capital, Achetaten, near the ancient capital Karnak, where he lived with his wife Nefertiti.
Quest for Eternity
3. Quest for Eternity
October 16, 2011
The final episode examines how Egypt's belief in the afterlife could be part of its long term success. It questions how a society apparently obsessed with death could survive for so long. We discover that Egypt's specific belief in the afterlife was essential to the longevity of her civilisation. The Egyptians liked their life so much, they wanted it to continue after their demise. Egypt's belief in the afterlife provided focus for the population for more than 3000 years.
Pharaohs at War
2. Pharaohs at War
October 9, 2011
See how Egypt managed to keep its relative independence for 3000 years. Look at how different pharaohs built and expanded their empire.
Birth of an Empire
1. Birth of an Empire
October 9, 2011
Take a look at how Egypt was discovered. There were lots of wars which brought the Upper and Lower Egypt together under King Narmer.
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    October 9, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    7.4  (105)