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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.6  (395)

Ice Pilots NWT is a reality show based on the flights of bush pilots who supply those who live in the cold near the arctic circle. Based on the true stories of a Yellowknife, Northwest Territories airline this series details the stark, true life adventures of pilots who brave the frozen, remote lands where people live isolated lives. Supplies are crucial to those in remote areas and ice pilots have to brave challenging weather conditions and bitter cold while flying their World War II era planes on these critical missions.

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Up in the Air
13. Up in the Air
February 13, 2010
After her husband's acrimonious departure from Buffalo, Kelly has a confrontation that decides whether she, too, will quit. Jeremy makes a mistake that could end his Buffalo career. An aviation gas shortage brings a sobering dose of reality to the McBryans. And after a visit from his mom, fate throws Scott an unexpected curve ball. When the dust settles, someone will be leaving Buffalo Airways.
Change of Seasons
12. Change of Seasons
February 3, 2010
leaves her shorthanded. But when her engineer husband Juan quits on the spot after a blowout with Joe, Kelly is left in a terrible position. Will Kelly stay – or will she go? Scott also gets bad news - he must stand down from flying so a rival co-pilot can be fast-tracked to captain. Scott pulls out all the stops to secure a new contract flying practically to the North Pole, which will get him back in the pilot's seat. But his rival is also interested in this new dream job – flying the C-46 to Eureka, a tiny research station at the top of the world. And after nine months of brutal work and tough luck, Jeremy sees light at the end of the tunnel. Buffalo needs a new DC-3 co-pilot, and contrary to expectation, he's getting a crack at it. But first, he's got to pass the test of flying with Joe.
The Crash
11. The Crash
January 27, 2010
Across the world in spectacular Izmir, after thousands of hours of painstaking preparation and life-risking flying, a terrible accident devastates the Turkey crew – and everyone at Buffalo Airways. In Yellowknife, the spring melt is well underway, and northerners are finding ways to celebrate, from checking out the melting waterfalls to racing jet boats onto the remaining river ice. It's also Wilf's first run as flight attendant on the DC-3 – for which he insists on wearing a shirt and tie to the consternation of the entire company. It's the final push Jeremy needs to move to HQ in Yellowknife. Kelly and Jynelle dig up a house-warming surprise that practically brings tears to the gruff rampie's eyes. But has the move come too late to do him any good? Spring has also brought out the 'prophead' tourists who come from all over the world to ride in Buffalo's old warbirds. A Scottish airplane buff gets a DC-4 tour from co-pilot Alex, and fulfills the dream of a lifetime when Joe lets him ride in the captain's seat of his DC-3.
Thin Ice
10. Thin Ice
January 20, 2010
Joe gets a lucrative late-season contract to fly mining equipment to an airstrip on a frozen lake, sending C-46 and DC-4 crews on a race against the spring melt. But conflict erupts between Devan and a senior pilot. And when the client reports an on-site incident, Joe goes on the warpath. Though Jeremy has missed a number of flight attendant classes, he's confident he can catch up to fellow rampies Audrey and Wilf. But too much confidence may be a dangerous thing. And over the North Atlantic, Arnie, Justin and Cory press on to Turkey, even though they have only half of the spare parts in their plane. But there are some serious volcanoes and busy Mediterranean air traffic ahead
Transatlantic Crossing
9. Transatlantic Crossing
January 13, 2010
On the edge of the continent, the Turkey crew fights icing danger to make the critical jump over the North Atlantic to Santa Maria in the Azores. But the next day, en route to Portugal, crew #2's right engine fails. With a plane full of slopping fuel and no power on one engine, it will take all of their ingenuity and experience to get back into Santa Maria, where the airport is on full emergency alert. In Yellowknife, Mikey and Scott page through piles of resumes to search for another trained pilot willing to endure initiation as a Buffalo rampie. Jeremy's mood plummets even further as Audrey and new threat Wilf Darr seem sure to pass him.
Cause for Celebration
8. Cause for Celebration
January 6, 2010
After the Turkey crew arrives in Newfoundland, Cory discovers a potentially dangerous leak in the fuel lines. Anxious about their limited window to depart safely, he stays behind from the cold-water survival course to fix it, while Arnie, Justin and the other pilots press on. The course is sobering; the stark dangers of what they are about to do are sinking in. Then, tragedy. A helicopter crashes off the coast of Newfoundland. Ironically, the raging winds hampering rescue efforts give the Buffalo boys their long-awaited tailwind. Will they chance the treacherous North Atlantic crossing?
7. Suspension
December 30, 2009
A bombshell hits Buffalo Joe. Because he fired his flight attendant manager, the feds serve him with a suspension for not having the proper supervision. The DC-3, which he's proudly flown for 20 years, cannot leave the ground with passengers on board. It's also a setback for Jeremy and the other rampies - no flight attendant manager means no training course and no chance for anyone to move up. Then an unexpected injury delivers an even worse twist of fate. But for the Turkey team, it's finally a go. After an emotional sendoff, Arnie, Justin and the waterbomber crew set off on the first leg of their journey - a risky trip across Canada in the dead of winter—with no de-icing equipment.
On the Move
6. On the Move
December 23, 2009
Joe's daughter Kathy is getting married in Las Vegas and Mikey has persuaded his father to take time off for the first time in seven years. Mikey does his best to make sure everything is covered while they're away. But when Joe gets back he finds that a charter has slipped through the cracks. Arnie and Justin are in Red Deer doing test flights for the risky journey to Turkey, and there's no one to fly the job. Joe personally flies to Red Deer to vent his anger – and haul Justin back. Justin's task is to move an impatient Brit, his dog and all his worldly possessions to the remote northern outpost of Paulatuk. But weather conditions are not cooperating and time is ticking to get Justin back and bound for Turkey. Meanwhile, Devan takes girlfriend Jynelle Glenn dog sledding for her birthday – and to talk over his upcoming interview for a job flying for the UN in Africa, leaving them both uncertain what the offer might mean for their future.
5. 40/40/40
December 16, 2009
Captain Devan and co-pilot Scott are best buddies and roommates. But when they encounter the menace of wind shear at notorious Bear Rock, the hair-raising experience tests their friendship. Engineer Adam Smith must gut it out in minus 40 when he and AJ find themselves with a broken engine push rod on a remote airstrip. And now that the Turkish waterbomber deal has gone through, it's up to lead mechanic Cory Dodd to turn two lightweight, summertime planes into aircraft able to withstand the rigours of a North Atlantic flight in the middle of winter. Then he has to get back to Yellowknife to see his wife Sonja for an important rendezvous before the dangerous journey that will keep them apart for months.
A Big Deal
4. A Big Deal
December 9, 2009
Close A Big Deal ReleasedDec 09, 2009 To move up from 'rampie' to co-pilot at Buffalo, you first need to become a flight attendant. And Jeremy is determined to make it onto the next course – and beat co-worker Audrey into the co-pilot's seat. But first he has to find a way to ensure his Delhi-born protégé, the underweight and homesick Raman, can stick it out in Hay River alone. When a power failure leaves Rankin Inlet exposed to the brutal northern elements, DC-4 captain Justin must pull out the stops to try to get two massive generators up to the remote community before sundown. And when the recession nips at Buffalo Joe's heels, he organizes a $7-million sale of two Canadair CL-215 waterbombers to the Turkish government. A delegation arrives to seal the deal. With so much money on the line, will the contract close or will eccentric Joe say something to screw it up, as his son Mikey fears?
Birthday From Hell
3. Birthday From Hell
December 2, 2009
It's chief pilot Arnie Schreder's birthday, and he and Scott take Kelly along for her first ride on the daily C-46 supply run. Kelly wants to meet Buffalo's clients – especially to soothe feelings after the Christmas cargo dustup. But a string of bad luck threatens to spoil the day – and the naughty birthday surprise Kelly has waiting back at the hangar. Ramp hand (or 'rampie') Jeremy Dow is desperate to move up the ranks and out of the numbing grunt work he's had to endure for the past four months. But when new rampie Audrey Marchand's enthusiasm and 'can-do' attitude impresses boss Joe, Jeremy realizes she may just jump the queue. And after the crew works all night to install gas tanks in the DC-4, hotshot new co-pilot Alex joins captain Justin Simle on a tricky fuel haul. Along the way, he grabs the chance to execute his first take-off, and get in some rare 'low flying' over the spectacular northern landscape.
Pre-Christmas Rush
2. Pre-Christmas Rush
November 25, 2009
It's the Christmas season and the northern communities depend on Buffalo more than ever to fly in food and supplies. But the engine in the C-46 seizes up in the tiny town of Norman Wells, stranding Scott and AJ and causing a chain reaction that pushes the whole company to the breaking point. Crusty mechanic Chuck Adams faces the challenge of replacing the entire engine – bare-handed in the minus 30 deep freeze – on the remote tarmac. Back at the Yellowknife hangar, tempers flare as cargo manager Kelly Jurasevich is pushed to the breaking point to re-route the Christmas food and goods. But when the landing gear on the backup C-46 gets stuck, captain Devan Brooks must turn back. Yet Joe presses Mikey in no uncertain terms; they've got to get the goods out somehow.
Buffalo Air
1. Buffalo Air
November 18, 2009
A day in the life at Buffalo Airways, as a rookie co-pilot faces an emergency landing, a hot-shot young flyer gets thrown into the hot seat and the boss' son gets in hot water. Co-pilot Scott Blue slogs it out on the Buffalo ramp to prep the vintage Curtiss C-46 Commando for its daily supply run. He's anxious to build more flying time to get the experience he needs to become a captain. And finally, he gets to fly with captain AJ Decoste. But the trip turns into much more than either of them bargained for when a faltering engine and low fog force one of the toughest landings of their lives. Meanwhile, new arrival Alex Wagner, up north to learn to fly the Douglas DC-4, must prove himself when Buffalo's chief pilot gives him control of the 20-ton plane for the very first time. And long-suffering Mikey McBryan must redeem himself when a breakdown with his father's Douglas DC-3 forces Joe to call the backup plane into service – but it's nowhere near ready.

Ice Pilots NWT is a reality show based on the flights of bush pilots who supply those who live in the cold near the arctic circle. Based on the true stories of a Yellowknife, Northwest Territories airline this series details the stark, true life adventures of pilots who brave the frozen, remote lands where people live isolated lives. Supplies are crucial to those in remote areas and ice pilots have to brave challenging weather conditions and bitter cold while flying their World War II era planes on these critical missions.

Ice Pilots: NWT is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on November 18, 2009.

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    November 18, 2009
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    7.6  (395)