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Forged in Fire features world-class bladesmiths competing against each other to create some of the most iconic edged weapons from history. In each episode, four of the best bladesmiths in the country will come together to put both their skills and reputations on the line. Whether they are making a Japanese katana, a medieval broadsword, or an ancient throwing blade like the chakram, the weapons they forge will be fully functional and lethal works of art and war. The unique histories contained within each weapon will be creatively told during the forging process and the final weapons themselves will be assessed and ruthlessly tested by our panel of expert judges. These dynamic and explosive tests will be individually designed to push the weapons to their absolute limit. One by one, the bladesmiths will be eliminated until only one remains to be crowned the champion.

Mondays 10:00 PM et/pt on History Channel
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 22, 2015
Cast: Wil Willis, J. Neilson, David Lain Baker, Doug Marcaida
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Forged in Fire Full Episode Guide

  • The competition shifts into high gear .

  • The smiths are forced to layer a complex Damascus pattern into their signature-style blades; broken blades fall throughout two challenges and an unforgiving round; finalists must recreate a three-bladed African throwing knife called the Kpinga.

  • Four bladesmiths head to a scrap yard to create their signature blades using harvested metal and a coal forge; in the final round, the smiths must recreate a fearsome battle weapon known as the kampilan.

  • With a variety of steels to choose from, the smiths are forced to create a canister Damascus billet from which they must forge a dagger; only two enter the final round where they must recreate an ancient Roman weapon known as the Scissor.

  • Smiths must use steel from old nautical equipment to forge-weld their signature blades, while being forced to do it using a metal inlay technique; then, the two finalists have just five days to forge the Kachin Dao, a deadly headhunting sword.

  • Four competing bladesmiths are tasked with forging a bowie knife that will require a d-guard in the second round; only two manage to make it through to the final round where they must recreate a deadly saber called the Shamshir.

  • Four blade smiths enter the forge and are given the twisted challenge of having to forge blades from a giant elevator cable.

  • It's double the competitors and double the heat in this first ever team challenge.

  • Four competitors return to the forge for a second chance; they must forge their signature blades using recycled steel from a jackhammer; then, the finalists must recreate a distinctive 16th-century blade called the Sword Breaker.

  • The competitors must demonstrate edged-weapon mastery when they are tasked with turning salvaged junkyard steel into a weapon; two forge ahead to the final round to recreate the legendary Charay sword.

  • Four bladesmiths utilize questionable steel from mining tools to forge a blade in their signature style. The two finalists craft an intricately designed Italian sword, the Cinquedea.

  • A new group of competitors face the unknown when they are tasked with using odd shapes of mystery steel to forge a blade in their signature style.

  • Four bladesmiths face a twist right away when they are tasked with forging a Kukri, the signature blade of Master Smith and judge, Jason Knight. Up against a ticking clock and a massive billet of steel, the competitors struggle with the unusual geometry of the Kukri.

  • In a Forged in Fire first, fans voted online to bring back four of their favorite craftsmen for a second shot at victory. In the first round of competition, the smiths must use their best forging techniques to make a signature blade using barbed wire. After a razor sharp round of testing, the final two smiths return home to craft a historical Filipino weapon of war

  • Four bladesmiths face a new twist in the first round when they learn they can't forge any blade in their own style, they must forge a karambit, a curved knife that resembles a claw. The smiths spring into action and uncoil their finest weapon-making skills to forge a unique blade that's fit and formed to withstand brutal testing.

  • Four bladesmiths compete in a never-before seen challenge, harvesting steel from a vintage golf club to forge signature blades; in the final round, the remaining smiths must forge a pair of iconic double bladed weapons with two times the edge.

  • The judges choose past bladesmiths to represent them; first, the smiths must use steel from N.Y.C. streets to forge signature blades; in the final round, the competitors have five days to forge a sword that originated in West Africa, the Ida.

  • Four previously eliminated bladesmiths return to the forge for a shot at redemption; after two rounds of competition, the two remaining smiths face off to re-create a Viking sword known for its devastating strength.

  • For the first time ever, four bladesmiths must use high carbon steel to forge a hatchet. After an intense round of testing, only two can chop their way to the final round.

  • This week the four blade smiths are challenged to create a signature blade using a randomly chosen mystery technique. After a brutal round of testing, only two will return to their home forges.

  • Four new bladesmiths face the unprecedented challenge of forging the barrel of a gun into a lethal knife. After a round of brutal testing, the final two bladesmiths return home where they have five days to forge one of the most legendary blades in combat history, the Cavalry Saber. Will these challenges be too much for the bladesmiths or will one rise to the top and be crowned Forged in Fire Champion?

  • Four competitors must forge weld blades for friction folders from tiny cubes of steel. After hammering through the testing, two smiths will return home.

  • The winners from all three seasons return for the Forged in Fire championship to prove who among them is the best of the best.

  • Four new bladesmiths must forge a bayonet blade and engineer it to attach to a rifle.

  • Four bladesmiths must salvage steel from a junkyard to create a signature blade using a hand-cranked coal forge. After a smashing round of testing, only two will advance.

  • When a group of new bladesmiths enter the forge, they're met with an unexpected challenge.

  • Four bladesmiths must use the steel from a suit of armor to create a signature blade. After a tense round of testing, only two move on to the final round.

  • Four new bladesmiths have their creativity put to the test when they are tasked with making a serrated blade out of only the tools from the table in front of them.

  • Four new bladesmiths must forge blades using pieces of steel harvested from some monstrous power tools.

  • Four bladesmiths are challenged to create a blade out of high carbon steel while also forging the hammer they'll use to make it.

  • Four new contestants attempt to craft a blade of their signature style from a pile of tools, both old and new.

  • Four former contestants get a second chance for victory and redemption in an all new challenge full of unexpected twists.

  • Four Forged in Fire champions return for a chance to prove who among them is the best of the best in a challenge that leaves no room for error: a high carbon steel inlay.

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