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The television series Amber is an Irish crime drama. This series stars Eva Birthistle and David Murray. They play the parents of a teenage girl. The girl goes missing and her name is Amber. Amber went missing one day on her way home for the big city. She has not been heard from since.

The show focuses around the parent

1 Season, 4 Episodes
January 19, 2014
Drama, Mystery
Cast: Eva Birthistle, David Murray, Lauryn Canny, Levi O'Sullivan

Amber Full Episode Guide

  • Months have passed since Amber disappeared, and Ben has hit rock bottom. He's convinced that his daughter was befriended by an online pedophile.

  • Charlie is a Chinese national with no visa. When he comes across Amber's phone, he must turn it in without revealing that he is in Ireland illegally.

  • Maeve sees a chance to redeem herself when a prisoner contacts her claiming to have new information about Amber's disappearance.

  • Sarah and Ben have recently split up, but when their daughter Amber goes missing, the former couple try unsuccessfully to put up a united front.

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