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A remake of its British namesake, The Inbetweeners U.S. series is a coming-of-age comedy created by Brad Copeland and airing on MTV. It has twelve episodes in its inaugural season with no announcement of a second season. In the pilot episode former private school student and geeky overachiever Will McKenzie, portrayed by Joey Pollari, is transferred to a new high school due to bullying at his old. He resolves that things will be different here only to immediately find himself a subject of ridicule among his peers. Reluctantly, at the prompting of a school administrator, he makes friends with a trio of school pseudo misfits love sick Simon Cooper (Bubba Lewis), perverted liar Jay Cartwright (Zack Pearlman), and incredibly dense Neil Sutherland (Mark L. Young).

The boys become closer friends as they attempt desperate schemes and get into strange misadventures to earn popularity at their high school and get the attention of the girls they're in love with. They manage to engage in the worst of teenaged hi-jinks but rarely with the results they were trying for. From under aged drinking gone bad to a failed night of clubbing, from horrible first car to ruined attempts at romance the group continually fails at the rites of adolescence that others seem to practice so flawlessly. Recurring plot elements in the series include Will's run-ins with weird and sarcastic vice principal Mr. Gilbert (Brett Gelman), Simon's crush since childhood on neighbor Carli D'Amato (Alex Frnka), and Will's new friends' lust for his attractive mother. Other story lines cover Simon's ugly new car, Jay's constant over exaggerations and sex obsession, Will's quest to find a girlfriend, and questions of Neil's father's sexuality.

Despite their good intentions and delusions that they're not as nerdy as everyone believes, the boys often find themselves in hilarious and humiliating situations as they survive together through the awkward phase between childhood and maturity. The friends learn that even in the worst of times they'll always have each other.

The Inbetweeners is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on August 20, 2012.

The Inbetweeners is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Inbetweeners on demand atAmazon, iTunes online.

Monday 10:30 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
August 20, 2012
Cast: Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman, Joey Pollari, Mark L. Young
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The Inbetweeners Full Episode Guide

  • Will becomes chairman of the homecoming dance; Jay is determined to win Brie back.

  • Carly and her friends host a car wash at school and Simon sees it as a prime opportunity to win her over.

  • Will organizes a protest against the energy drink Red Bull. Simon tries to help his girlfriend stop stealing.

  • Will is accused of starting a fire, so he interrogates his friends to uncover the mystery. Meanwhile, the boys search for an elusive party that is supposed to be the party of the year.

  • Simon and Will fight over a girl during their field trip; Jay meets the girl of his dreams.

  • The guys join Jay's family on a trip to an RV resort - a vacation Jay claims will be filled with hot girls and the chance to become men.

  • Simon finally gets the opportunity to take his relationship with Carly to the next level when her family needs to stay at his house. Meanwhile, Jay attempts to continue his family's legacy as class clown by one upping his competition.

  • Simon storms off during a round of golf with his dad, leaving Will to make peace and settle a $100 bet. The guys assist Will in his desire for Charlotte by bidding on her at the senior slave auction.

  • Will meets his dream girl and starts a campus cooking club to get her attention while helping Simon to establish his own cooking connection with Carly. Jay meanwhile sets out to discover the elusive wet dream.

  • After a disappointing day drinking at a local bowling alley, the guys discover Carly and friends are going out clubbing so they decide to join them.

  • Simon gets his driver's license and drives the gang to a local amusement park, with intentions to impress Carly. Will sets out to ride an infamous roller coaster.

  • In the series premiere, meet the "inbetweeners" on their first day of school. There's the popular kids, there's the nerds and there are those inbetween. This is the story of those inbetween.