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  • TV-Y
  • 1980
  • 4 Seasons
  • 6.6  (2,551)

Heathcliff was a popular animated television show that aired from 1980 to 1984. Produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment, the show features Heathcliff, a mischievous orange cat who is always causing trouble in his neighborhood. The character of Heathcliff was voiced by the legendary Mel Blanc, who also provided the voice of several other iconic cartoon characters, including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Heathcliff's owner, Iggy, was voiced by Danny Wells, who is best known for his role as Luigi in the Super Mario Bros. live-action TV series.

The rest of the cast includes Jeannie Elias as Marcy, Stan Jones as Grandpa Nutmeg, Danny Mann as Riff Raff, Derek McGrath as Hector, Peter Cullen as Wordsworth, Marilyn Lightstone as Cleo, Russi Taylor as Sonja, Ted Ziegler as Spike, and Donna Christie as Mungo.

Heathcliff's adventures usually involve him trying to outsmart his rival cat, Riff Raff, who is always trying to steal Heathcliff's food and cause trouble for him. Along with his friends, Wordsworth, Mungo, and Cleo, Heathcliff always manages to find a way to come out on top.

The show is set in the fictional town of Westfinster, where Heathcliff and his friends live. They spend their days exploring the town, getting into trouble, and trying to outsmart Riff Raff and his gang of cats.

One of the standout features of the show is its theme song, which is a catchy rock tune that is sure to get stuck in your head. The opening credits feature Heathcliff running through the town, causing chaos wherever he goes.

Heathcliff's mischievous nature and loveable personality made him a hit with audiences of all ages. Children loved his antics and adults appreciated the clever writing and humor.

Overall, Heathcliff was a fun and entertaining animated show that captured the hearts of audiences of all ages. Its memorable characters and catchy theme song helped make it a classic of 1980s television.

Heathcliff is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (147 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1980.

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North Pole Cat / He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother
21. North Pole Cat / He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother
September 15, 1984
When the postman mentions that Iggy's letter to Santa is being returned, Heathcliff is concerned that Santa may be retiring. There's only one thing to do. With Spike's help, Heathcliff mounts a north pole expedition. / Mungo's kid brother, Mingo, is running with a bad crowd so Granny sends him to Mungo to straighten him out.
The New York City Sewer System / High Goon
20. The New York City Sewer System / High Goon
September 15, 1984
The Nutmegs travel to New York for a vacation. Grandpa spins a yarn about how it's rumored there are alligators living in the sewer system and whoever could capture one would be a hero. / Riff Raff tells the story of how he met Cleo in a rough- neck bar. He says he was one "cool cat." Cleo happens on the scene and tells the real story.
Break an Egg / A Letter to Granny
19. Break an Egg / A Letter to Granny
September 15, 1984
Iggy's having trouble finding his baseball cap, when Grandma suggests he see if Heathcliff can locate it; after all, Heathcliff did find that Golden egg. We dissolve to the Easter story about the golden egg. / Mungo writes a letter to his Granny which tells the story of how Riff Raff felt he was being betrayed. Thinking Hector was trying to take over, Riff Raff barricades himself in his airplane.
Fortune Teller / Cottontails, Chickens and Colored Eggs
18. Fortune Teller / Cottontails, Chickens and Colored Eggs
September 15, 1984
A pair of con artist cats decide to burglarize the Nutmeg home, but they have to get Heathcliff out of the way first. / The Easter Bunny tells the Cats how eggs became colored for Easter. Poor Henrietta Hen could not lay any eggs and was fired from her job at the hen house.
Hair of the Cat / Tenting Tonight
17. Hair of the Cat / Tenting Tonight
September 15, 1984
Iggy is intent on inventing a revolutionary plant food. When Heathcliff manages to spill some of the potion on himself, he begins to undergo a strange transformation. / While the junkyard is supposedly being fumigated, the Cats head for the hills for a camping trip and get more than they bargained for when a bunch of raccoons make their lives miserable.
It's a Terrible Life / Leroy gets Canned
16. It's a Terrible Life / Leroy gets Canned
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff is getting heat from everyone at home. He departs to join the French Cat legion, deciding the neighborhood would be better off without him. But he learns that the life of a legionnaire is not all it's cracked up to be. / The Cats play one trick too many on Leroy and get him fired. Thinking they have the junkyard to themselves, they are surprised and horrified to meet Brutus, the new guard dog.
Missing in Action / Bag Cat Sings the Blues
15. Missing in Action / Bag Cat Sings the Blues
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff is romping through the fish market, the fish monger in pursuit, when he comes face to face with the skeleton of the jaws of a shark. The shock creates a state of amnesia for Heathcliff. He wanders aimlessly about town, trying to remember who he is. / Elsie, a bag cat and friend of the Catillac Cats is still love-sick over Top Hat Cat. Riff Raff wrangles an invitation to Top Hat Cat's birthday party and give Elsie a make-over.
Heathcliff gets Framed / Repo Cat
14. Heathcliff gets Framed / Repo Cat
September 15, 1984
A new cat tries to move in on Heathcliff's 'operation.' But Heathcliff quickly shows him who's boss. The angry new cat decides the only way to dispose of Heathcliff is to make it look like he's gone on a rampage. / While Riff Raff is away, the Catillac Cats are distracted by some beautiful felines and the former owner of the Catillac reclaims it from the junkyard.
Spike's Coach / The Trojan Cadillac
13. Spike's Coach / The Trojan Cadillac
September 15, 1984
After seeing Spike beat up by Heathcliff, a small canine newcomer to the neighborhood tells Spike he should be ashamed to call himself a dog. He tells him no dog should get beat up by a cat. / A local car dealer, Nevada Worthless, is offering a free smorgasbord to come in and look around the lot. The Cats decide this free food is for them, but Nevada's various pets keep chasing them out.
Feline Good / Off Road Racer
12. Feline Good / Off Road Racer
September 15, 1984
Out-of-weight, out-of-shape HEATHCLIFF is coerced into a crash course at the local cat health emporium - Feline Good. After going through the wringer at the unmerciful hands of the spa manager, Biff Biceps, Heathcliff has had enough. Together with the alley cats, he turns the tables (and the Nautilus Machines) on Biff. / Cleo is "Miss Off Road" and will present the trophy and kiss the winner of the Big Race. Riff Raff enters the Race so no one else will kiss his girl. Billy Bob uses nothing but dirty tricks to win until it backfires on him. The caddy ends up being pulled by Mungo but still another car wins. But to their surprise the winner is a girl who will be kissed by "Mr. Off Road." Riff Raff needn't have worried after all!
Cat Day Afternoon / Hector the Protector
11. Cat Day Afternoon / Hector the Protector
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff watches Grandpa as he trims the rose bushes, cutting them back way too much. Our hero jumps to wild conclusions when he learns the city plans on trimming the trees on city streets. / Hector is hired as bodyguard to Monty Manx - star of stage and screen - and gets a case of cat food as pay. Riff Raff works out a scam with Hector: Riff Raff will threaten Monty and Hector will save the day.
Heathcliff's Mom / Hockey Pucks
10. Heathcliff's Mom / Hockey Pucks
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff's thrilled to learn his mom is coming to visit, but terrified she'll discover he's been fibbing about living with a wealthy family. Enlisting Sonja's aid, Heathcliff pretends to live in her mansion. / Riff Raff and the Catastrophe Cats compete in a hockey game. The loser has to stay away from Cleo.
Something Fishy / Christmas Memories
9. Something Fishy / Christmas Memories
September 15, 1984
When Heathcliff's fish thievery gets too carried away, Grandpa takes him to aversion therapy. Heathcliff is forced to look at fish in frightening situations and soon develops a fear for fish, thanks to the diabolical doctor running the clinic. / The Cats throw a birthday party for Leroy and they reminisce about how they all first met. It was Christmas Eve and they were all separately wandering about trying to get out of the snow and find something to eat.
Rear Cat Window / Cat Days/Ninja Nights
8. Rear Cat Window / Cat Days/Ninja Nights
September 15, 1984
While laid up with a broken leg, Heathcliff thinks he has witnessed the dog napping of Spike. He sends the Alley Cats on a detecting misadventure. Finally he takes the investigation into his own paws, but the Alley Cats leave him dangling. Spike returns and sends Heathcliff flying - to another broken leg. / Raiding a sushi bar, the Catillac Cats come up against the ninja cat-watcher and are soundly beaten and thrown out. Riff Raff challenges the ninja cat to a meeting in the junkyard and trains to be a ninja himself, but is again soundly beaten. After reverting to junkyard cat rules, the ninja has a taste of defeat. Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats Synopses
In the Beginning / Catlympic Cat
7. In the Beginning / Catlympic Cat
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff shows up at Sonja's place to take her out for their anniversary. In turn, each of them recants the story of their first date. Heathcliff's memory is filled with gallantry while Sonja remembers it quite a different way. / If Runt can beat Mungo in just one Catlympic event, Riff Raff must give up control of the junkyard; but if Mungo wins, the Catillac Cats get all of Louie's cat food.
The Cat and the Pauper / Mungo of the Jungle
6. The Cat and the Pauper / Mungo of the Jungle
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff changes places with his royal cat double - Sir Beetcliff. Each has a hard time adjusting to the other's life. Heathcliff finally has his fill of the good life. He breaks loose from his gilded cage, returns home, and evicts Beetcliff. / Mungo becomes King of the Mungo Bungolese and does not recognize his buddies after their harrowing trip through the jungle to save Mungo from the life of a King. After showering the prisoners, Mungo realizes who they are just as he is about to boil them in chocolate. Mungo helps them escape to the fury of the Bungolese. They are reunited and friends again as they sail away sharing Mungo's lunch-to-go.
Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance
5. Spike's New Home / Mungo's Big Romance
September 15, 1984
When Mugsy is bragging to the neighborhood kids about how tough Spike is, Heathcliff makes an appearance and proceeds to beat up on the hapless pooch. Mugsy's had enough. He kicks Spike out of his life. With nowhere left to go, Spike hits the streets. / Mungo sees the feline of his dreams, Lulu, (who looks just like him), but doesn't know how to ask her out.
Dr. Heathcliff & Mr. Spike / Time Warped
4. Dr. Heathcliff & Mr. Spike / Time Warped
September 15, 1984
Grandpa accidentally feeds Heathcliff some Super doggy Vitamins. Gradually, Heathcliff undergoes a startling transformation which includes barking at trucks and passing up fish in favor of bones. Worst of all, he finds himself feeling friendly toward Spike. Heathcliff eventually sets things straight by taking a massive dose of cat vitamins, with Iggy's help. / The cats put a new engine into the Catillac not realizing it is a time machine engine of Professor Craziloon. Before they know it they're back in the old West. After a few close calls with some rough and tough characters and a wild stagecoach chase in pursuit of their stolen caddy, they get the car back in the nick of time to be transported back to the future.
The Shrink / Brushing Up
3. The Shrink / Brushing Up
September 15, 1984
Heathcliff's really been in a mood lately - a virtual 'Heathcliff reign of terror.' He's nailed the milkman, Spike, the Fishmonger, etc. So, the Nutmegs take Heathcliff to a "Shrink" -- the famous Dr. Hans Headfixer. / Mungo looks into the garbage can in Screwloose's painting and literally falls into the painting. Not realizing this, Hector adds a lid to the can trapping Mungo inside.
Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask
2. Nightmare in Beverly Hills / The Cat in the Iron Mask
September 15, 1984
While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. He soon finds out, slipping off into dreamland. But once in Beverly Hills, Heathcliff finds out it's not the land of milk and honey he imagined. Lacking status, clothes and manners, he is soon pursued by an angry mob who feels he doesn't fit in. Heathcliff awakens to find he's safe in the Nutmeg household, which beats Beverly Hills any day. / Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang. Mungo overhears Mangle's plans to destroy the junkyard then buy it cheap. The Cats make hasty plans to defend their home, but Mangle's forces are overwhelming. It looks like all is lost until Mungo brings his Super-Cat on the scene to drive them away.
The White Cliffs of Dover / Life Saver
1. The White Cliffs of Dover / Life Saver
September 15, 1984
There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald. From the start, Reginald and Heathcliff don't see eye-to-eye. / After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 4, 1980
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (2,551)