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Heathcliff is the fun loving orange cat that brought laughter into homes in the 1980s. The cat lived near an alley, and he seemed to get into mischief wherever he turned. One of his best friends was a gray cat in a red hat, and they always seemed to be partners in crime when it came to taking fish from the trash can or finding mice in the alley. The Heathcliff show was in a comic strip format with the details and advancements to the next scenes. The show began in 1973, and it ended in 1988. The cat talks, and even has a girlfriend named Sonja. Iggy owns Heathcliff, and he adores the cat, although his father does not enjoy his antics. Other friends of the cat include Spike and Chauncey.

Heathcliff is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (147 episodes). The series first aired on October 4, 1980.

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4 Seasons, 147 Episodes
October 4, 1980
Kids & Family, Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Mel Blanc, Jeannie Elias, Stan Jones, Danny Wells, Danny Mann
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Heathcliff Full Episode Guide

  • When the postman mentions that Iggy's letter to Santa is being returned, Heathcliff is concerned that Santa may be retiring. There's only one thing to do. With Spike's help, Heathcliff mounts a north pole expedition. / Mungo's kid brother, Mingo, is running with a bad crowd so Granny sends him to Mungo to straighten him out.

  • The Nutmegs travel to New York for a vacation. Grandpa spins a yarn about how it's rumored there are alligators living in the sewer system and whoever could capture one would be a hero. / Riff Raff tells the story of how he met Cleo in a rough- neck bar. He says he was one "cool cat." Cleo happens on the scene and tells the real story.

  • Iggy's having trouble finding his baseball cap, when Grandma suggests he see if Heathcliff can locate it; after all, Heathcliff did find that Golden egg. We dissolve to the Easter story about the golden egg. / Mungo writes a letter to his Granny which tells the story of how Riff Raff felt he was being betrayed. Thinking Hector was trying to take over, Riff Raff barricades himself in his airplane.

  • Iggy is intent on inventing a revolutionary plant food. When Heathcliff manages to spill some of the potion on himself, he begins to undergo a strange transformation. / While the junkyard is supposedly being fumigated, the Cats head for the hills for a camping trip and get more than they bargained for when a bunch of raccoons make their lives miserable.

  • Heathcliff is romping through the fish market, the fish monger in pursuit, when he comes face to face with the skeleton of the jaws of a shark. The shock creates a state of amnesia for Heathcliff. He wanders aimlessly about town, trying to remember who he is. / Elsie, a bag cat and friend of the Catillac Cats is still love-sick over Top Hat Cat. Riff Raff wrangles an invitation to Top Hat Cat's birthday party and give Elsie a make-over.

  • A new cat tries to move in on Heathcliff's 'operation.' But Heathcliff quickly shows him who's boss. The angry new cat decides the only way to dispose of Heathcliff is to make it look like he's gone on a rampage. / While Riff Raff is away, the Catillac Cats are distracted by some beautiful felines and the former owner of the Catillac reclaims it from the junkyard.

  • After seeing Spike beat up by Heathcliff, a small canine newcomer to the neighborhood tells Spike he should be ashamed to call himself a dog. He tells him no dog should get beat up by a cat. / A local car dealer, Nevada Worthless, is offering a free smorgasbord to come in and look around the lot. The Cats decide this free food is for them, but Nevada's various pets keep chasing them out.

  • Heathcliff watches Grandpa as he trims the rose bushes, cutting them back way too much. Our hero jumps to wild conclusions when he learns the city plans on trimming the trees on city streets. / Hector is hired as bodyguard to Monty Manx - star of stage and screen - and gets a case of cat food as pay. Riff Raff works out a scam with Hector: Riff Raff will threaten Monty and Hector will save the day.

  • Heathcliff's thrilled to learn his mom is coming to visit, but terrified she'll discover he's been fibbing about living with a wealthy family. Enlisting Sonja's aid, Heathcliff pretends to live in her mansion. / Riff Raff and the Catastrophe Cats compete in a hockey game. The loser has to stay away from Cleo.

  • When Heathcliff's fish thievery gets too carried away, Grandpa takes him to aversion therapy. Heathcliff is forced to look at fish in frightening situations and soon develops a fear for fish, thanks to the diabolical doctor running the clinic. / The Cats throw a birthday party for Leroy and they reminisce about how they all first met. It was Christmas Eve and they were all separately wandering about trying to get out of the snow and find something to eat.

  • Heathcliff shows up at Sonja's place to take her out for their anniversary. In turn, each of them recants the story of their first date. Heathcliff's memory is filled with gallantry while Sonja remembers it quite a different way. / If Runt can beat Mungo in just one Catlympic event, Riff Raff must give up control of the junkyard; but if Mungo wins, the Catillac Cats get all of Louie's cat food.

  • When Mugsy is bragging to the neighborhood kids about how tough Spike is, Heathcliff makes an appearance and proceeds to beat up on the hapless pooch. Mugsy's had enough. He kicks Spike out of his life. With nowhere left to go, Spike hits the streets. / Mungo sees the feline of his dreams, Lulu, (who looks just like him), but doesn't know how to ask her out.

  • There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald. From the start, Reginald and Heathcliff don't see eye-to-eye. / After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.

  • Heathcliff and Sonja land the leading roles in a movie which is filming in to her town. However, once on the set, Heathcliff discovers he is merely a stunt double for a temperamental star. After surviving several rigorous stunts, Heathcliff challenges the conceited star, who storms off the picture, leaving Heathcliff to do the final love scene with Sonja. / A pack of mean dogs comes into the junkyard to take over the territory. Riff Raff, thinking quickly, challenges the dogs to a soccer game to determine who will continue to reign. With their usual crafty antics, the Cats (aided by Leroy and Bush) defeat the intruders and save their home turf.

  • Iggy brings a white mouse home from biology class who is quickly in a scuffle with Heathcliff. Grandpa calls in a Rodent-Removing-Robot. / When Hector finds a map to the Lost City of Catlantis, the Catillac Cats transform their car into a submarine to search for the missing city and its treasures.

  • A trip to the museum with Iggy and Marcy to see the ancient Catenkoman exhibit provides Heathcliff with the perfect party place to celebrate Sonja's birthday later that night. Little does he know that his intimate plans will soon be shattered when first, his pals decide to crash the scene and second, two mysterious men appear and attempt to drag Heathcliff away to their foreign country where they believe he should reign as their Pharaoh king! / Hector fools Mungo into believing he has laid an egg and must keep it warm until it hatches. Mungo hatches the egg, and cares for the baby stork diligently until finally it is re-united with its natural mother.

  • Heathcliff, eating the Nutmeg's out of house and home, is sent out to earn his own tuna money. He lands a job on a tuna boat where he tangles with the bad dog from a nearby pirate trawler who has just stolen their entire catch. / Mungo finds half of a treasure map in the junkyard, and the Catillac Cats take off for the desert to search for the lost booty. There they run into Pecos, a cat prospector who just happens to have the other half of the map. It's a mad rush to get to the treasure first, but there's plenty of loot for all.

  • Iggy and Heathcliff are watching TV and see on the news that a prisoner escaped who looks just like Grandpa. When Grandpa comes home, they think it's him and try to hide him. The real prisoner shows up and Heathcliff and Iggy have to figure out which one is the real Grandpa. Prisoner gets taken away, and all happy. / A big game hunter comes to town claiming that no animal is too difficult to capture. Heathcliff sets out to prove his statement false. There are some close calls, but Heathcliff escapes every attempt of the hunter and in the end traps the hunter in one of his own cages!

  • Grandpa, Iggy and Heathcliff find themselves in the path of a group of people on horseback. It's a fox hunt, and both Iggy and Heathcliff are very sympathetic to the fox. Heathcliff teaches the frightened creature several tricks to foil the hunt, and saves the little guy's life. / Cleo and Bush are forced to move into the junkyard after a sign goes up at their music store disallowing pets. At first the junkyard cats are excited about the new living arrangement - that is, until Cleo shoves brooms, mops and dust rags into their paws! Now, how to get rid of Cleo...?!

  • When the Catfather and his mob move into the neighborhood, a naive Heathcliff accepts his offer to work for him, and unsuspectingly collects "gifts" from all the frightened animals in town. When he discovers from Sonja who he is really working for, Heathcliff, needless to say, takes care of things properly. / In this episode, the Catillac Cats come to the rescue when some bad cats plot to swipe all the fish donations at a benefit show in which our heroes are performing.

  • It's Heathcliff's birthday, and he's a very happy cat. That is, until he realizes all his friends have forgotten! Everywhere he goes, cats and people blithely tell him they're busy, and send him away. Angry and hurt, Heathcliff decides to run away. When he goes into the Nutmeg home to get his things, everyone is there yelling "SURPRISE!!" / A lady moves into the neighborhood that has twelve gorgeous female cats. Heathcliff, Riff Raff, Hector and Mungo try several plans to break into the house and meet the new felines, but only our hero succeeds. However, once inside, Heathcliff discovers that a harem is more than he had bargained for, and makes his escape.

  • Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo decide to teach Heathcliff a lesson after a typical day of being picked on. That night when Heathcliff is fast asleep, the cats sneak into his house, and with Hector dressed like a ghost, frighten Heathcliff into promising to be nice to his friends. After a few days of being good, Heathcliff finally catches on and puts his sneaky friends back in their place. / Riff Raff goes with Cleo to the museum to look at dinosaur bones. Riff Raff is accidentally knocked unconscious while jumping on one of the displays, and while he is out, dreams of many wild adventures in prehistoric times.

  • Heathcliff breaks into prison to save his father just as his father is released. Heathcliff is locked up and begins terrorizing the entire prison, while Pop moves in with the Nutmegs and begins terrorizing the neighborhood. In the end, a trade is made, and both cats return to their rightful places.

  • A terrible new Mechanical Animal Catcher has replaced the city dog catcher, and in no time at all has all the neighborhood dogs and cats gathered up and in the pound! All except Heathcliff, who skillfully defeats the machine and reprograms it - to capture dog catchers! / When Cleo's interest is aroused in the subject of Archaeology, the Catillac Cats decide to set out on an archaeologist expedition of their own. They travel through catacombs on a prehistoric adventure that offers saber tooth tigers, dinosaurs, and even Cleo and Riff Raff's cavecat ancestors!