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The television show The New Adventures of Madeline is a series for kids. Madeline is a little girl from a children's book that has been turned into a tv show. She gets into all kinds of new situations and each show teaches the child a lesson.The New Adventures of Madeline is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on November 14, 1993.

The New Adventures of Madeline is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The New Adventures of Madeline on demand atCBS, Amazon Prime, Starz, Hoopla online.

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3 Seasons, 80 Episodes
November 14, 1993
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: A.J. Bond, Christopher Plummer
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The New Adventures of Madeline Full Episode Guide

  • When Lord Cucuface becomes suddenly indisposed, Madeline takes over his mission to impress some American tourists who are potential donors to the girls' school. She tells them that she is a famous tour guide, and finds she must lie more and more as she takes the eccentric couple around the Louvre, until they are all hopelessly lost and she is forced to come clean and tell the truth.

  • When Miss Clavel brings in a "method" acting teacher to direct the girls in a play, Madeline is sure she will get the leading role. Disappointed when given supporting roles (as trees) Madeline and her friends plan to boycott the play, until Madeline discovers that even small part can be important and fun, and that the girl who won the lead really deserved the part.

  • Nicole is embarrassed when she is asked to read a letter from her aunt, and it is revealed that her reading skills aren't as developed as the other girls. It turns out that her aunt has sent tickets to her and the girls to go to Africa. With Lord Cucuface tagging along, Miss Clavel and the girls join Nicole's aunt for a safari. There, they meet a friendly little gorilla named Rosie, and thru her, Nicole learns that she shouldn't be ashamed of being a late bloomer.

  • The girls enter a cancan competition, but the intense practice schedule and concerns about costumes creates a problem: cliques. The girls break into groups and exclude and taunt each other until Madeline, with the help of two legendary cancan stars, has the job of helping the girls make amends in time for their final competition.

  • When Madeline and the girls find some collectibles from the 1800's in the attic of the Old House, they decide to set up a booth at The Flea Market and unwittingly sell Pepito's father's Ambassador ring (which Madeline tracks down using her detective skills).

  • When Genevieve wakes up with a strange rash, Dr. Fleabag the vet prescribes lots of loving care, which Genevieve enjoy so much that she begins to fake ailments.

  • A new girl from India is greeted with suspicion and distrust after the girls overhear that she's an "alien", and then keep catching her in the attic with weird devices and antenna on her head.

  • While touring Lord Cucuface's perfume factory in Grasse, Pepito finds a friendly skunk, which he sneaks into the factory. When Chloe, offended by the skunk's odor, dips it into a vat of the latest perfume, Madeline and the girls have to "fix" the perfume before anyone finds out.

  • After Santa indulges in too many delicious holiday treats, he finds that his bulging tummy prevents him from fitting into the chimneys of the world. Madeline saves the day by volunteering to make the trip around the world with him, and has the time of her life flying with Santa and personally delivering the sleighful of gifts in the nick of time.

  • After Lord Cucuface promises them a white Christmas, Madeline and the girls travel to the North Pole where they find an elf shortage (because of a terrible flu), and take it upon themselves to help Santa get all the gifts ready in time.

  • Madeline and the girls become extremely jealous when lovesick Genevieve falls in love with a neighborhood dog, but in the end, Madeline helps the girls realize that Genevieve has plenty of love to go around.

  • After Pepito and the girls go to see Harry Houdini's show, Pepito decides to create his own magic show at home, and puts poor Genevieve in danger. Houdini helps the children see how to use magic properly and shows them how to appreciate the gifts they were born with.

  • Madeline and girls visit Miss Clavel's cousin Fifi at the radio station for the Halloween broadcast and accidentally leave the microphone on as they tell a scary story about ants invading New York, which is broadcast "War of the Worlds" style all over the city, sending all of the metropolitan area into a panic.

  • When Madeline and the girls go to New York to meet their culturally diverse penpals and celebrate Halloween, Madeline finds some mysterious spider earrings in her trick or treat bag which she traces to Miss Clavel's missing cousin Fifi, a famous radio star.

  • When Madeline and the girls are given the opportunity to be high fashion models and meet the top designer Mme. Cliché, they are asked to wear creations made of cheese and discover that fashion is fickle and it's what's inside that counts.

  • When Madeline and the girls go to Dr. Cohn for a physical, all the girls have grown several inches except Madeline, who has a dream that she will be Tom Thumb-sized for her whole life. In the end, she feels better when she discovers that Georgette, the tallest girl, has size issues as well.

  • Madeline and the girls help to reform an unhappy puppeteer in the Jardin de Luxembourg, who, because he never had the talent to be an opera singer, puts on marionette shows that twist the plots of classic fairy tales and disappoint children in the audience.

  • When the pipes burst and the old house is closed for a plumbing overhaul, Madeline and the girls move into Lord Cucuface's lavish suite at the Ritz. While there, they help a lonely rich girl and a hungry homeless girl, and soon discover that they'd rather have each other's love than live an empty upscale existence.

  • When Madeline gets a pair of new ice skates for her birthday, she becomes so obsessed with practicing her skating that she neglects all her other responsibilities and friendships, and finally finds that ice skating has become a chore rather than a fun hobby.

  • When Yvette is asked to pose for a famous contemporary artist, she brags to the other girls and acts superior because this obviously means she is beautiful. She gets her comeuppance when the painting is finished; it has an eye in a corner, a green face and no chin - a cubist nightmare.

  • After Pepito burps at the dinner table, his parents insist on sending him to etiquette school, where he is joined by Madeline and the girls. After they graduate, Pepito's unruly cousin Pablito tries to convince Pepito that manners are uncool, but Madeline helps Pepito see the light just in time for him to put on his best behavior during an event for the soccer star Pepe Pelota.

  • After Madeline performs a successful science experiment dropping an egg off the balcony of the old house without breaking it, Pepito dares her to drop her egg off the top of the Eiffel Tower, and the two end up getting stuck in an elevator there, and being forced spending the night.

  • In the middle of the winter holiday season, Miss Clavel gets called away from the Old House to care for her ailing aunt. Lord Cucuface replaces her with Mr. Grump, who is more of a drill sergeant than headmaster. He se

  • When the girls go for pony rides in the park, Madeline's pony, Gallop, (the smallest) does all sorts of fancy tricks and finally takes off, trotting across Paris! Soon they are discovered by Buffalo Ben, who invites them to ap

  • For their entry in the Science Exhibition, Madeline and the girls create a magnificent scale model of a hot air balloon. During the exhibition, Genevieve falls asleep in the balloon's basket and the balloon inadvertently

  • Lord Cucuface arrives at the Old House with a large chunk of prize-winning cheese (for fondue) and a new touring car. While Cucuface takes Miss Clavel for a calamitous driving lesson, the mice eat the cheese. The girls distr

  • To raise money to buy Miss Clavel a birthday present, Madeline starts a detective school. Meanwhile, Miss Clavel is receiving mysterious gifts of great value - jewels, a painting, etc. Inspector Moreau discovers they are st

  • Madeline, the girls, Pepito, and his three naughty cousins go on a field trip to Egypt. Nicole becomes terrified when they experience a series of mishaps - from getting locked in the museum to getting caught in a desert dust storm

  • The newspaper sponsors a treasure hunt leading to a chest full of money. The clues lead the group to famous Paris landmarks, where the girls lose valuable time when they stop to help people in trouble (like a little boy wh

  • Pepito becomes frustrated when an old lamp from the Embassy attic fails to produce a Genie, and he throws the lamp in the trash. That night a frayed old Magic Carpet comes to Madeline's window and asks her help in finding t

  • Genevieve digs up a huge bone in the garden that turns out to be a fossilized stegasaurus' hip bone. The girls are thrilled with the discovery until the Old House becomes a dig site and is invaded by hordes of paleontologi

  • Madeline, Pepito and the girls take the famed Orient Express to Istanbul to compete in the International Spelling Bee. When a snake charmer on the train announces that his prize cobra is missing, Madeline and Pepito volunte

  • Madeline convinces the young Prince of Monaco to remove his crown so he can spend an afternoon as an ordinary boy. But when the children return from the park, the priceless crown is missing. Using her superb detective skills

  • Nicole is embarrassed when she is asked to read a letter from her aunt, and it is revealed that her reading skills aren't as developed as the other girls. It turns out that her aunt has sent tickets to her and the girls to go to Africa