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Following the success of The Croods movie comes the animated TV sitcom adaptation, The Dawn of the Croods. The prehistoric adventures are back with Eep, Greg, Ugga, Thunk, Sandy and Gran and are set in a time before the movie takes place. Watch the Croods brood encountering and escaping new animals and as they navigate social firsts as this caveman family survive and outwit the fictional Croodaceous era. School, slumber parties, making friends and elections are just a few of the obstacles the worlds first family encounters in their quest to explore the world around them and enhance their lives.

Mishaps and more than a few surprises keep this family on their toes, and bringing the laughter for modern families. This all-new comical animated sitcom is entirely family friendly series that can be watched together and is packed with hilarity that will have both children and adults alike cracking up non-stop.

Dawn of the Croods is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on December 24, 2015.

Where do I stream Dawn of the Croods online? Dawn of the Croods is available for streaming on Netflix, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dawn of the Croods on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Thursday at 10:00 AM on Netflix
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
December 24, 2015
Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Dan Milano, A.J. LoCascio, Laraine Newman, Cree Summer
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Dawn of the Croods Full Episode Guide

  • A fast-approaching asteroid headed toward Ahhh! Valley leads the residents to make hasty moving plans, but Grug insists he can defend their homeland.

  • To graduate with their pals, Thunk and Womp take Squawk's crash course. Without asking the other residents, Grug makes a peace deal with the Broods.

  • While unconscious, Eep has a life-changing vision. Afraid he's no longer respected as valley leader, Grug enlists Thunk to perform his life story.

  • Sandy expresses her frustrations about being treated like a baby by breaking into song. Grug helps Munk get his job back with an IQ-boosting worm.

  • After finding out Thunk is in love with Blurg Brood, Eep tries to interest him in a new girl. Ugga attempts to drive away selfish neighbor Snoot.

  • Grug stumbles on an easy way to solve feuds as valley leader. Thunk narrates a documentary on one of Ahhh! Valley's many creatures: the bearowl.

  • When Grug loses his commanding voice, he and Ugga search for it. Meanwhile, Eep gets carried away while acting as the valley leader's spokesperson.

  • Eep drags her friends into Ahhh! Valley's Tunnel of Terror to see if it lives up to its name. A mysterious creature saves Thunk from drowning.

  • Lerk's plan to save her worm playmates from becoming bait spirals out of control. Grug introduces his new invention to Ahhh! Valley: the spear.

  • Eep tricks her parents into letting her go to a grown-up party. To win back the title of Hefty Hunter, Grug seeks the help of a personal trainer.

  • Eep's love of competition and destruction ruins Thunk's teamwork-based game. Squawk gets fired and is replaced by a very different kind of teacher.

  • To win a bet, Gran decides to marry Mow. Ahhh! Valley's kids compete in the Beasty Pageant to see who best poses, calls and struts like an animal.

  • Accused of stealing the valley's food stash, the Croods are allowed a "try-all" to prove their innocence. Kevin gives Thunk tips on attracting girls.

  • A new liyote in the neighborhood targets Thunk for bullying. When Grug is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, he must escape to clear his name.

  • Grug uses fear to get the residents to accept defense measures against the Broods. While laid up with an injury, Eep witnesses a suspicious encounter.

  • Thunk demonstrates an unexpected talent that lands him a new job. A sticky situation forces Grug to accept Gran as his hunting partner.

  • Eep realizes softy Thunk is the perfect partner for winning a cutthroat game. Grug invents a sport he hopes will earn him a spot on the Wall of Fame.

  • While he and Eep are held captive by the Broods for a ransom, Thunk finds his soulmate. Ugga's popular meatzza business attracts a competitor: Amber.

  • When the Big Chickuna invades the valley, all the residents evacuate to safety except for Bulk, whose rescue becomes a contest between Grug and Snoot.

  • When Munk reports his family missing, Grug takes it upon himself as valley leader to find them. The residents of Ahhh! Valley celebrate Howl Day.

  • To help get all the valley's work done, Grug pairs up every adult with a child trainee. Ugga joins the "nitting" club, but has trouble fitting in.

  • Squawk's students try to add some fun to his dreary life. When the Broods steal the valley's food supply, it's up to Eep and Lerk to get it back.

  • While giving a lesson on self-reliance, Grug suffers a mishap that tests his will to survive. A plan to get revenge against the Broods backfires.

  • Eep finds a mysterious pen pal to share her feelings with. When Gran reveals she's hidden a treasure guarded by booby traps, Eep sets off to find it.

  • While Grug has his first day as leader of Ahhh! Valley, a new family pet makes Sandy jealous. Eep and Thunk try out a new lazy lifestyle.

  • After finding their way out of a creature's stomach, the Croods head back to Ahhh! Valley to stop the Broods from taking over their homeland.