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Archie's Weird Mysteries is a 30 minute cartoon that aired on syndication. The series has 40 episodes, and in each episode there are different adventures with Archie and the gang. The show mainly focuses on strange events and horror elements that occur in Riverdale. Archie and the gang are in high school. In each episode the gang encounter strange supernatural beings from vampires to werewolf.

Cookie Jar
1 Season, 41 Episodes
October 2, 1999
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Ben Beck, Jill Anderson, Terry Berner, Jerry Longe
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Archie's Weird Mysteries Full Episode Guide

  • In an attempt to make Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe more efficient, Dilton installs some high-tech labor-saving devices which ultimately conflict with Pop's personal attention policy. The machine eventually goes haywire and tries to do away with the customers themselves! It's up to Archie and Pop to put things right.

  • Archie and Jughead accidentally shrink themselves in a shrink machine at a local Mad Scientist convention. Now tiny, Archie and Jughead are forced to venture through Jughead's messy room, where they encounter a giant hamster and a hungry fungus intent on having them for lunch! They have to make it through Jughead's mess and across to town to the convention before it closes, or be Lilliputian forever!

  • Wanting to attract a new range of clientele, Pop Tate changes his image. He starts obsessing about cleanliness and soon alienates the teen clientele. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Pop, giant mutated cockroaches are plotting to take over the town and are using his restaurant as their hideout! Will Archie be able to defeat them and still have a place to hang out when the pest exterminating is over?

  • Archie's time-traveling enemy once again menaces Riverdale with a monster from prehistoric times while Archie is trapped in Riverdale's past. Using the unreliable time belt, Archie manages to jump backward in time, visiting key points in Riverdale history. Each time Archie uses the time belt, he gets closer and closer to the present - but will he get back in time to save his friends from becoming dinosaur chow?

  • When a thief steals a time travel device from Dilton's lab, Archie finds himself trapped in a time loop where he relives the same horrible day over and over again, always ending with the same disastrous date with Veronica. Archie must use Dilton's unstable prototype time travel belt to stop the thief responsible for his plight. Will he ever escape his date with fate?

  • Veronica's annual Halloween bash turns into chaos when the resurrected Lord of the Vampires crashes the party. Archie gets captured and it's up to Veronica and the others to teach Scarlet a lesson in true friendship before evil Medlock can be defeated once and for all.

  • The Vampires are back, and this time Scarlet has unearthed her evil master Medlock, the Lord of the Vampires. The only person who can defeat Medlock is the chosen one, Veronica - but how can she be of any use when she is turned into a vampire herself?

  • Archie is gung-ho to want to spread some Christmas cheer, annoying his more cynical friends. On Christmas Eve, while playing a department store Santa, Archie is accidentally locked in the Lodge's department store. He discovers a phantom lurking in the basement that is intent on taking Christmas away from the citizens of Riverdale. Who is the mysterious phantom, and will Archie be able to escape his clutches and save Christmas for himself and his friends?

  • Moose's athletic supremacy is challenged when he is humiliatingly defeated by a super athlete from Riverdale's rival school, Central high. Suspicious, Archie and Moose go undercover at Central High and discover that a horrific science experiment is being conducted in the coach's laboratory. Will Archie and Moose escape Central High in time for the big wrestling match at Riverdale High? Does Moose have the slightest hope of winning a wrestling match against an android who is a marvel of science?

  • Humanoid bee creatures begin causing trouble for the people of Riverdale after their leader, the Queen Bee, decides to make the attic of Riverdale High her new hive. At the same time, Riverdale is electing their new prom Queen and Veronica and Betty are competing against?Big Ethel! In an act of pity, Veronica and Betty step down and Ethel becomes the new Queen. It's the Prom Queen vs. the Bee Queen, and the winner gets Riverdale!

  • Giant, toothy-mawed worms the size of freight trains are plowing beneath the grounds of an old section of Riverdale, eating cars, buildings and anything they can detect moving on the surface. Archie and the gang must figure out how to stop these creatures before they move on to the rest of Riverdale.

  • When Miss Beazely mistakenly uses water from one of Dilton's experiments for her school lunch pudding mix, the school dessert comes to life. One by one, Riverdale citizens are swallowed whole by the voracious Glob as it gets larger and larger! Archie and Reggie must learn to work together if they are going to defeat the Glob monster and save Riverdale.

  • A new girl arrives at school and quickly catches Archie's attention. Betty and Veronica are jealous of the green-eyed beauty - and then come to believe that she's the female version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon! Archie won't listen to them because he thinks they're just jealous. Blind to his own Weird Mystery, Archie is finally abducted by the green-eyed beauty who transforms into a slimy creature. Betty and Veronica must rush to Archie's rescue, and teach him that jealousy and concern are two different things.

  • Archie has a series of extremely pleasant dreams about a beautiful girl who adores him. It turns out that the girl is a supernatural being that actually lives in ? and controls ? peoples' dreams. She has a major crush on Archie and doesn't want to share him with anyone else, even warning Betty and Veronica, in their dreams, to stay away from him. When Archie makes the mistake of refusing to go steady with her his dreams turn into surreal nightmares. Archie must find a way to mollify his scorned dream girl or he'll never be able to get a good night's sleep again!

  • Betty is spooked in the middle of the night when she hears strange noises in her house. Archie eventually narrows down the source as coming from the plumbing and they learn that something is alive in the sewers of Riverdale. It turns out that Jughead's pet baby alligator got flushed down by mistake and is now feeding on a discarded barrel of toxic waste. The baby croc has become a dangerous mutated beast and it's up to Archie and the gang to stop him before Riverdale citizens become a target for lunch!

  • Reggie is obnoxious, self centered and sometimes downright cruel - especially when he scoffs at Archie's weird mysteries. He soon becomes a true believer when he is abducted by aliens and replaced by a look-alike robot. The only problem is, the faux Reggie is so nice, everybody likes the robot better. Can Archie figure out what happened to the good old nasty Reggie and rescue him before the aliens take him to the next galaxy?

  • Dr. Arachnid, an evil super-villain, has come to Riverdale to commit some dastardly deeds. Supreme Girl, a super-hero new to Riverdale, is the only one who can stop him. Archie must help Supreme Girl stop Dr. Arachnid before gossip columnist Veronica reveals Supreme Girl's secret identity!

  • Spooky and mysterious things are happening at Riverdale High. Weird noises are coming from the basement. Papers are knocked off of Miss Grundy's desk by an unseen force. Lockers are banging open and shut by themselves. Archie investigates the mysterious incidents and discovers an invisible truth that threatens to turn all of Riverdale into a ghost town!

  • When a sunken treasure is found off the coast of Riverdale, Reggie succumbs to the greedy curse of the pirate's gold. Can the gang save their greedy friend before the evil guardian ghouls grab him and return him - and the treasure - to the briny deep?

  • Betty begins to mysteriously receive fortune cookies that instruct her to carry out simple good deeds - each of which leads to a reward. Little does she know that she is being set up by two evil treasure hunters who need her pureness of heart to enter a cursed tomb. Archie and the gang must track down the Tomb Raiders before they get away with the treasure, and defeat the evil demon that they released. Ultimately, Betty learns to believe in her goodness, because that is what finally enables them to force the demon back to its tomb.

  • A monstrous man of incredible strength is making evening appearances in Riverdale. Smells like a weird mystery to Archie and he begins seeking out clues to discover the secret of this creature. Archie's investigation leads him to uncover the side effects of a new energy drink being tested on unsuspecting citizens of Riverdale. The truth about these experiments leads to the most shocking discovery of all - the monster man of Riverdale is Archie himself!

  • Archie is temporarily unable to type, so Reggie offers to write the Weird Mystery article for the school paper. Instead of investigating mysteries and reporting on them, mischievous Reggie writes outrageously fake stories. His plan backfires when everything he writes begins to come true, thanks to a demon who is possessing Archie's laptop! Archie must destroy the laptop before Reggie unleashes the demon on Riverdale!

  • Archie and the gang get a taste of what it's like to deal with teenagers when Mr. Weatherbee, Mr. Lodge and Miss Grundy drink bottles of contaminated water, causing them to revert to their wild teenage selves. Dilton and Archie must discover a way to change the teens back to their adult selves before it's too late for everyone.

  • Moose is close to being cut from the football team unless he is able to bring his grades up. Dilton zaps him with a smart ray that makes him instantly smart and soon Moose is passing all of his classes. He even gets invited to join the Academic decathlon team. In order to keep up, Moose zaps himself again. Soon he turns himself into a mad genius who must suck the psychic energy from Riverdalians in order to feed his growing brain. Archie and the gang must stop Moose's brain-feeding frenzy and bring him back to normal, and help him realize there are no shortcuts to learning.

  • Veronica doesn't think that Archie dotes on her enough, so she visits a witchy woman who gives her a magic potion. The plan backfires when Archie becomes too attentive, driving Veronica crazy! Then others sample the potion, and they too turn into annoying intrusive zombies who won't leave her alone!

  • Evil monsters from a virtual reality game break out and materialize in Riverdale! It's up to Archie and the gang to save the day before the creatures scan Riverdale and its inhabitants into the game grid.

  • Government agents are convinced by Jughead's eccentric behavior that he is an advance scout for an alien invasion fleet. Will Archie be able to find the real alien before Earth is invaded and save Jughead from a dreaded Government interrogation?

  • One night, a bright and glittering shopping mall mysteriously appears in Riverdale. Encouraged by the mall manager, who gives them exclusive individualized credit cards, Archie and the gang quickly become obsessed with the shopping mall. They begin to disappear one by one as they max out their new credit cards. Can Archie and Jughead stop the mall manager's evil scheme before there are no more teens left in Riverdale?

  • When practical joker Reggie scares Archie with a wolfman mask, his prank backfires! Reggie becomes the natural suspect in a rash of werewolf attacks. Can Archie solve the case, cure Reggie of his dangerous japes and straighten out his own love life before the full moon wanes?

  • Archie and Jughead get locked in the Riverdale museum with a mummy inexplicably determined to get revenge against our boy hero. Can Archie figure out what he did wrong and make it good before the mummy wreaks his vengeance?

  • In an effort to catch both Veronica and Betty's attention, Reggie attempts to steal some of Dilton's physique enhancing solution. When Archie tries to stop him, they both get accidentally splashed with the liquid. Instead of their physiques becoming enhanced, they turn invisible! While Reggie uses his invisibility to play practical jokes on people, Archie must get Dilton to create an antidote to reverse the effects.

  • Veronica treats Jughead like an outsider and excludes him from her guest list for a pool party she's throwing, on the basis that he's different. She soon finds herself in the same position, when Dilton's experimental growth ray turns her into a 50-foot giant! Soon, all of Riverdale is running away from her in fear, and the National Guard is coming after her with tanks! The only one who doesn't flee from her is Jughead. Veronica learns a valuable lesson never look down on people who are different than you-even if you are fifty feet tall!

  • Archie buys a pair of mystical fuzzy dice for his beloved car, Betsy, and unwittingly brings her to life when he hangs the dice on her rear-view mirror. Soon Betsy takes on a life of her own. She becomes horrifyingly demanding of Archie's time and extremely jealous of Archie's friends. Archie must stop Betsy's reign of terror before she destroys his friends and his driving record!

  • Reluctantly preparing donations to the local museum for her father, whiny and self-centered Veronica gets a taste of her own medicine when she wishes that everyone be like me. Little does she know that the talisman she holds in her hand as she makes her wish, possesses magical powers. Soon Riverdale citizens are turning into whining Veronicas! Archie and the gang must find the talisman before they too are changed into Veronica!

  • An alien invasion turns Riverdale teenagers into zoned-out couch potatoes, while sentient space potatoes mutate to replace them as vegetable zombies. It's up to Archie and Dilton to free their friends from the spell of the Great Potato and save Riverdale from the killer Spuds!

  • Archie and Jughead get locked in the Riverdale museum with a mummy inexplicably determined to get revenge against our boy hero. Can Archie figure out what he did wrong and make it good before the mummy wreaks his vengeance?

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