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Paddington Bear is a 1975 British children's show. It's an animated series based on the popular books by Michael Bond. The show was known for its distinctive animation, which combined 2-D and stop-motion techniques. Paddington Bear is a young bear who is found by an English family at the Paddington Railway Station. The family takes him in, and Paddington has many misadventures as he tries to learn human ways.

Paddington Bear is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (15 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1975.

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1 Season, 15 Episodes
September 14, 1975
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Charlie Adler
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Paddington Bear Full Episode Guide

  • Mr. Curry assigns Paddington to make him a serving hatch, all is fine until the end... / Paddington decides to buy Mr. Gruber a garden ornament but the one he buys isn't as easy to get home as he imagined. / Paddington attends the annual store sales and ends up demonstrating non-stick frying pans. / Mr. Gruber, as a treat takes Paddington, Jonathan and Judy to watch a band play in the park. But Paddington goes off to find out why Schubert hasn't finished his symphony.

  • On weighing himself Paddington decides he needs to lose some weight, but losing weight isn't that easy. / Falling asleep whilst reading a book about hedge clipping, Paddington dreams he's given the chance to cut Mr. Curry's hedges into works of art. All goes well until the last snip. / Watching a play at the theatre with the Browns, Paddington gets confused by the plot and decides to resolve the solution behind the scenes. / Paddington is sold a fraud oil share and then is mistaken for the actual crook, but all is well when Mr. Gruber explains.

  • Paddington decides to take up bodybuilding but he doesn't really achieve building any muscles just breaking Mr. Curry's fence. / Paddington visits the studio of a TV show, Sage of Britain, and finds himself in the hot seat. In the free-for-all section, he somehow finds many people phoning and asking Paddington to be the Sage of Britain. / Paddington gets curious while watching workmen excavate a hole and he makes quite a find. / Paddington decides to make a jigsaw but discovers, too late, it's the picture Mr. Curry had decided to frame.

  • The Browns have a picnic on the river allowing Paddington to do the rowing until he falls in... / Paddington enters a competition for the best garden rockery but he ends up causing a lot of trouble at the local building site. / Paddington tries to get into a hammock for the first time. / Mr. Gruber takes Jonathan, Judy and Paddington to the Tower of London. Paddington nearly brings the famous black ravens back home with him.

  • Paddington is mistaken for a famous gourmet in a restaurant. He enjoys a gargantuan meal, but then has to take the consequences. / Paddington visits the funfair where he has his fortune told by Madame Zaza. / On a visit to the law courts Paddington is mistaken for the wrong Mr. Brown and finds himself involved in the trial instead of just watching. / Baking a cake for Mr. Curry's birthday isn't quite as simple as Paddington expected.

  • Using a carpentry set which Paddington bought at the Auction, he attempts to make a magazine rack for Mr. Curry, and saws his kitchen table in two in the process. / Paddington tries out a new conjuring outfit at his birthday. He does various tricks and borrows Mr. Curry's wristwatch, which he smashes. Mr. Curry is furious. Mr. Gruber offers to replace it. / Mr. and Mrs. Brown were ill in bed, Jonathan and Judy were at school and Mrs. Bird was away on holiday. Paddington offers to cook the dinner and make dumplings. The dumplings overflow from the saucepan right along the floor. / Paddington offers to lend a paw with the washing, and to do some of Mr. Curry's pullovers as well in the launderette. The Browns' laundry needed hot water, whereas Mr. Curry's pullovers warm water. Paddington uses two machines, but reverses his instructions with disastrous results for the pullovers. He also has trouble with the tea-vending machine.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Brown find a bear on Paddington Station. They name him "Paddington". Mr. Brown takes him to a buffet for some refreshments and things rapidly get out of hand. Paddington is taken to their home by taxi and meets their daughter Judy. / Paddington arrives at 32, Windsor Gardens, the Brown's home. He meets their housekeeper, Mrs. Bird. After unpacking he is taken to the bathroom, where he creates a disastrous mess bathing, and meets Jonathan, the Browns' son. / Mrs. Brown and Judy take Paddington shopping. They travel on the Underground, where Paddington has trouble going up and down the escalators. / The Browns visit Barkridges to buy Paddington pyjamas. Paddington goes into what he thinks is a changing room to try on the pyjamas. It is in fact a shop window with a bedroom display. Paddington gets into bed and falls asleep. Crowds gather round the window to watch Paddington.

  • Mr. Brown?s birthday is drawing near and Paddington is worried because he can't afford to buy him a present. His efforts to raise some money lead him into a series of misadventures, first as a waiter at a society dinner, then as the dancing partner of the hostess, Mrs. Smith-Cholmley, in a televised dance competition at the local charity ball. Much to everyone?s astonishment, he and his partner sweep the floor and win the cash prize. Paddington?s troubles are over and he is able to grant Mr Brown his most unusual birthday wish.