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Trollz, an American animated cartoon television series was produced by DiC Entertainment and follows the adventures of five teenager girl trollz who refer to themselves as best friends for life and use magic in their everyday life to help them through the day. Aside from these five main characters there are a variety of other characters who interact with one another.

The Best Friends For Life group consists of give girl teenager trollz, Ruby Trollman, Amethyst Van Der Troll, Sapphire Trollzawa, Topaz Trollhopper and Onyx Von Trollenberg. Each girl has her own traits and spirited nature but that is why they all are friends and get along with ease. The group often goes against the antagonists, Simon and Snarf. Simon is a gremlin and the main villain in the show, and Snarf, a half dog and half ogre can be cute like but can turn into a beast at his own will.

The trollz are not only teenagers, but they also use their magical powers to battle evil and corrupt creatures that get in their way and try to cause havoc. The trollz carry their special cell phones which are refereed to as spell phones, which are able to provide the teens with magic powers, and can work as a regular phone to chat with their girlfriends. The spell phone has a function which allows the trollz to call or cast spells on other trollz that are far away.

Their ability to cast spells on other trollz is not all that the girls do. They often play pranks on other trollz. The teenagers are much like any other teenager in the world, they enjoy their fashion, their friendships, and they like boys.

Trollz is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2005.

Where do I stream Trollz online? Trollz is available for streaming on Cookie Jar, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Trollz on demand at Vudu, Hoopla, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Cookie Jar
1 Season, 27 Episodes
October 3, 2005
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Alexandra Carter, Leah Juel, Britt McKillip, Anna Van Hooft
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Trollz Full Episode Guide

  • On the way back from a school field trip to the History of Magic Museum, Rock's jealousy of the girls' magic starts a foolish fight. After Ruby's anti-Rock spell ends up shutting down both the bus and Mr. Slate, the Trollz are stranded in the woods with only ravenous Ghost Dogs for company! The boys must leave their jealousy behind and cooperate to get the magic school bus moving again. The wheels on the bus...

  • School's out for vacation and the BFFL are ready to party! Vacation has a slow start until the girls go on a secret trip to Trollhiti to visit recuperating Ancients Spinell and Zirconia. Unfortunately, Topaz has trouble keeping quiet and when the secret is leaked, Simon grabs his sunblock and goes tropical. Simon pays his own surprise visit to the two Ancients, but the Power of the Five cuts his trip short.

  • Frocks and stocks come back into style when Simon makes a roaring return and spells Trollzopolis back into the Middle Ages. While the rest of town is caught doing the time warp, the girls are on the run from Sheriff Snarf and one love sick Ogre. To bring the town back to date the girls must free Obsidian and the rest from Simon's spell. Wilst thou saveth the day?

  • When Topaz's confidence dwindles during gymnastics, Simon takes advantage of her weak will and possesses her body. His plan was troll-proof except for his arrogant attitude and intervention of three surprise Ancients. With the BFFL's help, Topaz regains her confidence and saves the day by kicking Simon into a spinning vortex - a perfect dismount.

  • The BFFL girls discover that their belly Gem's are dimming. A quick fix they try is revealed to be a trick by ogre-dog Snarf (in drag!), who lures them into the Shadow World to free his master, Simon the Gremlin, from eternal incarceration. Only by working together can the girls escape Simon and bring the glow back to their gems.

  • With four of the girls under Simon's mind control, Ruby must enlist the help of the boys and their teacher, Mr. Trollheimer, to travel to Gremlin country and undo the power of Simon's magic. The four "bad girls" get turned back good, Simon's plan is foiled, and they all swear never to eat any more of Snarf's cookies.

  • On the eve of their big Chemistry final, the BFFL is faced with an even bigger test when Simon returns for revenge. In a late night cram session, studious Sapphire helps the girls crack a chemistry coded list of ingredients for a spell to send Simon straight back to the Shadow World. The Girls learn that a study session a day keeps Simon away.

  • When the five Trollz try casting a spell together - to make Coal less of a klutz - there are unexpected consequences! Coal freezes to a block of ice and a terrible earthquake hits Trollzopolis. The girls meet the mysterious Obsidian, who introduces them to the lore of the Trolls. Obsidian takes them to the Ancient World, where the girls overcome obstacles and set things right in the world above.

  • Amethyst returns from a summer away with a surprise: her gem got its glow! She can cast spells now like the rest of her friends. But when crew "leader" Ruby is upstaged by Amethyst, she gets angry gives Amethyst the boot from the group. The remaining BFFL take it upon themselves to scare the feuding friends back together - by turning Topaz into an ogre.

  • When Ruby "borrows" and loses Amethyst's Grandma's ancient ring, the girls learn the hard way the difference between borrowing and stealing. No need to worry, as long as the BFFL find the powerful ring before it gets into the wrong hands...Wait!-- What's that on Simon's finger? The ancient ring! It seems that all hope is lost for the Trollzopolis Dayz Faire until Coal saves the day and shows Simon that chivalry isn't dead.

  • When Jasper decides to have a party, Topaz is left Trolled over by the love train and will do anything for an invite. In an effort to win him over, Topaz uses spells to first change herself then accidentally changes Jasper into a sneaky geek. As per Cinderella rules, the BFFL have `til midnight to change Jasper back into Topaz's sweetie-pumpkin-- but can they escape detention first?

  • Frustrated by Obsidian's refusal to reveal the identities of the other two Ancients, Onyx and Topaz go on a midnight mission to unmask the mysterious missing Ancients. Following a vision from a dream, Onyx leads the way to find Zirconia - an Ancient who's been trapped transformed into a tree. The two save Zirconia from captivity, but its Obsidian who saves all three from becoming dragon fired rotisserie.

  • Still jealous that girls can use magic and they can't, the guys sneak into the Amber Caves to acquire some magic amber for themselves. They don't know they've become the bait in a trap set by Simon. When the girls come to the rescue, a fight against Simon and Snarf leaves the Trollz trapped in the Caves. Their escape is hardly a happy one when Rock accidentally breaks the sacred altar...turning off magic for all trollz.

  • Like a fly they just can't swat, menacing Mica returns and demands to have a skootz-race rematch. After the BFFL put Onyx through training to rival Rocky Balboa's, it's race time. On your marks. Engines set. GO! The race runs perfectly, and Onyx is in the lead, but when things get dangerous for Mica, will Onyx go for gold or put pride aside to save Mica from a macabre make-over?

  • It's that special night of the school year: Homecoming. The Trollball game is the main attraction until Simon decides it's his turn to play. Rampaging around with his fire breathing dragon, Simon threatens to totally ruin Homecoming! Topaz must face her fears and team up with feeble, failing Zirconia if she wants to save the day. Forget about making homecoming queen, first the BFFL must make it home Alive.

  • Their racing days finally catch up with them and the BFFL have to face their hardest enemy yet, the law! After fulfilling their punishment at the Old Trollz Home, old troll Fossil lets the girls off for good behavior. To thank him, the BFFL fight past mud monsters and stone ogres in the Haunted Woodz for Fossil's old toy Gobby. When Mica rides on their coat-tails and tries to steal their credit, he learns cheaters never prosper.