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CatDog is an animated television show that features a very strange Cat and Dog hybrid that has both the head of a dog and the head of a cat. This of course leads to many wacky problems. The animal's names are Cat and Dog and they live together in a suburban style neighborhood called Nearburg that is occupied exclusively by animals.

Cat and Dog are the best of friends despite having very different outlooks on life. Cat is greedy and selfish. He always wants to find a way to make money. He is very books mart and likes the finer things in life like opera and classical music. Dog is the more fun loving of the pair. He loves to eat junk food and chase cars down the street.

Cat and Dog share a residence with a mouse named Winslow T. Oddfellow. On the surface, Winslow seems to antagonize Cat and Dog but often acts as a voice of reason in trying to defuse Cat's schemes or save Dog from hurting himself.

The neighborhood is occupied by a street gang of 1950's style dogs. This group is called The Greaser Dogs. They are CatDog's chief oppositional foil each episode and often antagonize Cat by calling him names. The members the Greaser Dogs are Cliff, Shriek, and Lube. Rancid Rabbit is another troublemaker in Nearburg. He has had multiple careers, always in opposition of CatDog's best interests. He has been a movie mogul, school principal, police officer and many other authority figure types. He has a spoiled and bratty niece, Rancine, who has a strong desire to capture CatDog and keep them as a pet.

CatDog ran for four full seasons and produced 68 episodes. The cartoon employed some of the most notable voice talents in the industry. Tom Kenny, Jim Cummings, Billy West, Maria Bamford and John Kassir all lent their voices to multiple characters.

CatDog is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (66 episodes). The series first aired on April 4, 1998.

Where do I stream CatDog online? CatDog is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch CatDog on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, Philo, Amazon, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, Apple TV online.

3 Seasons, 66 Episodes
April 4, 1998
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Tom Kenny, Nika Futterman, Carlos Alazraqui, Jim Cummings, Dwight Schultz
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CatDog Full Episode Guide

  • It's Annual Parents' Day and as usual CatDog are excluded due to their lack of parents.

  • Sibling rivalry runs rampant when Mom and Dad come to visit the CatDog home. /Ever have a meat problem? Dog has one when he finds out that his favorite source of nutrition in fact comes from animals and his friends are all animals!

  • Ever since he was a puppy, Dog has chased the venerable city garbage truck, fondly known as "Old 159". Tired of being dragged along the road once a week, Cat invents the "Garbage-guzzler" a high-speed high-tech flying garbage machine that he hopes will make Old 159 and his misery obsolete./Dog has to wear a cone on his head in order to protect the tick bite on his ear.

  • Avast ye landlubbers! This is a salty old fisherman's tale about the Swordfish on CatDog's living-room wall. The teller of the tale is Cat, who's embellishing the story in order to impress TV star Tallulah./Cat suffers an identity crisis when a gang of alley-cats set up shop near the CatDog house. He trades in his normal, prissy, finicky self to become "Scat Cat", a tattooed, laid-back hipster.

  • Ever wondered what goes on inside Winslow's house and how he's able to pop out of doorways in so many different locations? Well, so has Cat, and his curiosity finally gets the better of him. He trespasses inside Winslow's hole-in-the-wall./CatDog are at the Mean Bob Super Fan Convention, watching a WWF-style fight extravaganza between Mean Bob and his nemesis Evil Eric.

  • Dog is excited because today is Kooky Prank Day, Nearburg's version of April Fool's Day.CatDog prepare to go back to their old school reunion, where Cat wants to rekindle his romance with Sally Chenille.

  • It's Halloween and Cat, dressed as Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and Dog, dressed as Count Dogula, go out Trick-or-Treating. Dog is bitten by Nosferacho, a Peruvian vampire tick, and turns into a vampire. Then the tick bites Lola, Rancid, the Greasers, Mervis, Dunglap, and Randolph and turn them into vampires, too.

  • Walt, the turkey from the Nearburg Thanksgiving parade, shows up at CatDog's house looking for refuge. Dog immediately takes him in; ravenous Cat wants to eat him. Cat has a change of heart, then the Greasers, Eddie the Squirrel, Rancid Rabbit (Nearburg Parade Marshall), Mervis, Dunglap and the police, all show up at CatDog's house, looking for Walt.

  • CatDog are beamed into the year 3001 to fight the evil Big Winslow.Lola beats Cat for first place at the Nearburg Invention Convention, making Cat an envious enemy.

  • CatDog become the seeing eye dog for blind billionaire TJ Wolfington.After an accident pumping iron, Cliff becomes a changed dog and vows to stop doing mean things.

  • Nearburg is terrified by a huge, giant cat that reminds everyone of the movie monster Catzilla. CatDog go down to Nearburg Cove to find the fabled treasure that sank with the pirate Orange Beard.

  • CatDog fight over lunch then grapple in the kitchen, sending flour, sugar, chocolate, fruit, all over the place. CatDog inherit some land on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanamaker, so they pack up and drive to the lake, but sentimental Dog insists they latch the house onto the car and drag it, too.

  • Dog builds his own Monster Truck and drags Cat to Nearburg Square Garden to enter the Monster Truck Rally. Lola convinces CatDog to make honey in their own backyard. CatDog and Lola build a beehive, then recruit the queen and her drones to move into their brand new real estate.

  • Winslow stumbles upon the Greasers on a street corner singing Doo-Wop harmony. CatDog's new neighbor, the yellow-tailed whipporwhill Lola Caricola has to make a documentary about CatDog to satisfy her angry financier, Mr. Bottomleiner.

  • CatDog stumble upon a movie set, where they become stuntmen. CatDog convince Lola to infiltrate the Greasers and study their habits so they can find a weakness.

  • CatDog's car breaks down and they are forced to take it to Lube's garage. Lube shows CatDog the woman he loves -- Grace Hepburn, a rich heiress who comes to get gas in her limousine. Dog finds Cat's old camera, and goes all around Nearburg taking pictures of people in embarrassing situations.

  • Tired of being bullied by the Greasers, CatDog, Eddie the Squirrel, Dunglap and Mervis form their own gang -- the Geekers.Dog finds The Golden Hydrant, a mythical talisman that will bring eternal good luck to whatever dog pees on it.

  • CatDog relax in the yard when they first meet Lola Caricola. A zoologist by temperament and training, Lola thinks that CatDog are the most fascinating animal she's ever seen. CatDog work as caterers at a glitzy debutante party in a Nearburg mansion. Cat is excited to mingle with the wealthy, but the patrons take to Dog instead.

  • In this largely silent and black and white episode, a broke CatDog dance on the street, paint people's portraits, and sell a rotten apple to Cliff the Greasers Dog.A gorilla shows up at CatDog's house just as CatDog are about to join Mervis and Dunglap for a big bowling tournament.

  • Despite Cat's objections, Dog drags Cat to Theme Park World Land to ride the Butt Buster, a roller-coaster that goes 200 miles an hour, is 20 stories high, and has sixteen loops. Mayor Rancid Rabbit needs more funds for his hot tub full of gold coins, so Rancid starts rounding up all the dogs without licenses.

  • While wandering through the State Fair, CatDog find themselves expertly riding a ferocious bucking bull. Dentist Rancid Rabbit finds out that whatever Dog eats affects CatÆs teeth, and vice versa. Cat tries to get Dog to eat healthier stuff to spare his teeth, but Dog can't resist eating lollipops and other bad stuff.

  • Shriek decides to quit the Greasers and fulfill her dreams of being a champion ice skater.Dog gets bonked on the head while chasing the garbage truck, giving him amnesia.

  • A famished CatDog eats a ton of food at Rancid Rabbit's Rib Room, become incredibly obese, and can't afford the $34,000 bill.CatDog turn their house into a hotel, opening up their doors to, among others, a demanding Bavarian.

  • CatDog get a job as the Firedog at the Nearburg firehouse.Dog enters the Nearburg Dog Show, and dresses as a woolly Afghan with a hairy butt (Cat).

  • At the Mall, CatDog sit on Santa's lap when a bratty preschooler (Racine, Rancid Rabbit's Niece) announces that she wants CatDog For Christmas.

  • CatDog find out that Cliff is taking ballet lessons. Randolph recruits CatDog for his "Freak-A-Palooza" circus.

  • Dunglap hires Dog to eat his homework so he can truthfully use the excuse, "My Dog Ate My Homework." While looking through Winslow's telescope, CatDog become convinced that a big, black cloud is foretelling the rain to end all rains --the end of the world!

  • It's Jolly Olde England and Rancid Rabbit is king. Meanwhile, CatDog are living the life of lowly garbage pickers. Cat and Dog both fall in love with Loraine Dejardin, who likes opera and playing fetch.

  • CatDog find themselves in the dog pound because Dog urinated on the dogcatcher's leg. CatDog try to find a soul-mate for Winslow because they think, if he's in love, he'll stop tormenting them.

  • Rancid Rabbit comes to CatDog and says that he is going to tear down the CatDog house in order to build a freeway. CatDog are the favorite to win the Forest Fire Boy Of the Year Award, but first they must win their camping badge.

  • To save money on electric bills, Cat hooks the hyperkinetic Dog up to a treadmill in order to create his own juice.Cat meticulously cleans the house in preparation for a visit from Sally, a second grade girlfriend who dissed him because he was too "disorderly."

  • Fed up with each other, Cat and Dog dream that they are separate creatures, never having met. A truckload of sheep crashes near the CatDog house, and Dog artfully herds the flock back into formation.

  • Cat poses as an ace surfer to woo a pretty Surfer Girl, who promises to be his queen if he can surf the "big" wave. To Cat's dismay, Dog follows his instincts and chases a dragonfly all over the house.

  • Cat tries to teach Dog the finer points of golf, but Dog whacks a ball that ricochets off various golfers and lands in Club President Rancid Rabbit's mouth. Dog gets a serious case of the sneezes and Doctor Rancid Rabbit diagnoses Dog's "Achoo's" as an allergy to Cat.

  • Dog drags Cat to see "Mean Bob in Space, Part 12" for the 73rd time. A frustrated Cat tries to sabotage the movie projector but gets stuck inside, pulling both him and Dog inside the movie. Dog opens the jars which contain Cat's extra eight lives, and sets all the ghostly Cat-like apparitions free to wreak havoc all over Nearburg.

  • CatDog set out to find the legendary Fred the Flying Fish. After flying miles though the deep woods, they stumble upon the gentle giant and take him home. Ersatz magician The Amazing Ray saws CatDog in half, then is arrested and taken to jail.

  • Cat sets out to beat his childhood rival, Mindy Wonderful, and be the first person to climb to the top of Mt. Nearburg. While searching in the garbage for Cat's favorite spork, CatDog, Mervis, and Mr. Sunshine become stranded in a runaway dumpster which floats "out to sea."

  • Dog grabs on to his homemade kite as it flies away, dragging Cat with him. The kite sails over the ocean and lands on a remote tropical island. The island natives worship the flying two-headed beast as gods. /CatDog form a rock band in order to compete in the Nearburg Battle of the Bands. Cat wastes his time on acquiring a cool rock star "look, " and practicing signing autographs.

  • Dog drags Cat to Clown College, where our heroes are confronted by the stern Sgt. Sillybells, who leads the recruits in Drill Sergeant manner./Dog wins a goldfish at the county fair, which he names Veronica.

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