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  • TV-Y
  • 1999
  • 3 Seasons
  • 6.4  (2,468)

Little Bill was a charming children's television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2004. Created by legendary comedian Bill Cosby, the show was based on his own childhood experiences and aimed to teach young viewers valuable lessons about life and growing up in a fun and entertaining way.

The show follows the adventures of Little Bill, a curious and imaginative five-year-old boy who lives with his family in a suburban neighborhood. Little Bill is an energetic and creative child who loves to explore and learn about the world around him, but also struggles with everyday challenges like making friends, dealing with bullies, and getting along with his siblings.

Phylicia Rashad, best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show, played the role of Little Bill's mother, Brenda. Brenda is a caring and loving mother who always tries her best to support her children and help them navigate the ups and downs of growing up. She is always there to listen and offer advice when Little Bill needs it most.

Gregory Hines, one of the most famous tap dancers in history, played the role of Little Bill's father, Big Bill. Big Bill is a hardworking and supportive father who often shares his knowledge and experience with Little Bill to help him understand the world around him. He is always ready to have fun and play with his children, whether it's helping Little Bill build a treehouse or teaching his daughter how to dance.

Monique Beasley played the role of Little Bill's older sister, April. April is a smart and outgoing teenager who often serves as a role model for Little Bill. She helps him navigate school and social situations, and is always there to cheer him up when he's feeling down.

Xavier Pritchett played the role of Little Bill's older brother, Bobby. Bobby is a typical teenage boy who enjoys sports and hanging out with his friends, but also loves his family and is always there to help when they need him.

Eunice Cho played the role of Little Bill's best friend, Andrew. Andrew is a smart and studious boy who shares Little Bill's love of learning and exploration. Together, they go on many adventures and learn all sorts of interesting things about the world around them.

Kianna Underwood played the role of Little Bill's classmate, Kiku. Kiku is a shy but talented girl who loves to sing and dance. Little Bill helps her overcome her shyness and gain the confidence to perform in front of others.

Ruby Dee, a legendary actress known for her role in A Raisin in the Sun, played the role of Little Bill's grandmother, Alice. Alice is a wise and caring woman who often shares stories and lessons from her own life to help Little Bill understand the world around him.

The show was widely praised for its positive and uplifting messages, as well as its diverse cast of characters. Little Bill was one of the few children's shows of its time to feature an African-American family in a positive and realistic light, and it helped to break down many stereotypes and misconceptions about black families and communities.

Overall, Little Bill was a heartwarming and educational show that helped to teach young viewers valuable lessons about life and growing up. It featured a talented cast of actors and actresses who brought their characters to life in a way that was both entertaining and relatable. Though it hasn't aired new episodes in many years, Little Bill remains a beloved classic for fans of all ages.

Little Bill is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on December 12, 1999.

Little Bill
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LITTLE BILL'S GIANT SPACE ADVENTURE [Captain Brainstorm special]
26. LITTLE BILL'S GIANT SPACE ADVENTURE [Captain Brainstorm special]
July 8, 2002
Playing space aliens, Little Bill pretends to be a giant Burple attacking Captain Brainstorm's spaceship. When his electronic spaceship toy stops flashing and beeping, Little Bill goes to his father to see what's wrong. Big Bill says it needs a new battery but that Little Bill is too little to go to the store himself. In turn, Brenda and April and Bobby also tell him he's too little. His feelings hurt, Little Bill drifts into fantasy.
The Early Bill/Going Camping
25. The Early Bill/Going Camping
July 31, 2003
Little Bill wakes up at 5 o'clock in the morning. It seems everyone else is asleep. Bobby assures him that there's nothing to do in the morning. But Alice the Great feels otherwise; she goes for a walk this time every morning.April and Bobby are going on a camping trip with their school. Little Bill listens as they talk about what they're going to do: roast marshmallows, sing songs, tell stories and see shooting stars.
Echo Falls/Going Fishing
24. Echo Falls/Going Fishing
July 28, 2003
Little Bill, Big Bill, Uncle Al and Fuchsia embark on a hike to Echo Falls, a big waterfall in the forest. Big Bill and Uncle Al explain to the kids that an echo is when you say something and then hear it back again. Little Bill, Big Bill, Uncle Al and Fuchsia are going fishing on a lake. Little Bill and Fuchsia anticipate the huge fish they're going to catch. Big Bill explains that you have to be patient when you fish.
I Can Sign/The Sign For
23. I Can Sign/The Sign For "Friend"
September 29, 2003
Little Bill and Brenda are doing their grocery shopping at the city market. Little Bill notices the woman behind the counter, Angela, signing to the customers. Brenda explains that Angela is using sign language, talking with her hands because she's deaf.Alice the Great is getting Little Bill and Andrew ready to go to the park when they spy a girl with a super-cool Bug-O-Cator kit! They explain to Alice the Great about the kit's buggy binoculars, bug-book and bug shovel.
Merry Christmas, Little Bill!
22. Merry Christmas, Little Bill!
December 3, 2001
It's Christmas Eve at Little Bill's house and he decides to write Santa a letter asking him to bring Alice the Great home for the holidays. Will the letter get to Santa in time?
The Musical Instrument/The Choir
21. The Musical Instrument/The Choir
September 24, 2003
Little Bill becomes inspired to find "his instrument" after Bobby explains how he knew that his violin was the perfect instrument for him. Big Bill is overjoyed at his youngest son's interest in playing music and introduces him to some of the many instruments in his jazz record collection. After performing a rousing rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" for Elephant's benefit, Little Bill comes across April rehearsing for her choir practice.
The Skating Lesson / Mr. Moth
19. The Skating Lesson / Mr. Moth
February 4, 2004
April has promised to give Little Bill an in-line skating lesson! Convinced he's already a good skater, however, Little Bill resists April's efforts to teach him. Miss Murray's class is happily anticipating the emergence of their butterflies from their chrysalises. Although Little Bill is expecting the only moth in the class, he ends up wishing he had a butterfly after all the chrysalises hatch before his cocoon.
The Best Book Ever / A Ramp For Monty
18. The Best Book Ever / A Ramp For Monty
July 29, 2003
Little Bill can barely contain his excitement because now that he can sign his name, he can get his very own library card! At the library, Little Bill and Monty check out a great dinosaur book. As they're leaving, Monty rolls down the wheelchair ramp, pretending that he's a flying Montysaurus. Little Bill joins him as a flying Little Billasaurus. Back at Little Bill's house, the boys decide to play dinosaurs in the backyard.
The Halloween Costume/The Haunted Halloween Party
17. The Halloween Costume/The Haunted Halloween Party
September 13, 2000
It's Halloween and Little Bill makes his own Captain Brainstorm costume./Little Bill tells Bobby that he's not scared on Halloween night but later finds that he is.
The New Babysitter /My Friend Isabel
16. The New Babysitter /My Friend Isabel
July 30, 2003
Little Bill is left home alone with a new baby-sitter and is not very happy about it. He is concerned that she won't know how to play any of his games, especially Captain Brainstorm. Alice the Great's knee is acting up again and she can't walk Little Bill home from school. At Little Bill's suggestion, Brenda makes arrangements to have Isabel, his new babysitter, pick him up instead.
Get Well, Elephant/Elephant's Best Friend
15. Get Well, Elephant/Elephant's Best Friend
February 3, 2004
Little Bill is excited to go to Captain Brainstorm's "biggest movie ever!" He is just heading out the door with Big Bill when he notices that Elephant isn't eating his hamster yum-yums or running on his wheel. While Little Bill and Andrew are playing Captain Brainstorm they realize that, unlike them, Elephant does not have a best friend. Thus begins their quest to find Elephant the best friend ever.
The Surprise / Good Ol' Lightnin'
14. The Surprise / Good Ol' Lightnin'
September 23, 2003
It's Alice the Great's birthday! April and Bobby are making a surprise photo album for her. Afraid that Little Bill will spoil the surprise, they reluctantly allow him to be the Secret Picture Taker. While looking through Alice the Great's photo album, Little Bill sees a picture of five year old Alice the Great aboard a fabulous wooden wagon. When Alice the Great tells him how much fun she used to have on Ol' Lightnin', Little Bill sets off on a quest.
Racing Time/All Tied Up
13. Racing Time/All Tied Up
February 21, 2003
Little Bill's early morning dawdling causes him to miss a popular Show-and-Tell visit from Kiku's cat, Big Debbie. Little Bill doesn't want to miss out on any other fun at school but doesn't know how to move any faster in the morning. While playing in the schoolyard, Little Bill's sneakers come untied. Unlike the other kids, he's unable to tie them himself. Fuchsia warns Little Bill that if he doesn't learn to tie his shoes, they may run away from him!
Monty Joins The Class/Dad Goes To School
12. Monty Joins The Class/Dad Goes To School
March 13, 2002
Monty is joining Little Bill's preschool class and Little Bill is eager to help his friend find his way. Despite his best intentions, Little Bill angers Monty by trying to help when Monty prefers to help himself. Big Bill is coming to Little Bill's class to explain his job at the Department of Housing. Little Bill is eager for his dad's presentation to be as good as those of the other parents.
What About Me?/Happy Not-Birthday To You!
11. What About Me?/Happy Not-Birthday To You!
February 20, 2003
With Alice the Great out for the day, Big Bill promises to take Little Bill out to the park. However, April's computer trouble delays Little Bill, who hopes that Brenda can take him instead.April is inconsolable after missing the shot that would have won her team the basketball championship. When April insists she's through with basketball, Little Bill is determined to cheer her up and change her mind.
Summertime in the Wintertime/Snowracers!
10. Summertime in the Wintertime/Snowracers!
February 2, 2004
A blizzard hits Little Bill's neighborhood, forcing the Glover children indoors for days. Just as cabin fever sets in, Alice the Great informs the kids that they've used their allotted television time for the week. Outdoors again, Little Bill and Michael build an imaginary car out of snow and call it Snowracer. They love their creation, but the onset of spring threatens to turn Snowracer into slush.
The No-Talking Contest/The Search is for the Sock
9. The No-Talking Contest/The Search is for the Sock
May 11, 2001
While cleaning the kitchen, The Glover kids challenge each other to see who can go longest without talking. Little Bill always loses these contests, but he's determined to win this time. Little Bill offers to help Brenda with the laundry in April's absence. Determined to be the very best helper, Little Bill takes his work seriously-especially when one of April's lucky basketball socks goes missing.
When Friends Get Mad/The Party Box
8. When Friends Get Mad/The Party Box
February 6, 2004
When Kiku accidentally ruins one of Little Bill's favorite drawings, he responds by crumpling her own work. After Little Bill refuses to apologize, Miss Murray gives him a time out. There's going to be a party at the Glover house, and no one's more excited than Little Billàuntil he learns he's not invited.
New Foods/Elephant Tricks
7. New Foods/Elephant Tricks
February 19, 2003
After a chance meeting in the supermarket, Valencia and Dorado invite Little Bill over to their house for dinner. Little Bill has never eaten the Spanish cuisine on the menu, however, and is reluctant to try it. After watching Lito do some impressive tricks with Mr. Rojas, Little Bill and Andrew try to get Elephant the hamster to perform these amazing feats.
Ready, Set, Read!/I Got A Letter
6. Ready, Set, Read!/I Got A Letter
May 7, 2001
Unable to read a joke that has Bobby and April howling, Little Bill becomes determined to learn to read in school that day. Little Bill wants to begin receiving letters like the rest of his family. Big Bill advises him to write a letter because he may get a letter back. With his father's help, Little Bill writes and mails his first letter to Andrew.
Wabbit Worries/Wabbit Babies
5. Wabbit Worries/Wabbit Babies
November 25, 2002
Little Bill grows concerned when Wabbit, one of his class' pet bunnies, acts unresponsively. Little Bill enlists Percy, the local pet storeowner, to visit the class and check up on Wabbit.Now that Wabbit's babies have grown enough, Miss Murray reminds her disappointed class that they must find the young bunnies new homes.
Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star/All Together Now
4. Same Moon, Same Sun, Same Star/All Together Now
September 22, 2003
Little Bill's very sad to find out that his neighbor and friend, Mrs. Shapiro, is moving to Hawaii. Refusing to take an afternoon nap, Little Bill decides to run away from home.
The Car Keys/Doggie Sitting
3. The Car Keys/Doggie Sitting
February 18, 2003
Little Bill plays with his father's car keys after watching Bobby do the same. Only this time, Little Bill loses the key, which Big Bill needs to drive Bobby to his violin lesson. The Glover kids want their own dog, and plan to prove their worthiness by taking care of Lito Mr. Rojas' playful pooch.
The New Neighbors/Doggie Magic
2. The New Neighbors/Doggie Magic
September 26, 2003
New neighbors have moved into Mrs. Shapiro's old house, and Little Bill and Bobby play detective to learn their identity.On their way home from the supermarket, Little Bill and Big Bill encounter Mr. Rojas, who is having some car trouble. Invited to watch television in the meantime, Little Bill accidentally gets locked in the backyard with Mr. Rojas' frisky dog, Lito.
The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill/The Big Swings
1. The Incredible Shrinking Little Bill/The Big Swings
September 25, 2003
Little Bill gets a big surprise when he measures himself against the kitchen wall. He actually seems shorter than before. Convinced that he is shrinking, Little Bill searches desperately for a way to help him grow right away.
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    December 12, 1999
  • IMDB Rating
    6.4  (2,468)