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Max and Ruby is an animated television show based on the Max and Ruby books by American children's author Rosemary Wells. Although the original shows were based closely on the earlier written books the television shows have outnumbered the number of books and are now written in the style of Wells stories. Written for preschool children, the Max and Ruby stories try to impress on children what can be achieved by working together.

Max is a five year old rabbit who rarely speaks apart from single or two word sentences; Ruby is Max's sister and is seven years old. Each 24 minute episode of Max and Ruby consists of three short stories based on the lives of Max and Ruby. In most episodes Ruby misunderstands what Max is trying to tell her as she is too busy with a project or activity to stop and listen to her brother; by the end of each story Ruby accidentally works out what Max is telling her and includes her brother in the activity.

Beginning in 2002, max and Ruby was originally voiced by Academy Award nominee actress Samantha Morton, the English actress voiced Ruby for the first two seasons with Max voiced by Billy Rosemburg. The show is a coproduction between Canadian and American animation companies Chorlon and 9 Story Entertainment, the first two seasons were produced by Chorlon and Nelvana. Broadcast in North America by Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon Max and Ruby is broadcast around the world with voices dubbed by local actors. The show is broadcast in countries including Bulgarian, Czech and Pakistan.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 11:30 am on Nick Jr.
6 Seasons, 106 Episodes
October 21, 2002
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Loretta Jafelice
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Max and Ruby Full Episode Guide

  • Max and his friends save the day when their sledding clears the ice so Ruby, Louise and Valerie can rehearse for their ice skating show. Max and Ruby discover a lost baby bird and each tries to take care of it until it's finally reunited with its mother.

  • Ruby's friends throw her a birthday party at Grandma's house. But before they can have cake, Ruby insists they must play some birthday games first.

  • Max gives an impromptu concert after Ruby attempts to shuffle him off to the park to hear Mr. Piazza sing.

  • Ruby and Louise can't decide what to sell until Max's rocket ship lands in the middle of their sales stand.

  • Max tries to sneak a box of cereal into the cart when he and Ruby go shopping for groceries. While Max tries to play hide-and-seek, Ruby searches high and low for her old ballet shoes to put in a time capsule.

  • Max and Ruby decorate the front of their house for a festive light festival with an unusual alien-like display. While Ruby tries to sell Max some Bunny Scout cookies, Max discovers a fun reason for having a coin.

  • While Ruby, Louise, and Valerie set up for a Halloween party, Max and Morris play 'Robin Hood.' Ruby and Louise struggle to help drum up business for Katie's diner, while Max and Morris have fun with a paper airplane – until it gets away!

  • Ruby and Louise can't decide what to sell, until Max's rocket ship lands in the middle of their sales stand. Max gives an impromptu concert after Ruby attempts to shuffle him off to the park to hear Mr. Piazza sing.

  • While playing, Max accidentally creates an obstacle course that's the perfect activity for Ruby and her Bunny Scout group. Ruby completes her karate moves, thanks to Max and Lily's floating, flyaway bubbles.

  • Ruby and Louise aren't pleased when 'Cowboy Max' keeps wandering off with their skipping rope - until he saves the day and rescues their doll.Inspired by Max's new joke kit, Ruby discovers a good joke is just the thing to help her overcome her nervousness to recite a poem at school.

  • While Ruby and Louise try boogie-boarding, and Max and Lily try to fly a kite, they inadvertently discover a new sport: kite-boarding! Detective Max is on the case when Ruby accidentally misplaces her diary.

  • Max disrupts Ruby's party by digging in the backyard for dinosaur bones./Max adds to Ruby's solar system model when he decides to play a ball game indoors.

  • Ruby learns to deal with Max's constant interruptions./Max discovers that being his fun, silly self is the best way to get shy Priya to open up.

  • Ruby is setting up for a Bunny Scout meeting at the school. Max wants to learn to skateboard - and isn't making it easy for Ruby to set up! Max's classmates are crafting cute butterfly wings to wear for a classroom 'butterfly release party.'

  • Grandma's Surprise: Max tries to sneak a peek at a surprise present Grandma has left on their porch. Costume Day: Max would rather dress up as Super Bunny than a King, despite Ruby's plea for a partner in the school costume contest.

  • After much practice, Max learns to whistle and his new skills help Ruby out in the playground. Ruby thinks Max is ruining their photo for Grandma, only his funny faces end up making Grandma smile.

  • Max saves the day, turning a cardboard box into a rocket ship and blasting off to save Ruby's Rapunzel doll. Max makes a one-bunny-band, helping Ruby find that something special for her song performance.

  • Much to Ruby's surprise, Max takes his tin froggie toy to school for Show and Tell because it's "important" to him.Max and Ruby find very different ways of protecting the berry bushes from a group of hungry crows.

  • Ruby, Valerie, and Louise want to make a special card for their new teacher - without Max's "help." In Art Time, Max and his classmates are going to paint a self-portrait.

  • In his own special way, Max makes a good impression on his new preschool class. When Grandma comes to sleep over, Max and Ruby have a special camp out story extravaganza.

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