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Gullah Gullah Island is a children's television show that features a Gullah family's daily life. The show features two parents and their children and niece. The family is often visited by Binyah Binyah Polliwog, an opinionated tadpole who is always looking for adventures. The family lives off the coast of South Carolina.

The show is aimed towards preschoolers and features the family going on many adventures and learning about the world around them. One time, the family takes a trip of a shrimping boat to learn about this important job. They learn about how to catch and eat shrimp. Another episode focuses on the family learning how to speak Spanish. The show is teaching children Spanish as well. One episode focuses on a character James writing his own song and teaching viewers how to write music and poetry as well.

Ron and Natalie are a real-life married couple who play the parents on the show. They spend a lot of time teaching their on-screen children about various topics with the goal of teaching viewers as well. One episode is all about learning about energy and how to be environmentally smart. Another episode focuses on the children learning about different careers and what people do when they go to work. The show also features guest stars to help the children learn lessons. Pro basketball player Dennis Scott comes in to teach everyone about the importance of practicing a sport in order to become better at it.

Much of the drama comes from Binyah Binyah Polliwog. Binyah Binyah is always getting into trouble and sometimes the children get mad at him because he breaks things and steals cookies. Ron and Natalie use this time to teach children about sharing and forgiveness especially because Binyah Binyah doesn't know any better. Of course, Ron and Natalie take time to teach Binyah Binyah lessons as well. One episode is devoted to the little tadpole learned all about manners and how to treat people kindly.

Gullah Gullah Island is a Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on October 25, 1994. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.4.

Gullah Gullah Island is available for streaming on the Nick Jr. website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Gullah Gullah Island on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

Nick Jr.
4 Seasons, 70 Episodes
October 25, 1994
Kids & Family
Cast: Vanessa Baden, Ronald Daise, Natalie Daise
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Gullah Gullah Island Full Episode Guide

  • It's a polliwogulous day on Gullah Gullah Island when the whole family gets together with friends and neighbors to celebrate great polliwogs through history.

  • A lightening storm hits Gullah Gullah Island and Vanessa's scared. Everyone in the family tries to find a different ways to help her deal with her fear.

  • The Alstons are having a sleepover which looks like it's going to be a lot of fun -- until the boys claim the living room. The girls carefully plot how to get the room back and it's up to Ron to negotiate a solution.

  • Shaina is disappointed to learn that she and Simeon are too small to ride their bikes to the library with James and Vanessa. Yet Shaina also finds out she's big enough to do un-fun things like clean up her room.

  • Shaina, who is suffering from a Christmas cold, falls asleep dreaming of a trip to the North Pole to visit Santa. She and Binyah Binyah then decide to journey to the north pole.

  • Binyah Binyah wants to play, but the Alstons are too busy getting out the door to start their morning. Binyah Binyah wishes he could go to school like James and Vanessa. Natalie suggests he play pretend school instead.

  • It's "Tickle My Funnybone Day" on Gullah Gullah Island -- a day when everyone tells jokes, wears funny costumes, eats gross food, and otherwise tries to make each other laugh.

  • On the hottest day of the year, everyone tries to find the best way to stay cool. All fixes are temporary until a cooling rain proves to be the best solution of all.

  • It's a celebration of friendships new and old, as James introduces his new friend, Miguel, to his family. The two boys make discoveries about each other's cultures and interests as well as share their love of soccer.

  • The kids are getting ready for a neighborhood pet show. After a dog mix-up, all the animals win blue ribbons including James' turtle, Shaina's goldfish, Vanessa's rabbit, and a complete menagerie of mice, guinea pigs, and dogs.

  • Shaina idolizes Vanessa and wants to do everything her older cousin does. Vanessa plays along -- until she has the opportunity to be in the "G- Funk Band" with James, Armando, and the cute new neighbor, JC.

  • James is having trouble getting his magic tricks to work.

  • It's Ron and Natalie's wedding anniversary! To celebrate, the kids and Grandma Pixee are planning a fancy dinner. Binyah Binyah wants to attend but doesn't yet have the social skills to hold his own at a fancy dinner party.

  • It's turtle hatching season and Ranger Mike has enlisted the Alstons to help the baby turtles find their way safely down the beach to the ocean.

  • Binyah Binyah joins the Alstons for Shaina's first campout. Shaina's worried about living in the great outdoors, but when Ron, Natalie, and James show her the "Campout Boogie," she begins to relax.

  • As Ron and Abuelo coach and Natalie cheers from the sidelines, Shaina and Binyah Binyah play for the Gullah Gullah Island baseball team. Shaina and Binya Binya learn that working as a team is more important than winning.

  • Saturday doesn't go as James planned.

  • Today is Simeon's day -- he gets to do whatever he wants, wear what he wants to wear, and go wherever he wants. After hot dogs for breakfast, Simeon and Natalie take Binyah Binyah to play group for some fun with his friends.

  • While James, Armando, and Binyah Binyah are busy making a special place, Vanessa wishes she wasn't sharing hers with Shaina. Vanessa and Shaina try to work things out but it gets sticky and Vanessa looks for her own place.

  • While playing super-hero, Shaina falls and scrapes her knee. Seeing her bandage, Chansome becomes "Dr. Chansome" and tries to fix everyone with bandages on Gullah Gullah Island.

  • When Ron and Natalie enjoy a vacation for two, Grandma comes over to keep the family running smoothly. Shaina misses her parents and isn't sure about Grandma doing things the right way.

  • It's a day of celebrating food. Gullah Gullah neighbors come together at the Alstons' for a "catch pot" picnic. Everyone learns to try new things. Simeon tries his hand at baking bread and Shaina discovers she likes okra.

  • Shaina falls head-over-horsetails in love with "Lotta Chocolate Bars," a beautiful horse. She decides she wants a horse of her own. When Ron and Natalie try to explain why she can't have one, Shaina is disappointed.

  • Binyah Binyah wants everyone to play parade, but when he realizes they are all too busy he gets frustrated. Binyah Binyah fantasizes about having his own parade, with a private chauffeur and a marching band.

  • It's a perfect day on Gullah Gullah Island for an outing at the beach! The Alstons, Sara, and Binyah Binyah gather blankets, beach balls, sunglasses, and pack a slammin' lunch for a day at the beach.

  • Everyone loves surprises on Gullah Gullah Island -- especially Chansome Pelican. While everyone is preparing gifts for Chansome, he gives some surprises of his own, leaving a trail of confused Alstons behind.

  • It's the Gullah Gullah games and everyone comes to participate in the sporting events. With the help of NBA star Dennis Scott, who teaches James the importance of practice, everyone comes out a winner.

  • It's a full day of music and different versions of the same song on Gullah Gullah Island. Ron and Natalie challenge Vanessa, James, and Bryan to come up with their own "hip" version of "Pop Goes the Weasel".

  • The Alstons are having a new row boat built, but while they are waiting Mia helps them build a small paper boat -- the Small, Small, Small -- and everyone contributes.

  • James and Binyah Binyah work on finding out more about jobs. James checks out the world of news with his dad and Ranger Mike gets the ride of his life when Binyah Binyah hops into the ranger business.