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Children are full of imagination with bright eyes that see the world In a different light why not have a show to enjoy the same things. Julius jr. Is a show about a young monkey and his friends who've discovered a new world full of inventions that they have created. Teaching children to be creative and think outside the box and that by doing so they can discover a whole new world. Keeping a child's attention with bright colors and its full of life characters this show is a must watch for all children and a show parents will want their child to watch.

Sunday 11:00 AM et/pt on Nick Jr.
2 Seasons, 31 Episodes
September 29, 2013
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Steph Lynn Robinson, Loretta Jafelice, Julie Lemieux, Elizabeth Daily
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Julius Jr. Full Episode Guide

  • Julius and the gang avoid visiting a rhinoceros because of his grumpy reputation; Julius makes a promise to Worry Bear that is hard for him to keep.

  • Clancy picks only the best basketball players for his team, but realizes he misses his favorite teammate; Sheree makes a magical friend in the forest.

  • Rock Sock feels ignored by Julius and goes to work for Nadia; Clancy realizes he's the only one among his friends who doesn't have a cool collection.

  • Worry Bear needs help when he loses his lucky hat before going onstage and forgets all his jokes; Julius struggles to learn a popular new dance.

  • Ping gets frustrated when she is constantly cast as the baby in a game of dress-up; Ping feels upset when it seems that Julius is allergic to Chachi.

  • Julius and Clancy try to find a new home for Chachi, who can't live in the cold of Icelaska; Chachi gets tired when everyone plays with him at once.

  • Julius's music group breaks up, but he finds that his one-man band isn't as much fun; Clancy is frustrated when he can't beat a game's high score.

  • When the gang goes camping on Mars, a spooky story makes Clancy nervous; Worry Bear grows annoyed with Ping, who's trying to be just like him.

  • Julius learns that faster doesn't mean better when he repairs Scooter the stunt plane; the gang makes a big mistake when planning a parade.

  • Sheree and the friends find fun activities to do in the rain; Clancy gets careless when Worry Bear asks him to keep an eye on his rock collection.

  • Clancy turns everything the gang does into a contest, taking the fun out of it all; Julius ignores safety during the launch of his hot-air balloon.

  • Julius helps Worry Bear find his missing Giggle Goggles; Julius may lose the scavenger hunt when slow Vic the snail joins his team.

  • The gang's routine is thrown off when Shaka Brah moves into the box; Julius finds Squeakers the duck, one of his old baby toys.

  • Sheree tries to find out why there are no pictures of Ping in the gang's photo album; Nova doesn't invite Clancy to her outer-space birthday party.

  • Clancy and his friends help Pirate Diamondbeard find buried treasure; Worry Bear nearly misses a dance because he's too busy helping others.

  • Julius is so focused on fixing his invention, the Fruitronic 5000, that he forgets to eat; Ping begins to doubt her kite-flying abilities.

  • The gang's lunch disappears during a picnic in Bugswana; Julius tries to push his ideas over everyone else's in a snowflake-making contest.

  • Clancy wants revenge when Sharky the pirate accidentally wrecks the gang's sand castle; a dinosaur dentist helps reassure a scared Worry Bear.

  • Clancy learns the importance of putting things away where they belong; Clancy is afraid to tell Julius that he accidentally broke the Rock Sock 3000.

  • Dez disappears when it's time to perform a dance with Ping; Worry Bear grows extremely upset when his party doesn't go exactly as he'd planned.

  • Sheree frets over her birthday gift for Worry Bear; Ping sets out to prove to the friends that she can do things for herself.

  • Clancy and Bob the dog get carried away pulling pranks on the gang; a shooting star enchants the gang when she crashes into the box.

  • Sheree's friends "borrow" all her Bouncy Beans without asking permission; Julius gets so caught up in being a hero that he forgets to keep a promise.

  • The gang tries to teach Worry Bear the fun of trying new things; Sheree and Julius accidentally hurt a cloud's feelings while teaching it to snow.

  • Worry Bear pays so much attention to his sticker collection that he ignores his friends; Clancy gets upset when he can't learn a new sport right away.

  • Pink decides to color the whole box pink, without talking to the gang first; Worry Bear and Ping cooperate on figuring out their Halloween costumes.

  • Clancy gets sick and the gang goes to extremes to help him fall asleep; Julius is upset when his shadow turns out to be a better inventor than he is.

  • Julius is afraid to tell Sheree that he doesn't like her banana desserts; Julius and his friends disagree about what game to play.

  • Sheree thinks she can run Sagebrush Farm alone until she tries it; the gang learns that Ping's invisible dragon friend is real and needs their help.

  • A magic cupcake helps Clancy feel better about being short, but it works too well; Worry Bear gets scared when Clancy's hobbyhorse comes to life.

  • A millipede who longs to fly shows the gang how to like themselves just the way they are; Julius builds a robot to replace Worry Bear's lost toy.

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