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Tree Fu Tom is a kids' show where a young boy named Tom can magically transform into a tiny superhero and travel to a world called Treetopolis. This enchanting world actually exists in his back yard on a tree limb. His friends include Twigs, an acorn sprite, Twigs, a green tree frog, and Ariela, the butterfly ranch hand. Tom uses the power of movement magic called Tree Fu to solve problems and saves his friends.

Targeted to preschoolers, this show covers moral and social topics appropriate to the age. Tom or his friends often find themselves in trouble and have to solve problems to save themselves. Tom uses his magical powers of Tree Fu and calls upon the viewers to get up and help him by moving. Calling upon the viewers to use their movement magic, Tom encourages preschoolers to get out of their seats.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
April 8, 2013
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Adam Henderson
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Tree Fu Tom Full Episode Guide

  • Zigzoo borrows things from his friends without asking to create an invention to collect special Dragon Berries that are now at perfect ripeness. This leaves Ariela without her Crop Chopper, unable to clear her field to plant a new crop of Thunder popcorn. Squirmtum is left stranded on the roof of Ariela's Barn after Zigzoo takes his Hover Platform and Rickety is left without his web washing-line and almost all of his socks! Tom and Twigs turn detective to find out who has taken all of the missing things and at the end of their trail find the culprit, Zigzoo with loads of fresh Dragon Berries. Unknown to anyone, the berries belong to a giant Boing Beetle which bounces into Treetopolis to get them back. Zigzoo is mortified and heads off to return the taken things and apologise to his friends. Tom and Twigs deliver berries to the Tower for Treetog but have to shelter from the giant bouncing Boing Beetle! Scaring it off with Big World Magic, Tom realises that the beetle is after the berries and an epic chase ensues. The chase eventually leads to the Boing Beetle's home (where Zigzoo took the berries from) and here they discover Boing Beetle babies; the berries are their food! Everything falls into place and Zigzoo apologises; he'll never take things without asking again.

  • The Tree Fu Rangers are on Ariela's Ranch today, trying to win their 'Green Fingers' Badge. Much to the apprehension of his friends, Tom plants some carrot seeds he's brought from the big world and they grow huge! Try as they might, they can't pull them up. Unknown to his friends, Zigzoo rushes off to create an invention to help and starts pulling the carrots down from underground with his new Harvesting Hands invention (a wearable frame with two Helping Hands controlled by joysticks). This sparks fear in the Treelings who thinks the carrots are alive and out to get them. Their fear is fuelled as Zigzoo causes a cave in which creates a sinkhole above that Ariela falls into. Though Tom saves her with Big World Magic, Zigzoo then decides to blast the carrots upwards instead and this only adds to Tom's problems as he tries to reassure his panicked friends that there must be a rational explanation. As the giant carrots rain down, the Treelings fear drives them into a dangerous part of the caverns where they encounter Zigzoo in his wearable invention covered in debris and broken carrot from the cave-in. In their panic to escape this 'carrot monster' they unleash a torrent of sap from a blocked cave and only Tom's Big World Magic can save them. As the flood subsides the Treelings see that the carrot monster is actually Zigzoo and understand what has happened; the carrots are just harmless vegetables after all and actually tasty too. Tom wins his Green Fingers Badge and heads home.

  • Searching for new fungus to complete his Fungopedia fungus-identifying invention with the Tree Fu Rangers, Zigzoo discovers a strange fungus. Instead of relying on his knowledge to identify it, he sends it back to Treetog to identify and triggers an epidemic illness. The unusual mushroom is a Triccup Fungus which causes sufferers to slowly turn grey and hiccup black bubbles which spread the illness further! Zigzoo leads Tom and Twigs off into the Fungus Forest to find the very rare Fruit of the Fix-It Fungus in the deepest darkest part of the forest; the only cure for a troublesome Triccup epidemic. Zigzoo's complete-reliance on his gadgets gets him past many obstacles but leads him into trouble as he loses his gadget bag in an accident and has to cope for the first time without any gadget assistance. Zigzoo's under confidence leads to near disaster and Tom and Twigs become trapped. Left alone, only Zigzoo can get to the Fix-It Fungus cure in time to save the Treelings. Faltering and floundering at first, Zigzoo manages to overcome his under-confidence and the many obstacles in his path and find the fix-it fungus. With Tom and Twigs, he returns the fungus to Treetopolis just in time to save Treetog and the Treelings!

  • On a hot day in Treetopolis, Tom and Twigs are more intent on enjoying Frosty Berry Smoothies than clearing Warble Weeds from Ariela's Ranch - when the grown-up weeds are touched, they sing in super-loud operatic style that blows everything nearby away to make way for their seeds that explode out when the singing reaches a crescendo. Because they don't remove the rapidly growing Warble Weeds when they are small and easy to remove, the problem just gets worse and is much much harder to resolve later when the weeds have grown huge and threaten to destroy Ariela's barn and infest the whole of Treetopolis.

  • Tom and Twigs are desperate to get their Super Helper Badges and quickly become over stretched trying to help everyone who asks as soon as they ask, never seeing any job through and each job descending into chaos. Due to their neglect, Treetog's prize sap root overgrows, stretching down into the caverns to drink the magic Sap Lake and threatens Treetopolis.

  • Squirmtum feels that the sap mining and delivery job is rubbish and is made to feel inferior by Tom and friends so he decides to try out Tree Fu magic to become Treetopolis' new super hero, causing more harm than good.

  • For the first time ever, Tom can't do the moves for a Tree Fu magic spell. His struggles to find a way to avoid further failure only compound and escalate the problem; as a broom and Zigzoo's Wagon both brought to life by a magic potion run riot around Treetopolis. Tom learns that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again; each time you try, you get a little better.

  • When Twigs selfishly breaks the last Squizzle and the Mushas spore bike runs out of juice they are forced to work together on a quest to find the elusive Squizzle tree deep in the Fungus Forest. Can they learn to share before their selfishness causes a disaster they can't fix?

  • Rickety guides the Tree Fu Rangers in obtaining their Fungus Finder Badges suggesting they 'be prepared' by taking some essential supplies on a mission to the Fungus Forest. The troop set off with Tom and Twigs in charge of the supplies, which they naively jettison along the way. The Mushas sabotage the mission sending Rickety to sleep with a Stinky fungus leaving the group without a leader. Chezz steps forward taking charge but gets them all lost and then he, Petal, Rickety and the Mushas, end up caught in a large Sprite trap fungus. Tom and Twigs come to the rescue and learn a big lesson about being prepared.

  • Ariela always uses her little grub Glowy to help her find bubble-roots - rare and highly sought after buried super magical treats. She is stuck in her ways and so is ill equipped when Glowy rushes off on her own into the caverns. Glowy finds a bubble-root of her own and the powerful magic in it changes her into a wild creature: a Gremmel who runs off into the dangerous Wind Tunnels. Ariela has to change her ways and try something new to get her Glowy back and save her friends from certain doom!

  • It's carnival day in Treetopolis and the characters create floats and acts to impress Treetog and the Sprites; the best act will win the coveted Carnival Crown and a feast of Trillicakes. Tom joins Twigs' comedy act but finds that he isn't funny. He casts a spell on some chuckleberry juice to make everyone laugh at what he says. He learns to be careful what you wish for as everyone rolls around at every single word he speaks. This causes no end of trouble for the Treelings and allows the Mushas and their mischievous CATAPULT WAGON all the way to the courtyard. Tom must find a way to reverse his spell so he can save his friends and the day.

  • Tom and Twigs find Rickety's old racing car; a vehicle in which he famously lost the famous 'Conkerball Run'- a Treelings vs Mushas race. Stink and Puffy won't let him forget it and Tom and Twigs challenge them to a rerun of the race to win back the Conkerball cup and the honour for the Treelings and, most importantly Rickety. The Mushas race on their spore bike and threaten to easily beat Tom and friends who have to learn to work together to drive the car.

  • Strange treequakes beneath Treetop Castle lead Tom and Twigs into an epic adventure in the caverns on the trail of a giant Woodgrub. Running into much bigger trouble than they'd expected, Tom and Twigs must brave the shaking sap tunnels full of holes and sticky slime to save their friends and stop the castle from collapsing.

  • On a day of fun and pranks in Treetopolis, the Mushas use a crafty trick to cause trouble for the Treelings, making it look like Tom and Twigs are to blame. They have to find out how to thwart the Mushas' masterful mischief to clear their names and save the big party at the end of the fun festival. It's only with Big World Magic help though that Tom can really save the day.

  • Tom has a little pocket-sized 'Tickle Teddy' that walks around and has a "Tickle Time" function (arms vibrate). His friends gently mock him for loving the 'babyish toy'. The Mushas get their hands on it and make scores of 'Slime Teddies' which are slime clones of Tom's teddy. They march around firing slime everywhere. Tom sends them back with Big World Magic and causes the Mushas' machine to malfunction making a GIANT slime teddy! Tom uses Big World Magic to make his teddy giant too for a Godzilla type face off where giant Tom's teddy tickles giant slime teddy until it explodes!

  • Tom is distracted by a group of Sprites that worship him as their hero. Tom neglects his friends which leads them into trouble with some very bouncy Springbeetle eggs and the even bouncier Springbeetle hatchlings which cause havoc with their constant jumping.

  • A special day for floating magical pancakes. Zigzoo makes a machine to make spincakes for everyone. Puffy disguises herself as a frog to distract him and the Mushas get hold of the spincake machine and it goes out of control eventually making a vast spincake that hovers over all of Treetopolis.

  • Hungry ants rampage around Treetopolis trying to eat the food for Harvest Festival (event in the Courtyard). Tom takes charge, bragging that he knows ants in the Big World, ignoring that everything he does only makes things worse.

  • Twigs 'accidentally' eats Ariela's whole crop of special Booster-berries which make his body parts grow explosively. As he desperately tries to hide his ever expanding hands, ears and feet from his friends - to avoid getting in to trouble for eating the berries - he causes no end of trouble, his body growing so big that he becomes trapped in the caverns, exploding out of the exits all over Treetopolis. Only Tom and Big World Magic can save him.

  • Tom creates catastrophe when he loses the magic sapstone from his belt. A calm, quiet pond creature becomes a titanic cause of trouble for Tom and friends when it accidentally absorbs Tom's sapstone. How will Tom cope without his magic powers? He'll still need lots of Big World Magic help but can he find a way to save the day and undo his unfortunate accident?

  • Zigzoo invents a weather machine to create perfect conditions for each of his friends and catastrophe ensues when he tries to keep everyone happy. Whether it's hot, cold, icy or back to normal, Zigzoo can't seem to please anyone for long. Big World Magic help from the audience will be key if Tom is to overcome the weather condition chaos caused by his ever more insistent friends. To top it all he has to take care of the precious classroom plant that he's been entrusted with by Treetog too!

  • Tom has to tackle titanic troubles in Treetopolis as he is accidentally shrunk to the size of Twigs's toes!

  • Tom and Twigs get a crash course in being Ranchers as they have to lead an epic baby beetle drive on their own. With only their wits and a whistle to help them, Tom and Twigs must guide the unruly young beetles through the myriad challenges of the open branch road to reach the high pasture and the beetles' parents. It will only be possible if they learn fast and if the audience helps Tom to create Big World Magic when they need it the most!

  • Preparations for Sap Day in Treetopolis are thrown into turmoil as the mushas decide to change the celebration to 'Stink Day' instead with stinky fungi that send the smeller to sleep. As his friends fall asleep one by one it's up to Tom to solve the mystery of the magical sleep, put a stop to the mushas mischief and -with Big World Magic help from the audience - to save Sap Day!

  • Treelings and Mushas are thrown together to compete in Treetopolis' annual Treasure Hunt with disastrous results. For Tom, tracking down and solving magical clues in a race around Treetopolis is the least of his worries as he is paired with Stink who still seems set on causing mischief! Tom will need quick wits, all of his action skills, Big World Magic help from the audience and a lot of patience if he's to win through!

  • When the impulsive behavior of Tom and friends gets them into trouble it's up to Rickety, with his more thoughtful approach, to leap to the rescue! Rushing into a search for a lake of especially powerful sap, Tom will need Big World Magic help from the audience and a lesson or two from Rickety to save himself and his friends.

  • Tom and Twig's friendship isn't the only thing threatened when Twigs gets a new pet called Grubbles. Impatient to play, Twigs casts a 'Hungry Tum' spell on Grubbles to speed up feeding time and the problems for Tom begin to grow, literally! With Grubbles out of control, Tom will need lots of Big World Magic help from the audience to save the day.

  • Tom's attempts to attain perfection cause problems for rare Treetopolis visitors: the Humblebugs. Trying to impress Treetog spells disaster for Tom and his 'perfect plan' becomes a race against time to literally pick up the pieces. The day can only be saved though with Big World Magic help from the audience.

  • Tom leads his under-performing Squizzle team on a quest to find the 'Enchanted Squizzle' to help them play perfectly. Following clues and overcoming epic challenges on their journey to win help from the mysterious Squizzle Master. Tom and friends must learn valuable lessons about teamwork to win through.

  • It's the Annual Tidy Up in Treetopolis and Tom's careless cleaning efforts lead to disaster. With grey, polluted sap seeping everywhere - turning everyone it touches into statues - and magic working backwards, Tom has to act quickly to save his friends and undo the damage he has unknowingly caused. The day can only be saved with help from the audience and some clever Big World Magic.

  • Tom and friends' greed for the tasty 'Treefle' treats growing all over Treetopolis for just one day leads to trouble. What starts as sharing descends to frenzied competition; can Tom overcome his own greed and get his competing friends to co-operate before disaster strikes?

  • Ariela's impatience causes trouble for Tom and Treetopolis! When Zigzoo creates an invention to help Ariela grow her crops super fast everyone gets more than they bargain for. Tom must battle against all manner of giant planty problems to help his friends. As ever he'll need help from the audience to create Big World Magic to save the day.

  • It's the day of Ariela's Rip-Roaring Rodeo Show and, despite having far too much to do; she won't let anyone help her. As Tom, Twigs and Squirmtum struggle to master their performance pieces and the Mushas get to work messing things up, Ariela's ranch and her rodeo are thrown into disarray. Ariela will need to learn that accepting help from friends is far stronger than struggling on alone. Tom and friends will need all of their action skills to save her show but to save the day and to deliver the crowning magical finale Tom will need Big World Magic help from the audience.

  • When a colony of hungry bees moves into the ranch, Ariela's unwillingness to share her nectar spells disaster for everyone. The situation escalates and lands her friends, her critters, the bees and her whole ranch in danger. As ever, only Tom can avert a sticky end and save the day, but he'll need Big World Magic help from the audience to succeed.

  • When Tom and Twigs break Treetog's Casting Crystal due to their conflicting approaches, it's a race against time to find a replacement before all magic runs out of Treetopolis! As their differences lead to squabbles, the rescue and their friendship is threatened. Tom will need Big World Magic help from the audience to save the day, but their mission will only succeed and magic saved, if he and Twigs learn to appreciate their differences.

  • Twigs causes no end of trouble when he uses a magic pebble to grant his every wish. Worse still, a magic pebble in the hands of the Mushas could spell catastrophe for Treetopolis. Battling against a bizarre barrage from a giant rolling cupcake to an epic slick of stinky slime flooding the castle streets, Tom has to step up to save the day; he'll need Big World Magic help from the audience to succeed.

  • Tom and his friends decide to help Squirmtum, their woodlouse friend, realize his dream of flying but Squirmtum's over-excitement leads to catastrophe. An action-packed aerial rescue becomes an epic underground rolling race against time; Tom will need Big World Magic help from the audience and Squirmtum's unique and surprising skills to save the day.

  • When Squirmtum falls out with Tom and the other Treelings, the Mushas trick him into helping them with their audacious plans for mischief to get hold of magic spell books. Tom must unravel the mystery of what the Mushas are plotting in order to win back his friend and save the day but he'll need Big World Magic help from the audience to triumph.

  • Tom and Twigs are in for a frenzied, roller-coaster day when they swap Spell School for running Ariela's ranch. Tom will need his friends and Big World Magic help from the audience to calm the bedlam that's in store, and maybe they'll all discover that the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

  • After one of Zigzoo's magical inventions spectacularly fails, he decides to quit inventing forever. Trying to encourage him to invent again by making up silly problems for him to solve, Twigs inadvertently causes a disaster that threatens all of Treetopolis and only Zigzoo can fix it. Tom and his friends will have to convince Zigzoo to return to inventing before disaster strikes, but the day can only be saved with Big World Magic help from the audience.

  • It's the Biggest Chuckleberry In Treetopolis Contest and Ariela and the Mushas are both determined to win the trophy. With the competition reaching fever pitch and giant chuckleberries poised to cause havoc across Treetopolis, Tom will need all of his action-hero skills and Big World Magic help from the audience to ensure the rightful winner receives the trophy.

  • A game of hide and seek goes awry when Squirmtum's fear of the dark causes a disaster. It's only with Big World magic help from the audience, and by helping Squirmtum to overcome his fear, that Tom stands a chance of saving his friends and Treetopolis from a cavernous calamity.

  • Tom must bravely lead his friends in search of their 'Squizzle' lost in the garden of Rickety McGlum, a spider believed to be mean. As the hunt through the garden infested with slime-spitting weeds turns into a rescue mission, Tom will need Big World Magic help from the audience and some assistance from a surprising new friend to overcome this particularly sticky situation.

  • A sneak peek at the new kids series Tree Fu Tom!

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