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Tree Fu Tom is a kids' show where a young boy named Tom can magically transform into a tiny superhero and travel to a world called Treetopolis. This enchanting world actually exists in his back yard on a tree limb. His friends include Twigs, an acorn sprite, Twigs, a green tree frog, and Ariela, the butterfly ranch hand. Tom uses the power of movement magic called Tree Fu to solve problems and saves his friends.

Targeted to preschoolers, this show covers moral and social topics appropriate to the age. Tom or his friends often find themselves in trouble and have to solve problems to save themselves. Tom uses his magical powers of Tree Fu and calls upon the viewers to get up and help him by moving. Calling upon the viewers to use their movement magic, Tom encourages preschoolers to get out of their seats.

3 Seasons, 71 Episodes
April 8, 2013
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Tim Whitnall, Sophie Aldred, Samantha Dakin, David Tennant
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Tree Fu Tom Full Episode Guide

  • Tom arrives to find Twigs trying to catch some whizz bark for his Bumper Book of Bark. They do the

  • Racquette tells Tom and Twigs she's invented a new type of squizzle where you aren't allowed to use your hands. They think it's impossible, but Racquette says you just have to think of new ways of moving it. Tom tells her they have to meet Muru for their Red Magic lesson. Racquette asks to come too, but they say they have to get there very fast and she won't be able to keep up but when they arrive they find Racquette already there.

  • Tom arrives to find Twigs building a tent to earn his Tent-builder badge. Racquette has been made a Ranger for the day so she can help and Twigs asks Tom to help too.

  • The Dark Sprites (Rootle and Shade) are visiting Treetopolis and want to do something new, but everything Tom and Twigs suggests they have seen already. Finally Tom decides to show them a new Red Magic spell.

  • Tom arrives to find Twigs trying to guess what will be in today

  • Twigs and Bertie are struggling to pull an unidentified object from the Great Slime Lake when Tom arrives to lend a hand. The three friends work together and use magic to lift the object free, discovering it

  • Tom and Twigs are playing a challenging version of Squizzle called

  • Today is the day that the fruits on the Wonderful Wish Fruit plant ripen and there is a race to pick the first fruit, because that means you get to choose what all the rest of the fruit will taste like.

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  • Twigs has a new leafboard that is very hard to master and requires great concentration to operate. Tom is about to try it when they

  • Tom arrives to find Treetopolis being decorated for

  • At the Dead Branch Desert, Tom finds Twigs impatiently waiting for Muru to turn up to for their Red magic lesson. When Muru does arrive he reveals a magical

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  • When Squirmtum becomes frightened by strange noises coming from within the caverns, Tom and Twigs go to investigate. Once inside, they discover Rootle and Shade, two Dark Sprites who inhabit the deep root caverns.

  • Tom flies in to find an impatient Twigs waiting for their Red magic teacher Muru to arrive for a lesson. Appearing out of nowhere with a magic time control stick, Muru starts the lesson only to be called away almost immediately.

  • At Spell School, Tom and Twigs are chosen by Treetog to learn a new kind of magic with the mysterious Red magic master, Muru. However to perform red magic, they first need a red crystal, so Muru sets them on a journey.

  • Collecting slime for one of their schemes, the Mushas disturb the habitat of a colony of slime-sipper beetles, forcing them to leave their home. The Tree Fu Rangers discover the empty, ruined nest and find an abandoned egg.

  • Tom arrives to find Treetopolis in the midst of the annual migration of the

  • Stink accidentally finds the legendary Golden Crown of Greatness and becomes King of Treetopolis. Everyone except Tom, is caught up in the crown's enchantment, which causes them to treat Stink like a great King and do anything he asks.

  • Zigzoo borrows things from his friends without asking to create an invention to collect special Dragon Berries that are now at perfect ripeness.

  • Tom and Twiggs feel that they're ready for bigger things and are excited when Treetog decides to teach them a new tricky spell.

  • Tom arrives with some carrot seeds from the Big World. The treelings are apprehensive; growing anything from the Big World has never been tried before.

  • At Spell School, Chezz taunts Twigs about his size; he's the smallest Sprite. Feeling he has something to prove, Twigs ropes Tom into a competition against Chezz to collect sparkle spores for Treetog's Sparkle Show in the Fungus Forest.

  • While leading the Tree Fu Rangers into the Fungus Forest to find a vital cure for a troublesome Trickup epidemic, Zigzoo's inventions fail him and he loses his confidence.

  • On a hot day in Treetopolis, Tom and Twigs are more intent on enjoying Frosty Berry Smoothies than clearing Warble Weeds from Ariela's Ranch - when the grown-up weeds are touched, they sing in super-loud operatic style that blows everything nearby away to make way for their seeds that explode out when the singing reaches a crescendo. Because they don't remove the rapidly growing Warble Weeds when they are small and easy to remove, the problem just gets worse and is much much harder to resolve later when the weeds have grown huge and threaten to destroy Ariela's barn and infest the whole of Treetopolis.

  • Tom and Twigs are desperate to get their Super Helper Badges and quickly become over stretched trying to help everyone who asks as soon as they ask, never seeing any job through and each job descending into chaos. Due to their neglect, Treetog's prize sap root overgrows, stretching down into the caverns to drink the magic Sap Lake and threatens Treetopolis.

  • Squirmtum feels that the sap mining and delivery job is rubbish and is made to feel inferior by Tom and friends so he decides to try out Tree Fu magic to become Treetopolis' new super hero, causing more harm than good.

  • For the first time ever, Tom can't do the moves for a Tree Fu magic spell. His struggles to find a way to avoid further failure only compound and escalate the problem; as a broom and Zigzoo's Wagon both brought to life by a magic potion run riot around Treetopolis. Tom learns that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again; each time you try, you get a little better.

  • When Twigs selfishly breaks the last Squizzle and the Mushas spore bike runs out of juice they are forced to work together on a quest to find the elusive Squizzle tree deep in the Fungus Forest. Can they learn to share before their selfishness causes a disaster they can't fix?

  • Rickety guides the Tree Fu Rangers in obtaining their Fungus Finder Badges suggesting they 'be prepared' by taking some essential supplies on a mission to the Fungus Forest. The troop set off with Tom and Twigs in charge of the supplies, which they naively jettison along the way. The Mushas sabotage the mission sending Rickety to sleep with a Stinky fungus leaving the group without a leader. Chezz steps forward taking charge but gets them all lost and then he, Petal, Rickety and the Mushas, end up caught in a large Sprite trap fungus. Tom and Twigs come to the rescue and learn a big lesson about being prepared.

  • Ariela always uses her little grub Glowy to help her find bubble-roots - rare and highly sought after buried super magical treats. She is stuck in her ways and so is ill equipped when Glowy rushes off on her own into the caverns. Glowy finds a bubble-root of her own and the powerful magic in it changes her into a wild creature: a Gremmel who runs off into the dangerous Wind Tunnels. Ariela has to change her ways and try something new to get her Glowy back and save her friends from certain doom!

  • It's carnival day in Treetopolis and the characters create floats and acts to impress Treetog and the Sprites; the best act will win the coveted Carnival Crown and a feast of Trillicakes. Tom joins Twigs' comedy act but finds that he isn't funny. He casts a spell on some chuckleberry juice to make everyone laugh at what he says. He learns to be careful what you wish for as everyone rolls around at every single word he speaks. This causes no end of trouble for the Treelings and allows the Mushas and their mischievous CATAPULT WAGON all the way to the courtyard. Tom must find a way to reverse his spell so he can save his friends and the day.

  • Tom and Twigs find Rickety's old racing car; a vehicle in which he famously lost the famous 'Conkerball Run'- a Treelings vs Mushas race. Stink and Puffy won't let him forget it and Tom and Twigs challenge them to a rerun of the race to win back the Conkerball cup and the honour for the Treelings and, most importantly Rickety. The Mushas race on their spore bike and threaten to easily beat Tom and friends who have to learn to work together to drive the car.

  • Strange treequakes beneath Treetop Castle lead Tom and Twigs into an epic adventure in the caverns on the trail of a giant Woodgrub. Running into much bigger trouble than they'd expected, Tom and Twigs must brave the shaking sap tunnels full of holes and sticky slime to save their friends and stop the castle from collapsing.

  • On a day of fun and pranks in Treetopolis, the Mushas use a crafty trick to cause trouble for the Treelings, making it look like Tom and Twigs are to blame. They have to find out how to thwart the Mushas' masterful mischief to clear their names and save the big party at the end of the fun festival. It's only with Big World Magic help though that Tom can really save the day.

  • Tom has a little pocket-sized 'Tickle Teddy' that walks around and has a "Tickle Time" function (arms vibrate). His friends gently mock him for loving the 'babyish toy'. The Mushas get their hands on it and make scores of 'Slime Teddies' which are slime clones of Tom's teddy. They march around firing slime everywhere. Tom sends them back with Big World Magic and causes the Mushas' machine to malfunction making a GIANT slime teddy! Tom uses Big World Magic to make his teddy giant too for a Godzilla type face off where giant Tom's teddy tickles giant slime teddy until it explodes!

  • Tom is distracted by a group of Sprites that worship him as their hero. Tom neglects his friends which leads them into trouble with some very bouncy Springbeetle eggs and the even bouncier Springbeetle hatchlings which cause havoc with their constant jumping.

  • A special day for floating magical pancakes. Zigzoo makes a machine to make spincakes for everyone. Puffy disguises herself as a frog to distract him and the Mushas get hold of the spincake machine and it goes out of control eventually making a vast spincake that hovers over all of Treetopolis.

  • Hungry ants rampage around Treetopolis trying to eat the food for Harvest Festival (event in the Courtyard). Tom takes charge, bragging that he knows ants in the Big World, ignoring that everything he does only makes things worse.

  • Twigs 'accidentally' eats Ariela's whole crop of special Booster-berries which make his body parts grow explosively. As he desperately tries to hide his ever expanding hands, ears and feet from his friends - to avoid getting in to trouble for eating the berries - he causes no end of trouble, his body growing so big that he becomes trapped in the caverns, exploding out of the exits all over Treetopolis. Only Tom and Big World Magic can save him.

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