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SUPER WINGS is an animated series that features a jet plane named Jett that travels around the world delivering packages to children and solves the problems he encounters with a group of airplanes known as the Super Wings that can transform into robots with amazing abilities. On every delivery, Jett meets new friends living in different countries and learns the diversity of new cultures.

Super Wings is a Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (178 episodes). The series first aired on March 14, 2015. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.3.

Super Wings is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Super Wings on demand at Tubi TV Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, iTunes, Tubi TV online.

Saturday 1:30 PM et/pt
4 Seasons, 178 Episodes
March 14, 2015
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Hudson Loverro, Chasden Gilson-Walker, Will Blagrove, Bill Rogers
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Super Wings Full Episode Guide

  • A boy from France orders a machine that can make nutritious cotton candy out of vegetables. It's for a fun, world culture fair being held at the boy's school. He makes delightful cotton veggie animal treats from France that everyone loves. But when a visitor to the fair asks the boy to make a really huge cotton veggie treat he puts too many vegetables into the machine and creates a catastrophe!

  • A girl named Ruma in Bangladesh orders a Table Top Cricket Game with moving players. Dizzy and Jett deliver it to her school, which turns out to be on a boat! Ruma and her friends like the game, but want to play a real game of cricket. Jett and Dizzy create a cricket field out of different boats lashed together, but when passenger liners threaten to ruin the game, Astra arrives to help!

  • A girl in Mexico named Daniela orders some cat treats shaped like marigolds. Jett and Astra learn that Daniela wants to use the treats to attract the attention of her recently deceased cat, Sanchez. It is the 'Day of The Dead' in Mexico and tradition says it's possible passed loved ones to come visit. Daniela reunites with Sanchez, but a mean, passed on cat threatens to ruin their reunion!

  • A girl in Kuala Lumpur has a Dad who is a zoo keeper at a local zoo where there's a new baby orangutan named Tan. The girl orders a special swing for him to play on. But when a mishap with Jett's communications system happens World Aircraft winds up Supercharging Jett, Donnie and baby Tan as well! The orangutan becomes king sized and escapes from the zoo.

  • A boy named Nuno in Porto, Portugal orders a large, clear, unbreakable bottle. He wants to build a model boat in a bottle, a Portuguese tradition. When the SWs and he shrink down to build the boat, the bottle is accidentally knocked out of a window and ends up in the storm sewers of Porto. Nuno must use his sailing skills to navigate the tricky waters and bring his friends and ship home safely.

  • A girl, Akaja, asks the Super Wings to come to Greenland and bring her molds that can make multi-coloured ice blocks. Jett and Crystal deliver them, and find out that Akaja wants the blocks to build an igloo that holds a playground. When small animals swarm into the igloo, the SW's need to Supercharge to make it bigger and then act fast as an iceberg threatens to ruin the playground for everyone!

  • A girl living in Dezhou China, is excited that she and her parents are hosting the Chinese New Year celebrations for the whole family. But when traffic jams on land, sea and air cause troubles for all the family members who are coming from other provinces the Super Wings get Supercharged and call in some big help. All five of the big Super Wings are deployed from World Aircraft for this one!

  • A Dad in Brazil orders a special explorer's outfit for his son so they can explore the Amazon Rainforest together and to show his son that there's more to life than just playing on his portable video game console. When a huge wave rushes up the Amazon River and threatens the river animals and a village, the boy uses his video-game playing skills to help the Super Wings save the day.

  • A girl in Moscow with a rock collection orders a special box with compartments labeled for the coolest rocks ever. When she discovers that her collection doesn't have the last three rocks needed to complete the box, the Superwings must help her get them by going on a trip into space, because the rocks needed are space rocks!

  • A boy who loves everything about wizards is going to a day camp in a castle that's set up like a "wizard school". He wants to be a real wizard with a real magic wand, but the closest Storm can come to making one is a toy wand with some Supercharge energy stored up in it. The wand comes with a warning, however: be extra careful with it.

  • Two boys who are pals that live in Greece, are huge mythology fans. Xuan is Chinese and believes his country's mythological creatures are the best, and Demis is Greek and he believes his country's are better. They ask for a card game with mythological creatures that are holograms. The game starts off fun, but when the creatures get too big, they threaten to destroy a nearby town.

  • Jett and Paul fly to Cairo, where a girl has ordered a special item to help her lead to lead a tour of the Cairo Museum for a group of her friends. But a practice tour she gives the Super Wings before her friends arrive runs into big time trouble when the girl's little brother, who comes along wanting to help with the tour, accidentally brings the mummies and sphinx to life!

  • On Halloween, a boy in California orders his own fully-functional Super Wings costume. But when they go trick-or-treating, a haunted house scares Donnie haywire and he gets a giant pumpkin decoration stuck on his head! Jett's going to need a SUPERCHARGE to get a pumpkin-headed Donnie under control, and he's going to need a new Super Wing to assist - the boy in his Super Wings costume!

  • When a boy and his grandmother board a luxury train in South Africa with self-inflating balloons everyone gets a very different ride than they imagined. The balloons, which are for a friend's birthday party, aren't meant to be activated until after the journey, but some animals get aboard and cause the balloons to inflate, sending the surprised train up into the sky.

  • A boy named Pavel whose hobby is repairing watches, orders a special Super Wings wristwatch. Jett and Bucky make the delivery, and Pavel takes them to see the famous 600 year old Astronomy Clock in the Old Town Square. When they discover the old clock has stopped, Pavel and the Super Wings team up in a race against time to make the repairs!

  • A girl in Switzerland orders an early release copy of a new book by a teenage adventure author. Discovering that the last chapter is missing, the Super Wings help her find the author. On their hike down with him, the girl learns that the author isn't as heroic as the character he writes about, and when his last chapter falls out of his knapsack, only a Supercharge and bravery can save it.

  • Jett and Donnie travel to Germany to bring a long wig to a girl named Kirsten. She wants to dress up as the famous princess, Rapunzel. Kirsten learns that it takes more than a wig to be princess.

  • A girl in Bogota asks the Super Wings for a spray- painting drone to help her take part in a mural contest. When her jealous little dog steals the controls causing the drone to paint the town they have to get it back before he makes a huge mess. But townsfolk love what her dog has done and everyone realizes that all creativity is good.

  • World Aircraft is flying through the Himalayas when an order comes in from a house near Mt Everest. Jett and Dizzy are sent to deliver some mega-sized art supplies to two brothers who want to make a mega-sized "Good Luck" card for their Dad. He's about to climb Mt. Everest! But when World Aircraft gets into trouble and crashes, it's going to take more than a Supercharge to save it!

  • Jett and Donnie deliver special tires to a boy named Gaspard in the Gobi Desert. The tires are for his family's Motorhome named Enjo. Enjo gets overconfident with this new tires and accidentally startles some sheep that run off into the desert. Now everyone must help to get the sheep back home safely before dark.

  • Jett's friend from Japan, Namiko, orders enormous sheets of origami paper. She and her friends Yuki, Masako, and Haru use them to build a cosplay version of the Jumbo Roboto for the Paper Rangers fan convention, PaperCon. But when an animatronic of Paper Rangers enemy Drac the Ripper goes haywire, it threatens to destroy the convention center and the fans' faith in their favorite origami heroes.

  • A boy in Hawaii orders a special vacuum to clean up the garbage he's found in a bay where he rescued a young sea turtle. Before releasing the turtle back to the wild the boy wants to be sure the bay is garbage-free, but his cleanup operation leads to the discovery of a massive garbage island floating in the Pacific where it looks like a garbage monster lives.

  • A Scottish boy named Rooney asks the Super Wings to create a special mega-sized soccer uniform for his friend Jack, who is a tractor. Jack needs the uniform for an upcoming match of Tractor Soccer, a sport unique to the town of Fettercairn where Rooney lives. Jett and Donnie help Jack and Rooney prove that supporting all members of your team is the key to success.

  • A girl who lives in the Netherlands asks for a tiny dress, a 'Dream Dress". When Jett and Bucky arrive, they find that the dress is for a doll. Nina tells them that she hopes it won't get taken, as a lot of things have been disappearing from her doll house lately. They decide to solve this problem and they learn that a field vole has been taking them for her baby to play with.

  • Jett and Mira fly to Amphawa, Thailand and deliver an enormous cake to a boy named Phra. It's for his Aunt Achara's birthday. They transport the cake on a raft through a floating market, but when its fruit toppings attract the attention of some hungry Thai wildlife it takes a Supercharge to make sure the animals don't gobble it up!

  • A boy in the Australian Outback wants to see a U.F.O. and meet an alien. In hopes to tune in to the communication of alien spaceships and get them to come to Earth, he orders a mini satellite. Although the satellite doesn't connect with any alien spaceships, it unexpectedly leads to a rescue mission that would've been impossible without it!

  • A young boy in Denmark orders egg capsules to hold three baby "block" dinosaurs he invented. He wants to present the eggs to their mothers in Blockosaurs Park so the babies will hatch and imprint on their mothers. But the eggs hatch early and imprint on Jett. The mother dinos chase after him to get their babies back, but only by remaining calm are the Superwings able to find a solution.

  • A young boy named Gio asks the Super Wings to build him a special suit to wear to the local Mud Festival that will protect him from getting muddy. When the suit goes haywire Jett and the Super Wings come to the rescue, and Gio discovers that getting muddy is what makes the Mud Festival so much fun!

  • When a girl named Sylviya asks for a special watering can for her flowers, Jett and Dizzy head to Bulgaria. This leads to a encounter with bees and a new Super Wing named Bucky who takes them on a tour inside a beehive where trouble awaits!

  • Jett and Mira fly to San Cristobal, Ecuador to deliver super strong bubble solution. The package is for a boy who wants to blow super strong bubbles that will last and last. When the bubbles trap sea animals and float them away, Jett and Mira must use their Supercharged abilities to save them.

  • Jett and Paul head to Saint Gallen, Switzerland and deliver a gingerbread man costume that emits the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. It's for a boy named Teri who wants to use it to cheer on his pet pig, Otto, in a pig race at the Swiss Olma Festival. But when the smell lures the pigs off the racetrack, Jett and Paul must corral the pigs and get the race back on track!

  • Jett and Donnie head for Roros, Norway to deliver a dress that shoots pretend snow. It's for a girl named Alice who wants the dress for a play she is starring in called "The Snow Princess". When a snowstorm threatens to cancel the play, Jett and Donnie are assisted by a new Super Wing friend, Crystal, a snow plane.

  • When a girl named Cynthia in Yaounde, Cameroon, asks for a toy train for her baby chimp to ride on, things get dodgy fast. Kimba, the chimp, takes off into the jungle where more chimps join him and cause trouble for the pursuing Superwings. In the end, Kimba and the train are saved, and Kimba is adopted by his new monkey family.

  • Jett and Donnie head for Montgomery, Alabama in America where they join a boy named Kevin and his Dad on Fathers' Day at a car factory to build a real car! But the wheels that Kevin and his Dad pick are a bad choice for their creation and the Super Wings need a Supercharge to save the car and the factory from total destruction.

  • When a girl in Guangzhou, China brings her cat to a famous festival of lights in Huacheng Square, the cat takes off, chasing after at the light show's laser beams. Only a Supercharge is going to help return the cat to safety!

  • Jett and Dizzy deliver a package of harmless hair dyes and a grooming kit to a girl named Olenca in Cusco, Peru. Olenca wants to dye her pet alpacas with the pretty colours. However the animals don't like the process, panic and run away. The twisty turny, steep streets of Cusco turn out to be too difficult for the Super Wings to navigate and Jett calls World Aircraft for help.

  • Jett delivers a costume to a boy named Nav in Abu Dhabi. Jack wears it to an Air Show competition starring his favourite plane, Thunder. When Thunder gets damaged during the competition, Jack and Jett must take his place and try to fly to victory.

  • Jett and the Build-it Buddies come up with an elaborate plan to help rush a crop of small, unripe kiwifruit to market. But the kiwifruit grow too big too fast, and cause a giant kiwifruit avalanche. It's going to take Super Wing teamwork and ingenuity to save the crop - and the day!

  • Jett delivers a sticker book to a boy named Victor in Mexico whose Mom has a plan: if Victor earns 10 stickers by doing 10 chores, she'll give him a big reward. The Super Wings come to help, but it's big time trouble they run into when a grocery shopping chore gets them tangled up with a gigantic tortilla.

  • Jett delivers a tree tap and bucket to a girl named Manon at a maple sugar bush in Quebec, Canada. But one tap can't produce enough sap to make the maple candies Manon wants to bring to a maple syrup festival. Donnie's Build-It Buddies bring all the gear needed, but a syrupy spill causes a major roadblock and the Super Wings need to work fast to solve the sticky problem.

  • Jett delivers a wedding ring to a boy named Christo whose Dad is getting married. Trouble arises when a pelican snatches the ring. Jett tries to catch the bird, but he trashes the wedding area in his haste and the bird drops the ring in the sea. Mira's Wild Team is dispatched and an underwater adventure ensues. They retrieve the ring in time to celebrate the wedding underwater!

  • When World Airport Delivery Depot manager Neo's drones replace the Super Wings, it seems great at first, until one delivers an empty package to a girl in South Korea. Jett finds what she ordered (a remote control race car) in Donnie's hangar... but the drones won't give it up! Can Jett and Paul's Police Patrol retrieve the race car in time for a big race, or will the drones get the best of them?

  • When Jett delivers a toy vacuum cleaner to a boy in Switzerland Donnie modifies it to be "bigger and better". But the new vacuum is too powerful and gets away. Now it's up to the Super Wings to stop it before it ruins a world-famous snow festival!

  • While on his way to deliver a package to a boy named Omar, Jett gets stuck in quicksand in the Sahara desert. Worried that Jett is overdue, Omar contacts Sky, and Paul's Police Patrol is sent. With help and local knowledge from Omar (who wants to be a policeman when he grows up) the team finds and rescues Jett.

  • Jett brings a friendship bracelet to Catalina (from SW2 Ep228 'Mission on Mars') for her pen pal Vo the Rover. But when Vo goes missing, Astra and the Galaxy Wings take them to outer space to search for her. They find Vo safe and sound on an asteroid, but it's headed for a super massive black hole!

  • A boy named Ray who lives in Palau, South Pacific, wants to see a Manta Ray in the wild. Jett and the Wild Team do their best to help him find one but end up trapped in a Blue Hole.

  • Jett delivers a giant Snakes and Ladders game to Anita who is having a pajama party with her friends. To complete a game challenge, Donnie's Build-It Buddies turn Anita's bed into a princess' carriage. When it rolls out of her bedroom into the streets of New Delhi, the Super Wings must come to the rescue.

  • Jett brings a Veterinarian Kit to a boy named Adika at Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Jett joins Adika on a fieldcall to investigate an elephant stuck in the middle of the road. With help from the Build-It Buddies they get it up and moving on a treadmill, but when the treadmill breaks things go haywire!

  • Jett calls in Paul and his Police Patrol pals to help a little girl named Isabella celebrate her birthday in one of the loneliest, most remote locations in the world. While they are there, they help avert a maritime disaster, and realize: if you don't have what you need, use what you've got!

  • A princess in England is excited about her five dogs attending a royal ball in fancy costumes that Jett delivers. But when a prince attending the ball is scared of the dogs Jett volunteers to puppy-sit and the dogs escape. It's up to the Super Wings to get them back before the dogs ruin the ball.

  • Jett delivers a Hungarian Gypsy Fiddle to a girl named Petra in Budapest. Petra takes it to an amazing island, but the animals in the petting zoo there are entranced by the music and begin to follow her everywhere.

  • Jett delivers a lion costume to a girl in London England. She is easily startled and hopes that the costume will make her brave like her favorite book character - Albert the Brave, a courageous lion. An adventure in the London Library to find the book winds up showing Olivia that she's braver than she knew.

  • Jett delivers a surfboard to a girl named Clara who lives on the Gold Coast, Australia. Mira's Wild Team is called in to teach Clara to surf, but everyone winds up getting more than they bargained for when they also wind up helping to rescue a shark!

  • Jett delivers a cooking kit to a boy named Juni in Portland, USA and helps him make tofu rice burgers in his family's food truck. Dizzy's Rescue Raiders arrive to help when they get more customers than they can handle and when a burnt patty sets a bush on fire.

  • Jett brings a basket to a boy named Huddin in Moscow so he can deliver some special bread to his mom who is in the hospital. Jett needs the help of Paul's Police Patrol when the basket of bread gets left on a subway car.

  • A girl who lives in Tuscany loves the constellations that appear in the night sky. She's even discovered one of her own and has made up a story about it that she is going to tell to her friends under the stars. But when the constellation vanishes, a trip into space with the Galaxy Wings is the only way to find out why and fix it.

  • Jett brings a Selfie Stick to a boy named Anders in Norway. Jett joins Anders on a camping trip with his Dad that takes a strange turn when beavers disrupt their campsite. Jett accidentally destroy the beavers' dam and must fix it in time to see the Aurora Borealis that night - but uh-oh, is that fog?

  • Jett delivers a hamster exercise ball to a girl named Sachi who lives in Cappadocia, Turkey. Her pet hamster escapes in the ball and the Super Wings must try to find the hamster in an underground city named Derinkuyu.

  • When a girl in China gets the role of the Monkey King in a Beijing Opera version of "Journey to the West", Jett delivers an all important prop - the Monkey King's magical staff. The staff proves tricky to use however, and it's soon up to the Super Wings to help save the show!

  • A boy who lives on Mont Saint Michel in France wants to build the biggest and best sandcastle ever. With the power of teamwork and help from his friends, Jett and the Build-It Buddies, Loic might just see that dream come true - if they can save the sandcastle from a giant wave!

  • A girl from Bangkok, Thailand, orders a baby carriage to take her kitten in to a famous local market. Chaos ensues when the cat escapes but Dizzy's Rescue Riders arrive to help save the day.

  • Grand Albert's Telephoto Transformer is mistakenly delivered to a boy named Marcel who lives in Paris. When the camera makes a beetle grow into a giant insect it's up to Jett and Dizzy's Rescue Riders to save the city and the Eiffel Tower and shrink the beetle back to normal size.

  • When a girl named Louisa in Germany goes to visit her favorite amusement park, she's sad to learn that it is being closed forever; the Super Wings work to give the park a makeover and a whole new lease on life.

  • Jett delivers new basketball shoes to a boy named Manu in Spain who hopes that the shoes will allow him to dunk; when the shoes don't work, Jett and the Galaxy Wings take Manu to Mars, where the lack of gravity should allow him to dunk like a champ.

  • Jett flies to Battambang, Cambodia, to deliver a duck whistle to a girl named Solyna so she can help her parents herd their ducks into a truck; when the ducks escape, Sky scrambles Paul's Police Patrol to help track down the waddling wildlife.

  • Three Filipina sisters named Trudis, Judith and Analyn ask Jett to deliver some mics and a stand so they can participate in a singing concert; when they are late setting out for the concert, it's a race against time to get them on stage.

  • A virus disrupts a computer that is needed for a popular webcast that a girl named Yuna in Busan, South Korea, does with her father; to get the live stream back up and running, Jett and the Galaxy Wings go into the computer and vanquish the virus.

  • A mishap clogs a hot spring in Nagano, Japan, causing several new hot springs to appear; Donnie's Build-It Buddies turn the calamity into a great new water park for both people and snow monkeys to enjoy.

  • A young girl named Tess is excited go to Schiphol Airport in her hometown of Amsterdam, where she will be going on her first airplane ride; Jett brings her a carry-on suitcase, but trouble arises when it goes missing.

  • When a toy jet gets blown off course and becomes lost in the Everglades, an impossible place to find anything, it seems like the young boy who owns it will never get it back; Jett calls Mira's Wild Team for assistance.

  • A young boy named Maxim in Kazakhstan gets Jett to bring him a package of Kazahk doughnuts so he can give them to his mom, an astronaut who is traveling to the moon; when she blasts off without them, Astra's Galaxy Wings is called upon to help.

  • A young boy named Daniel in B.C. Canada asks Jett to bring him a tool kit to help him build a treehouse for his dad. The treehouse is a success but a melting glacier causes a flood of the nearby river and the Super Wings have to think fast to save the day - and the treehouse.

  • When a young foal goes missing from a herd of wild horses in Patagonia, Jett and Team Dizzy help a girl named Nayla go on a search and rescue mission in the mountains to find it.