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Zou is a television show for preschool-aged children. The show is centered around a family of zebras who live in a suburban community. The show's star, Zou, is the family's youngest member who learns age-appropriate life lessons in his daily interactions with his family and in his neighborhood.

Zou is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on May 11, 2012. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.1.

Zou is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Zou on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

2 Seasons, 104 Episodes
May 11, 2012
Cast: Eden Gamliel, Kannon Gowen
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Zou Full Episode Guide

  • Zou wants to bake a cake for the school cake sale so he can go on a school trip. He would have asked Mum and Grandma to help, but they are away. So Grandpa and Dad step in.

  • Zou and Grandpa are painting the garage, but, with just a small patch left to cover, they run out of paint. Rather than buying a whole new pot, they'll ask Elzee' mum for some.

  • Zinnia and her family have come back from a visit to a winter games spectacular.

  • Grandpa takes Zou, Elzee and Zak to the beach to do some fishing. Uncle Zavier and Zinnia have had the same idea.

  • Uncle Zavier has been presented with a VIZ - a Very Important Zebra award. Zou wishes that his Dad was important too.

  • Zou is trying to knit something for his school festival. But knitting is really hard. So Nanna shows him how to make pompoms.

  • It' Mother' Day and Zinnia and Zavier are going to surprise Zelda by taking her away for the weekend. Zou wants to make something for his Mum, so he and Grandpa repair to the garage to see what they can come up with.

  • Zeeboy, Zak' cuddly toy has gone missing. Zou helps Zak search for it, but to no avail.

  • When Zinnia comes round for the day, Zou isn't too keen at first. But they soon get involved in a game of "shops", borrowing the "merchandise"from around the house.

  • When Zou doesn't pay attention in crossing the road, Mrs. Zolli decides it' time to reinforce her message of road safety to all the youngsters.

  • Dad is going away on business for a week. Zou misses him badly, so Grandpa suggests making him a surprise package for when he gets back - a few drawings and objets trouvees.

  • Zou finds his replacement teacher' lessons aren't quite the same as his usual teacher'. He decides to show everyone how teaching should be done.

  • It' bedtime. But Zou doesn't want to go to bed yet. He tries various tricks to delay actually retiring to his bedroom.

  • When a display of variously coloured vegetables is upset in Mr. Zoey' shop, Grandpa suggests a game: the colour game.

  • Zou has to make a nature presentation at school. Grandpa suggests growing cress from seeds. Great idea!

  • There' to be a fun run in Zou' town and Zou is already in training. He gets tips from all and sundry on how best to get himself into shape for the fun run.

  • Grandma is throwing out an old rug, Which gives Zou an idea. What if it' a magic carpet. But in spite of his best endeavours, he can't get it to fly - until Grandpa comes up with an idea.

  • Grandpa manages to unearth a time capsule that Zou' Dad had buried some years ago. This give Zou the idea of making a time capsule of his very own.

  • When Zou breaks a vase belonging to Nanna, Grandpa helps him to glue it back together. But it doesn't look great.

  • Grandpa' vegetable patch has a visitor - a mole, who seems intent on making mole hills all over the garden. Zou moves the mole to nearer the fence.

  • There a street party outside the house and Zou can't wait for it to begin. When it does, he discovers that the rest of the family need help getting things ready for the party.

  • Zou decides he'd like to be a Lollipop Man and, to this end, has Grandpa help him make a lollipop stick of his own. He then directs "traffic"around his home.

  • When Zou helps Uncle Zavier with a big delivery, he can't help but wonder why Uncle Zavier' shop is now selling groceries and suchlike.

  • Zou is to do a school project on the subject of creatures that have their homes on their back. He could do a snail of a tortoise, but other children have those covered.

  • Zou' family is due to pose for a family photo that afternoon and Zou has a new pair of dungarees to wear for the occasion. He' so pleased with them, he wants to wear them right away. Mum, agrees to let him, but tells him he mustn't get them dirty.

  • Zou and Grandpa find Dad' old sailing boat in the garage and decide to take it to the beach to sail it. Zinnia comes too with her expensive remote controlled model boat - and she suggests a race.

  • When Zou and his friends are to go to the park for a picnic, Mum makes a separate package of food and drink for everyone.

  • It has snowed overnight and the snow lies very deep on the ground on the very day a Winter Fair is to take place in the park.

  • It has snowed overnight and the snow lies very deep on the ground on the very day a Winter Fair is to take place in the park.

  • When Zou and Grandpa discover a baby bird in the garden, they decide to nurse it themselves. They feed it and house it and even try to teach it how to fly.

  • Zou, Zak and Elzee are posing form Elzee' Mum. She promises them some frozen yoghourt for their pains, but when she has finished, she can't find her purse.

  • It' snowing, so Zou and Grandpa build a sledge to take to the park. There, they are joined by Zinnia, who has a brand new, very expensive sleigh, from which she loses a bell.

  • When Zak manages to lose Zou' football in the park, a search for it unearths a snow globe belonging to Uncle Zavier and Aunt Zelda.

  • After his piano lesson with Nanna, Zou finds that other members of his family have musical talents too. He tries out Grandpa' old trombone, Dad' guitar and Mum' tambourine.

  • Uncle Zavier' car breaks down outside Zou' house. Watching Grandpa and Dad repair the car gives Zou an idea. He' going to be a repairman.

  • Elzee arrives in Zou' garden with something she calls a mystery box. Before she can explain what' in it, her Mum calls her: she has an appointment.

  • When Zou discovers some giant footprints in the snow, he imagines they might have been made by an abominable snowman. Zou, Elzee and Grandpa follow the tracks, which lead them to Mr. Zoey' shop.

  • Zou has been for a meal with Grandma and Grandpa and has been most impressed by the waiting-on staff. He decides he'd like to be a waiter too.

  • When Zak hurts himself on the way back from school, Zou watches on as Mrs. Zolli the lollipop lady bandages his ankle. Zou has a new ambition: he' going to be a first-aider.

  • It' Mrs. Zolli' birthday; Zou and Elzee decide they'd like to give her a present. But what? She has said she'd like to go on holiday to a tropical island where she can eat lots of tropical fruit.

  • There is much excitement down at the beach, where a sandcastle-building competition is taking place. Helped by mothers, fathers and grandparents, the young zebras concentrate on making beautiful sandcastles.

  • When Zou and his family - together with Zinnia, whom they are looking after for the day - go to the beach to play cricket, they discover what they imagine to be pirates' treasure after Dad has whacked the ball into the fisherman' hut.

  • Zou and Elzee play hide and seek wit Grandpa. At first the game is all too simple, but when Zou and Elzee hide in Elzee' house, they baffle their seeker to such an extent that they imagine he' given up looking for them.

  • Zou wants to play with Elzee, but he' asked to come back in an hour. What' an hour? Grandpa shows him on an old alarm clock.

  • When Zou spots an alien spaceship in the sky above the park, he can't wait to go and meet the aliens: he'll be the first ever zebra to do so.

  • Zou and Elzee can't decide what game to play, until Grandpa suggests they could play at being bold knights of old and rescue a fair damsel from a castle guarded by a fierce dragon...

  • Zou has borrowed Zak's toy car to play with. But whilst larking about with Poc, he accidentally breaks it. Guilt gets the better of him and he explains what has happened to his Grandpa.

  • When Zou accidentally knocks a pile of apples over in Mr. Zoey's shop, his attempts to rescue them remind Mr. Zoey of the antics of a clown. Zou decides he'd like to be a clown and make people laugh.

  • Zou has the chance to go on a hot air balloon flight. But first he has to conquer his fear of heights !

  • Zou and Elzee are playing Pirates in the park. When Zinnia arrives, she doesn't want to play that ; she wants to play fairies. To avert a possible war, Grandpa suggests doing some dowsing.

  • When a new washing machine arrives in a big cardboard box, Zou uses it as a car. And when Zinnia, Zak and Elzee arrive to play, they all take an imaginary trip to the imaginary seaside in this imaginary car.

  • Zou has been collecting tokens from cereal packets so he can exchange them for a free toy. But when he gets to Mr. Zoey's shop to make the exchange, he discovers that a) there is only one super robot toy left and b) that he doesn't have enough tokens.

  • Zou's been to the aquarium ; he wishes Elzee had come too -it might have cheered her up after the loss of her favourite toy bear, Gizmo. Zou hits on the idea of building an aquarium of his very own. That might put the smile back on Elzee's face.

  • When Zou accuses Poc of breaking a model plane that he has just constructed (a few feathers are found amongst the wreckage), Poc is rather hurt.

  • Zou and his family have been planning a trip to the seaside -but as they are about to leave, it starts to rain. And rain. And rain and rain and rain. Zou is most disappointed.

  • Zou learns about the colour of stripes in nature; that black and white stripes are for camouflage, and black and yellow stripes are a warning. When a buzzing bee enters the house, Zou tries to get away from it.

  • When Zou hears of a comet that is shortly going to make an appearance in the sky, he's very excited - and even more so when Grandpa suggests making a telescope to view it through. Mum suggests a Comet party!

  • Grandma is having a clear out and discovers Grandpa's old windcheater. It has to go. Grandpa protests, but Grandma is made of sterner stuff. Grandpa and Zou go to the park to play with a ball. But the wind is so string, they find their game disrupted.

  • Zou's teacher has been telling her pupils at school about the importance of saving water and Zou is putting this into effect at home.

  • When Zou hears of an elephant escaped from the local zoo, he's very keen to trap it. He and Grandpa construct a rudimentary elephant trap. But it isn't an elephant they catch in it, but poor Dad as he returns from work.

  • When things start to go missing all around Zou's house -things like Mum's silver earrings; Grandma's brooch and Elzee's bracelet -it seems that there might be a thief about.

  • Zou and Elzee decide to put on a circus in Zou's garden; Zou will juggle and Elzee will demonstrate her hula-hooping skills. When Zak comes to join them, they suggest that he joins in too.

  • When the local pantomime is cancelled, Zou is so disappointed he decides to put on the panto himself. Elzee helps him to put up home drawn posters to tell everyone of the big event.

  • Zinnia comes to play at Zou's. While they are in the garden, Zinnia discovers a caterpillar -which she mistakes for a worm. She hates worms and takes fright.

  • It's Valentine's Day and Zou wants to make a valentines card for everyone. Elzee is on hand to help him. While they are thus engaged, Zou thinks he'd batter make a card for Elzee too.

  • When Elzee invites Zou for a cycle ride in the park, she finds he has no bike. But Grandpa has -even though it's very old. When Zak joins Zou and Elzee on his scooter things go rapidly downhill.

  • Zou and Elzee are playing soccer in the park, watched by Grandpa. Poc and Zak want to join in; trouble is, neither of them stick to the rules, which gets Zou rather annoyed.

  • Zou wants to build a model dinosaur in the garden, which, with help from Grandpa and Elzee, he does. The structure mounts higher and higher, being built out of all manner of pieces of furniture, etc...

  • Zou has been to see a conjuror/illusionist at a local theatre -he decides he'd like to be a magician too. But when his "glamorous" assistant, Poc, goes missing for real, Zou wonders if he really is magic.

  • Zinnia is at Zou's house while Uncle Zavier and Aunt Zelda attend a swanky do in town. Zinnia says she's going to win a dance competition in the park later in the week.

  • Zou is making a cherry pie. It's to be entered in a bake-off competition at Mr. Zoey's. Grandpa is on hand to lend his help too, but he becomes a little distracted when he finds he has lost the key to his garage...

  • When Zou discovers Grandpa's old walkie talkie, Grandpa says that Zou can play with it. Trouble is, there's no-one around to play with.

  • Zou discovers what it means to make a promise and decides to make promises to everybody who asks him, including helping Dad wash the car; playing with Elzee in her garden; bringing the shopping in with Mum...

  • Zou and Elzee are doing some painting with Grandpa in the kitchen. When Elzee spots a rainbow out of the window and Grandpa explains that a rainbow usually has a crock of gold at the end, Zou and Elzee want to go and find it.

  • Zou, Elzee (and Zinnia) were due to go to play in the park -but the weather precludes this excursion. So Grandpa suggests a toffee-apple hunt.

  • Zou y Pap'á cuidan del jardín cuando unos p'ájaros se comen unas semillas que plantaron. Abuelo les sugiere montar un espantap'ájaros... que resulta ser muy efectivo, pues asusta a todos los miembros de la familia.

  • Zou is intrigued with Grandpa's newspaper, decides that he'd like to be a reporter on his own newspaper -The Daily Zou.

  • There's to be an art competition in the park and Zou wants to enter. He paints a picture, only to find that Zinnia has done a painting too. He makes a sculpture -Zak's done that and Zou really wants to produce something different. Aha !

  • Zou and Elzee decide to go on a trip to the moon, but when their spaceship (well, cardboard box covered in tin foil) loses one of its "engines", they land on a mysterious planet.

  • Zou receives a drum for his birthday -and drives everyone to distraction by playing on it "molto fortissimo".

  • Zou decides he wants a pet -and ends up with an army of ants in this respect. The ants cause more than a little trouble in the house when they get loose, but Poc is on hand to deal with them.

  • Zou is working on a project at school and decides he needs some photographs to illustrate it. He borrows the family camera, promising to take very good care of it.

  • Zou wants to be a mountaineer when he grows up. He and Grandpa find some makeshift climbing equipment in the garage and climb to the top of the house -via the staircase.

  • Zou's Mum asks Zou to clear out some toys he has grown out of. Zou finds his old teething ring, which, rather than throw away, Mum seems keen to keep as a memento of Zou's babyhood.

  • Zou has been watching his favourite (cartoon) detective show on T.V. and decides he's going to be a detective. His first case is the Mystery of Nanna's Missing False Teeth.

  • Zou decides he wants to be a postman and, at first is most helpful delivering items for members of his family. But when he gets a little over-confident, the various packages are delivered to the wrong addresses.

  • When Zou is asked to stop making so much noise and to tidy his room, he decides there are a few too many rules in his house. He's going to leave home.

  • Zou and Elzee borrow a tent from Grandpa and set it up in the garden.

  • Zou and Grandma bake a cake.