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Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. Lily is 7 years old and lives on an island with her Dad in a little hut on the beach. Across the way is Driftwood Bay

1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 4, 2014
Kids & Family
Cast: Orlagh O'Keefe, Peter Mullan, Stephen Fry, Jane Horrocks
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Lily's Driftwood Bay Full Episode Guide

  • Christmas Kerfuffle: It's Christmas Eve on Driftwood Bay and everyone is excited preparing the Cockle Cafe for a big celebration when disaster strikes. Lord Stag feels terrible when he ruins everything and sets about making amends in spectacular style! All Aboard!: It's a sleepy day on Driftwood Bay and Lily decides to make some music with a small xylophone she finds on the beach. She doesn't realise how contagious her music is and starts the biggest hoedown the island has ever seen!

  • Winter Games: It's a very cold day and it's snowing across the way on Driftwood Bay! It's the perfect weather for some winter games and Bull is determined to win a medal like the one Lily found washed up on the beach - but finds it harder than he imagined. Snowy Sheep Chase: Salty is worried about a heavy snowstorm coming towards Driftwood Bay. He and Lily gather the sheep into the warm sheep shed - however one stray sheep leads them deep into the snowstorm... to something special.

  • Whale Rescue: Lily finds a set of panpipes on the beach which she takes to Driftwood Bay. She and Salty discover a baby whale caught in a nylon fishing net. After they set him free, he shows his gratitude in an amazing way! Delivery Disaster: Hatsie isn't feeling well and Nonna volunteers to take over her deliveries. Lily gives her an old pair of gloves she found on the beach to help - but Nonna has never driven a train before - and things don't exactly go to plan!

  • Shush, Puffin!: On Driftwood Bay, someone seems to be taking things. Puffin seems to know why these precious objects are vanishing - if only someone would listen to him! Lily uses a lovely silver feather she finds washed up on the beach to save the day! Fiddlin' Flatfish: An old record is washed up on the beach which Lily discovers to be by Salty's old band, the Fiddlin' Flatfish! Salty misses his old band and Lily decides to put together a brand new line-up for him!

  • Captain Lily: Lily gets stranded alone out at sea on Delilah. Wearing the Captain's hat she found on the beach, it's up to her to be Captain as Salty guides her back to the shore from Hatsie's helicopter. Dance Date: Lily finds a bow tie on the beach, which is just the thing for Salty to wear to the dance on Driftwood Bay! Salty is planning to ask Hatsie to come with him, but a terrible mix up leaves him thinking that she already has a dance partner.

  • Help!: A pair of binoculars washes up on the beach and on Driftwood Bay, Lily uses them to spot that Hatsie is in trouble out at sea. Being a proud hen, it takes Hatsie some time to realise that even the most heroic rescue hens need help sometimes! Funny Fluffy Things: Bull goes bonkers when all his yummy juicy dandelions disappear and are replaced by funny fluffy things that get blown around in the wind. Lily finds a leather pouch and uses it to collect them and put them to good use

  • A Slippery Customer: On Driftwood Bay, Lily invites a friendly seal to the Cockle Cafe and uses the pencil she found on the beach to take his order. The seal has a marvelous time but Nonna, however isn't so keen on his table manners! A Sheepy Situation: Lily and Bull are having fun playing chase until they leave the gate of the sheep field open. With sheep causing havoc all over Driftwood Bay, Lily and Bull must own up, and help round up those sheep!

  • Goodbye Seabird: (IMPORTANT: This episode deals with the subject of grief of death/grief and should be scheduled accordingly.) It's a very sad day on Driftwood Bay as Bull discovers that his old seabird friend, Razorbill has died. Lily helps Bull think about his friend and finds the perfect way to say goodbye as everyone gathers to remember their old friend. Catch That Picture!: Lily finds a picture frame on the beach and goes to Driftwood Bay to find a picture for it. Wee Rabbit is embarrassed when everyone laughs at her silly picture of Salty. She is terrified when the wind whips the picture up and carries it towards him!

  • Summer Holiday: On Driftwood Bay, everyone is heading to Lord Stag's beach house for some summer fun. But with Lord Stag fussing over his plans for fun, things soon spiral out of his control until the marbles that Lily found washed up on the beach save the day! Bulls Might Fly: Lily and Dad have fun flying Dad's little toy wooden plane, and over on Driftwood Bay there is great excitement as Lord Stag makes plans to fly off the Great North Cliff! Bull gets more than he bargained for when he gives Lord Stag a hand.

  • The Monster of Wild Rocks: Dad reads Lily a funny monster story. On Driftwood Bay, Lily goes for a painting trip with Wee Rabbit to Wild Rocks - and when they hear the loud roar of a terrible monster there they are terrified! Luckily, Salty is at hand to reveal the truth. Storm A-Coming!: A barometer washes up on the beach and warns of a bad storm on its way to Driftwood Bay. Salty leads everyone to shelter in the Cockle Cafe... until Puffin opens the door to reveal a surprising result!

  • Plastic Iceberg: When Lily finds a plastic bottle washed up on the beach, Salty and she decide to clean up the sea around Driftwood Bay. They make a terrible discovery though - the biggest lump of pollution they have ever seen! With the help of Hatsie, Wee Rabbit turns it into something beautiful! Little Flying Light: A metal tent peg washes up on the beach and across the way, Lily joins the Driftwood Bay Buccaneers on a camping trip to the forest. But, just as the tents are about to go up, Lily and Bull are led astray by a little flying light and get very lost!

  • A Very Important Visitor: A fun moustache and glasses disguise is washed up on the beach. Over on Driftwood Bay, Lord Stag is disappointed when his important guest can't come to visit. He is cheered up however, when a very important visitor (that looks suspiciously like Lily, Hatsie and Gull in disguise) arrives at his door. A New Arrival: A baby is born on a very excited Driftwood Bay! Lily is disappointed however when everyone quickly snaps up all the gifts from the General Store, leaving her empty handed... until she uses her beach treasure to create the best gift of all!

  • The Being Helpful Badge: A shiny badge is washed up on the beach, and on Driftwood Bay, Lily realises that it's actually a special award for being helpful. Bull has been desperate to win a Being Helpful badge for a long time, but he's often more of a hindrance than a help! Bedtime Scarf: Bull has lost something special - his precious bedtime scarf! An upset Bull is a crash-banging-bonkers Bull, so Lily leads the hunt, searching high and low for Bull's missing bedtime scarf.

  • Message in a Bottle: It's Gull's birthday and Lily finds a bottle washed up on the beach with a clue inside it! Following the clues on Driftwood Bay leads Lily and Gull to the best birthday ever when they reach the end of the mysterious trail. Stop! Watch: Lily finds Salty's precious old pocket watch washed up on the beach and promises to look after it for him. But, the watch is snatched from Lily's hand by the passing Clickety Clackety Train, resulting in a chase all over Driftwood Bay to track it down.

  • Windy Things: A washed-up ribbon inspires Lily to teach Salty how to fly a kite. After one-too-many disasters, Lily learns that Salty is more confident at sea and comes up with a clever plan to help him fly a kite with ease. The Dance-Off: Lily finds a pair of spoons on the beach, which Salty teaches her to play. Lord Stag challenges Salty to a dance-off at the Driftwood Bay ceilidh, but Salty's dancing legs are a little rusty, and Lily and her friends rally round to get him back in shape!

  • Time Out: Lily finds a relaxing wind-chime washed up on the beach. Meanwhile, Driftwood Bay is the busiest it has ever been and poor Hatsie and her Clickety Clackety Train are working so hard, she has to take some time out to stop... think, and relax. The Mystery Key: Lily finds an old key washed up on the beach and sets sail for Driftwood Bay to find its owner. After following a trail, which leads her all over the island, Lily finally finds the key's rightful home in an unexpected place!

  • Rescue!: Lily finds an old compass washed up on the beach that proves useful on Driftwood Bay when Bull seems to be in trouble up on the Great North Cliff. Hatsie and Lily race to the rescue, but when they reach Bull, it becomes clear that he is in less danger than they thought. A Bee in a Million: Lily finds a napkin washed up on the beach. It's just the thing for the Driftwood Bay picnic, and on the way there she finds Bull talking to his friend, Bee. When Bee vanishes, Lily helps Bull find his little buzzing friend, which isn't easy when there are a million bees in every hive!

  • Runaway Stag!: A sculpting tool washed up on the beach takes Lily on an imaginary journey to Driftwood Bay where Lord Stag has commissioned Wee Rabbit to make a huge statue of himself. Stag insists that the statue is made bigger and bigger until a disaster on the way to Stag Castle sends the huge statue hurtling out of control! Snippy!: Lily finds a glass jar washed up on the beach, which Salty tells her is just perfect for rockpool dipping. Lily finds Snippy, an adorable hermit crab and they become good friends. When it's time for Snippy to go home again, Lily finds it very hard to say goodbye.

  • Lily is determined to see the Starfish Constellation that lives in the sky.

  • Lily finds a whisk on the beach and takes it along to Nonna's baking class. Nonna proves to be a tricky teacher, who likes things to be done exactly how she says, but soon finds she doesn't have any pupils left.

  • Nonna has taken a tumble, so Salty steps in to cook an important pudding.

  • Lily gathers her friends to fix up Bertha - Salty's old boat as a surprise.

  • On Driftwood Bay, Salty is getting ready for a special lunch with Hatsie and splashes on some of his old Honking Haddock aftershave. When Lily tries to explain to Salty that he smells terrible, he refuses to listen.

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