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  • TV-Y
  • 2014
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.9  (74)

Lily's Driftwood Bay is an animated television series that premiered in 2014 on the children's network Sprout. Developed by Sixteen South, the show revolves around the life and adventurous experiences of a young girl named Lily, who lives on the shores of a fictional island called Driftwood Bay.

Lily spends her days exploring the beach, collecting pieces of driftwood, and building imaginative story worlds with her friends made out of the wood. On her journeys, she encounters a wide variety of sea creatures, including talking seagulls and octopuses, which she relies on for help with her adventures. Throughout the series, Lily is surrounded by a loving family and a close-knit community, although her mother is often away at work as a sailor. Her grandfather, Puffin, serves as a storyteller and mentor to Lily, often imparting wisdom through his tales.

The show's art style and design are particularly striking. The colorful, detailed setting of Driftwood Bay is a highlight, with a warm and inviting atmosphere reminiscent of a cozy beach cottage. The characters are charming and expressive, with unique designs that make them easily identifiable. The use of stop-motion animation is particularly effective in bringing the driftwood characters to life.

The voice cast of Lily's Driftwood Bay is impressive, with well-known actors lending their talents to the show. Orlagh O'Keefe voices Lily, bringing a sense of curiosity and wonder to the character. Veteran actor Peter Mullan voices Grampy Puffin, who provides a calming presence and adds depth to the show's stories. Stephen Fry provides narration for each episode, giving the show a storybook quality.

One of the strengths of Lily's Driftwood Bay is the way it combines adventure with heartfelt life lessons. Each episode features a new adventure or mystery for Lily to solve, but also touches on themes such as friendship, family, and emotional resilience. The show encourages children to use their imaginations, as well as to value the relationships they have in their own lives. Additionally, the show promotes environmental awareness by exploring the sea life on and around Driftwood Bay.

Throughout its four seasons, Lily's Driftwood Bay maintains a consistent tone and quality, making it a comforting and enchanting choice for young children. It has been praised by audiences and critics alike for its calming nature and positive themes.

In conclusion, Lily's Driftwood Bay is a popular animated television show that has entertained children for four seasons. The show's artistic design, talented voice cast, and positive themes make it a delightful watch for young viewers. The show has touched on several themes that can help young viewers with their emotional and social growth. Its environmental consciousness, imaginative storytelling, and serene pace can offer a relaxing respite for both children and adults alike.

Lily's Driftwood Bay is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (106 episodes). The series first aired on May 4, 2014.

Lily's Driftwood Bay
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Costa Del Stag
48. Costa Del Stag
September 19, 2017
Lord Stag announces ambitious plans to develop Driftwood Bay into a busy, brash tourist resort! The Driftwood Bay community is outraged and tries to change his mind, without success. It seems as though the only option for the communty is to leave the island, forever! When Stag realises that his friends are being forced from their homes, he finally sees the error of his ways.
St.Scallion's Day
47. St.Scallion's Day
September 18, 2017
It's St Scallions Day, when Driftwood Bay celebrates its history! Everyone dresses up and tells the story of the journey of The Wandrin' Walrus in one long wonderful song!
46. Home
September 17, 2017
A pair of homeless penguins arrive on the island, desperately looking for somewhere safe and warm to have their baby penguin. The penguins need a friendly stranger to take them in, but the island residents are too busy with a party at Lord Stag's to assist. When they realise their mistake, the islanders do everythign they can to put things right!
Paper Lanterns
44. Paper Lanterns
September 14, 2017
Lily thinks she might be getting too old to play her imaginitive games and, for once, doesn't sail to Driftwood Bay. She stays with Dad who tells Lily all about his childhood and about how he has never lost the love of playing! Lily is amazed to learn that, when he was a boy, Dad would sail to his own island across the way!
Guiding Light
43. Guiding Light
September 13, 2017
Salty yearns for the excitement of his old life on the seven seas. The adventure! The drama! When Puffin gets caught in a storm, Salty needs to sail into it to rescue his pal! The storm, however, is so fiece that Salty finds himself lost in the the rough sea. Luckily, Salty's Driftwood Bay friends are on hand to guide him and Puffin home. Salty realises that he's happy with a slower pace of life.
41. Bootcamp
September 11, 2017
Nonna decides that the island needs a health kick and insists on everyone embarking on a cross country run. Lord Stag and Bull have other ideas and sneak off to eat one of Nonna's large cakes. Unfortunately their hiding place turns out to be an old boat and soon the naughty duo are floating out to sea!
Sea Mist
40. Sea Mist
September 10, 2017
Scoutleader Salty is taking the Driftwood Buccaneers out on Delilah to earn their seal spotting badge. When a sudden heavy fog appears, the Bucaneers find themselves alone at sea without Salty to guide them though the mist. Some quick Buccaneer thinking and some friendly seals save the day!
Celestial Surprise
38. Celestial Surprise
September 8, 2017
The gang decide to go on a mysterious quest with Salty but, when they take so long to get ready, Salty leaves without them. His friends try to follow and are soon lost in the woods however, Salty's guilt at leaving his friends soon gets the better of him. Luckily, he finds his friends and they all manage to see the spectacular sight... the Northern Lights!
37. Beached
September 7, 2017
When a baby whale is washed up on the beach, the islanders can't decide how best to help the poor creature. Bull and Lily quickly realise that a little less talk and a little more action is what is needed!
The Daily Driftwood
36. The Daily Driftwood
September 6, 2017
Lord Stag decides to publish Driftwood Bay's very own newspaper. With Lily's help, Bull is determined to find a big front page story, but the perfect scoop proves elusive... until Bull discovers that he has been making the news without realising!
Lost in the garden
35. Lost in the garden
September 6, 2017
Lord Stag gets Lily - and the other islanders - lost in his overgrown ornamental garden. They wonder if they'll ever find the way out. It takes Bull and his love of barnacle bread to lead them to freedom!
34. Mumsie
September 5, 2017
Lord Stag has a very special visitor, Mumsie! Lord Stag does everything he can to give his mother a nice day but, whatever he does, Mumsie is not impressed. When Mumsie falls overboard on Delilah, the experience prompts her to tell Lord Stag how she really feels about her son.
33. Fire!
September 4, 2017
It's midsummer and the day of Nonna's famous Long Lunch! It's hot and when Lily and Bull's carelessness with a magnifying glass accidentally starts a fire, the celebration quickly turns into an emergency!
Fishing for dandelions
32. Fishing for dandelions
September 3, 2017
Salty is hosting his annual bring-and-buy sale, when the Driftwood Bay commuity send their unwanted items to the Shiphouse Store. When an unwitting Bull finds himself being used as a cart horse, things take a chaotic turn and the island must take to the sea in a very unusual fleet of vessels to retrieve Bull's precious dandelion collection!
Potty Parsley
31. Potty Parsley
September 2, 2017
Nonna leaves Lily in charge of watering her parsley. When Lily uses too much of Salty's powerful plant food, Nonna's parsley grows far too fast. The monstrous herb soon takes over the Cockle Caf
Monster Bash
30. Monster Bash
September 1, 2017
Lord Stag is holding a monster themed party. When Lily and Bull accidentally scare the antlers off poor Lord Stag, the party is very nearly cancelled!
Rise and Shine
29. Rise and Shine
August 31, 2017
It's early morning on Driftwood Bay and, before the rest of the island is awake, Lily accompanies Salty on his daily trip to the beach. When Lily thinks that Salty is in trouble, she raises the alarm with the entire island. Salty, however, is fine. He was just doing his morning exercises.
The Great Staggerini
28. The Great Staggerini
August 29, 2017
Lord Stag's lunchtime piano sessions seem to be losing their appeal with the Driftwood Bay audience. With Lily's help, Lord Stag tries to give his act a bit of a lift with some magic!
Nurse Bull
27. Nurse Bull
August 28, 2017
Bull is conviced that Salt is unwell. With Lily and Gull's help, Bull takes it upon himself to nurse Salty back to health, with chaotic results.
St. Scallion's Day | Costa Del Stag
26. St. Scallion's Day | Costa Del Stag
July 2, 2020
The island sings the story of its history!; Lord Stag has some grand plans for the island, and not everyone share's his enthusiasm.
Christmas Crashed
25. Christmas Crashed
June 29, 2020
It's Christmas and the islanders find themselves with an unexpected guest!
Paper Lanterns | Home
24. Paper Lanterns | Home
June 29, 2020
For once, Lily doesn't sail across the way. She stays with Dad to learn about the power of play!; Some newcomers to the island need assistance, and fast!
The Salty Chicken
23. The Salty Chicken
June 29, 2020
A glamourous visitor tries to tempt Salty away from Driftwood Bay for a life of fame and fortune!
Bootcamp | Guiding Light
22. Bootcamp | Guiding Light
June 29, 2020
Lord Stag and Bull have a cunning plan to avoid Nonna's cross country run!; Puffin's in trouble and Salty must head into a storm to help his friend!
The Proposal
21. The Proposal
June 29, 2020
Marriage is on the cards when Nonna's old flame appears on Driftwood Bay!
Celestial Surprise | Sea Mist
20. Celestial Surprise | Sea Mist
June 29, 2020
Salty is on a mission to see the most spectacular sight the island has ever seen!; When the Driftwood Buccaneers become lost in a sea mist, they need to think fast to find their way back to safety!
The Daily Driftwood | Beached
19. The Daily Driftwood | Beached
June 29, 2020
Bull tries to find a big story for Driftwood Bay's very first newspaper!; A whale is washed up on the beach and it's up to Bull and Lily to help it back into the sea!
Mumsie | Lost in the Garden
18. Mumsie | Lost in the Garden
June 29, 2020
Lord Stag's mother comes to stay and proves to be a very tricky visitor.; Lily and her friends get lost in Lord Stag's overgrown garden!
Fishing for Dandelions | Fire!
17. Fishing for Dandelions | Fire!
June 29, 2020
Bull's dandelion collection floats out to sea and the whole island takes to the water to get them back!; Lily and Bull accidentally start a fire with a magnifying glass!
Monster Bash | Potty Parsley
16. Monster Bash | Potty Parsley
June 29, 2020
Lord Stag's monster party is nearly cancelled when Lily and Bull's game goes a little too far!; Lily over-feeds Nonna's parsley and soon the Cockle Cafe kitchen is like a jungle!
The Great Staggerini | Rise and Shine
15. The Great Staggerini | Rise and Shine
June 29, 2020
Lord Stag tries to win back his audience with a chaotic magic show!; Lily thinks that Salty is in trouble during his morning swim!
Farewell Puffin | Nurse Bull
14. Farewell Puffin | Nurse Bull
June 29, 2020
Puffin is leaving to join the other migrating seabirds. Salty struggles to say goodbye.; Bull thinks Salty is unwell and insists on being his nurse.
Parker | Drip Drip Drip
13. Parker | Drip Drip Drip
June 29, 2020
Salty takes Lily and Gull on an adventure beneath the waves in his old submarine!; Nonna's roof is leaking and Bull decides to help her fix it!
Wooly Jumpers | Haddock Haul
12. Wooly Jumpers | Haddock Haul
June 29, 2020
Bull dresses up as Lightning the sheep to win the annual Driftwood Bay sheep race!; The annual Haddock Haul contest turns sour when one team accuses the other of cheating.
Big Puffball | Peace and Quiet
11. Big Puffball | Peace and Quiet
June 29, 2020
Bull's fancy new image causes much amusement among his friends.; Salty's peaceful picnic is not as peaceful as he'd hoped.
Flying Felicity | Oil Spill
10. Flying Felicity | Oil Spill
June 29, 2020
Lord Stag takes his old motor car out for a raucous spin.; Salty causes an oil slick and endangers his best friend, Puffin.
Fabulous Darling
9. Fabulous Darling
June 29, 2020
When Wee Rabbit's sister comes to stay, Wee Rabbit feels the need to be just as flamboyant as her sibling.
Rockpool Roulade | Spanner in the Works
8. Rockpool Roulade | Spanner in the Works
June 29, 2020
Nonna struggles to remember the ingredients for an incredibly special recipe.; Salty tries to fix Nonna's pipes but won't admit that he's not much of a plumber!
Under New Management | The Wanderin' Walrus
7. Under New Management | The Wanderin' Walrus
June 29, 2020
Sam Barlow Chef's Hat Lily sees Nonna struggling and arranges some help for her at the Cockle Cafe.; Sean Carson J-Shaped Hook Lily and Salty discover the wreck of a very important ship!
My Fair Hen | The Houseguest
6. My Fair Hen | The Houseguest
June 29, 2020
Hatsie learns how to be posh but forgets how to be Hatsie!; Lord Stag comes to stay with Salty but proves to be a very demanding houseguest.
The Cuttlefish Cup | Old Grampy River
5. The Cuttlefish Cup | Old Grampy River
June 29, 2020
Salty and Lord Stag enter vastly different vessels into a round-the-island boat race!; Lily and Salty get lost on an unfamiliar stretch of river on the far side of Driftwood Bay.
Lucinda | Songs of the Sea
4. Lucinda | Songs of the Sea
June 29, 2020
Salty sets sail in a new boat, but the new vessel is a little too hi-tech for an old seadog to handle!; The sea proves to be too rough for Lord Stag's ocean-going concert.
Runaway Boat | Say Cheese
3. Runaway Boat | Say Cheese
June 29, 2020
Bull sets sail across the island in Bertha, Salty's drydocked boat.; Lord Stag's portrait session is interrupted by his well-meaning friends.
At Your Service | Mr Parrot
2. At Your Service | Mr Parrot
June 29, 2020
Bull volunteers to be Lord Stag's butler for the evening... with chaotic results!; A talking parrot arrives on the island and causes terrible confusion.
Halibut Howler | Wee Rabbit, Big Voice
1. Halibut Howler | Wee Rabbit, Big Voice
June 29, 2020
Everyone is sheltering from a fierce storm except Wee Rabbit! Salty and Lily must find her, fast!; Lily discovers that one of her Driftwood Bay friends has a most spectacular talent!
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  • Premiere Date
    May 4, 2014
  • IMDB Rating
    7.9  (74)