Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears have been charming audiences for decades. As the rest of us age, the stories and lessons characterized by the bear family never grow old. The time honored television series is based on the children's story books by Stan and Jan Berenstain. While the stories provide careful mentoring for children, the tone is fun and relevant not a discourse on bear behavior. Most notably, the lessons are not just for cub ears.

There is no battling of aliens or pirate ships in Bear Country. The show revolves around the day to day life of a family of bears who live, of course, in a tree house. Papa Bear is a carpenter who loves to fish. Papa's character is the family provider but he is far from perfect, at times even goofy, but he possesses the exceptional ability to laugh at himself. Mama Bear is slow to anger and wise, she loves to quilt and remains the constant voice of reason. Brother Bear is 10 years old and all boy. He takes the role of big brother seriously and is often the protector of his younger siblings. Sister Bear is in third grade and even though she loves pink, the girl can hold her own. Lastly is Honey Bear, the baby of the family who spends most of her time at Mama's side.

The family resides in Bear Country, a rural town with all the conveniences of a metropolis. The town feels rustic and reminiscent of the past but the bear at the fishing hole may be playing a handheld video game as he runs barefoot through Farmer Ben's watermelon patch. Each episode focuses on a moral or safety issue narrated through a catchy rhyme at the show's open. This clever clue alerts the viewer what to watch for as the story unfolds. Each episode provides new backdrops and locations that cover the spectrum of life's journey.

The Berenstain Bears represent a collective family in a universal society. The shows are sweet but not saccharine. The lessons are significant but not harsh. The faces are friendly but not exaggerated. In short, the show is genuine, and that has made it enduring and endearing to its audience for generations.

2 Seasons, 3 Episodes
October 6, 2003
Cast: David Mendenhall

Berenstain Bears Full Episode Guide

  • At a weekend cub camp, Too Tall and the gang make a mess out of everything from pitching their tent to tie-dying t-shirts.

  • The Bear family visits a new mall and learns the "mall rules."

  • Sister bear doubts the power of the wishing star.

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