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  • TV-Y
  • 2016
  • 2 Seasons
  • 5.9  (61)

Terrific Trucks was an animated television show for preschoolers that aired on Sprout in 2016. The premise of the show was to follow two main characters, Troy and Ty, as they embarked on various adventures and helped out in their community. The two characters were trucks - Troy was a dump truck and Ty was a forklift truck - and they had a number of other truck friends who appeared throughout the series.

The show began with a catchy theme song that introduced the main characters and their relationship as best friends. Throughout the series, viewers would follow along with Troy and Ty as they explored their world and solved problems. The show was set in a world where everything was built around the concept of trucks, with buildings shaped like truck parts and roadways made for trucks to drive on.

Each episode of Terrific Trucks was roughly 11 minutes long and followed a similar format. Usually, the episode would start with Troy and Ty hanging out and then someone in their community would have a problem that needed solving. The two trucks would then set out to help, along with their other truck friends. Along the way, they would run into obstacles and always find a way to overcome them.

One episode, for example, focused on the trucks trying to build a new playground for their community. They ran into issues with the foundation not being strong enough and had to come up with a way to make the playground safe for everyone to play on. In another episode, the trucks were trying to help a family move into a new house but couldn't quite figure out how to move a giant piano up the stairs. They eventually come up with a creative solution that involved teamwork.

One of the unique aspects of Terrific Trucks was that it incorporated educational themes throughout the series. The trucks would often use math and problem-solving skills to figure out how to solve different challenges. They would count how many blocks they needed to build something or use shapes to figure out the best way to build a structure. The show was also big on teamwork, with the trucks constantly working together to solve problems.

The animation in Terrific Trucks was bright and colorful, with lots of primary colors and bold character designs. The trucks themselves were very expressive, with each one having their own unique personality. The show also incorporated some live-action segments, where real children would talk about different trucks and what they do. These segments were informative and helped reinforce the educational themes of the show.

One thing to note about Terrific Trucks is that it was geared towards a very young audience. The show was designed for preschoolers, so the humor and themes were very simple and easy to understand. While the educational themes were a great addition, some adults might find the show a little repetitive or simplistic. However, for the intended audience, Terrific Trucks was a fun and engaging show that had plenty of exciting adventures and positive messages.

In conclusion, Terrific Trucks was an animated television show for preschoolers that aired on Sprout in 2016. The show followed two main characters, Troy and Ty, as they went on various adventures and helped out in their community. Each episode incorporated educational themes and focused on problem-solving and teamwork. The animation was bright and colorful, with each truck having their own unique personality. While the show was targeted towards a very young audience, it was an engaging and enjoyable program that provided plenty of positive messages.

Terrific Trucks is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2016.

Terrific Trucks
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The Mud Bog Match-Up / Dino Dig
13. The Mud Bog Match-Up / Dino Dig
March 4, 2017
In "The Mug Bog Match-Up," Sparky thinks her new tires make her invincible, but when she ignores directions and pushes her tires too hard, she learns that even the best gear has its limitations. In "Dino Dig," Dug thinks that whatever he unearths is his for keeps, but when he unearths a dinosaur bone on a dig he learns that some things need to be shared.
A Home Base Holiday / It's Not Easy Being Green
12. A Home Base Holiday / It's Not Easy Being Green
March 4, 2017
In "A Home Base Holiday," when the job gets cancelled because of rain, Tork learns to take a break and do some tricks with the other trucks. In "It's Not Easy Being Green," Blinker bristles at the thought of separating recycling, but realizes that it's like digging for treasure!
The Dirty Dig Goldmine / The Temporary Road
11. The Dirty Dig Goldmine / The Temporary Road
March 4, 2017
In "The Dirty Dig Goldmine," tired of Dug getting dirt all over his trailer, Stotz decides to leave him behind, even though the team needs him on the job. In "The Temporary Road," the creation of a new path in the quarry is delayed when Blinker refuses to try doing a new job.
The Concrete Mixer Mix Up / Out of Gas
10. The Concrete Mixer Mix Up / Out of Gas
March 4, 2017
In "The Concrete Mixer Mix Up," Dug and Sparky's constant bickering causes problems on a job. In "Out of Gas," Blinker's go-go-go comes to a stop when she neglects to fuel up before a big job.
A Pile of Cooperation / The Mighty Miss B
9. A Pile of Cooperation / The Mighty Miss B
March 4, 2017
In "A Pile of Cooperation," when clearing space in a scrapyard, Sparky, Dug and Blinker learn that they'll have to cooperate to get the job done. In "THe Mighty Miss B," in an effort to prove she can handle the big jobs, Blinker shirks her assigned task and instead tries to lift a heavy barrier, putting the team and the job at risk.
Shaking in His Treads / The Big Sign Smash
8. Shaking in His Treads / The Big Sign Smash
March 3, 2017
In "Shaking in His Treads," when Dug is warned not to go up hills that are too steep, he's afraid to go up a hill to complete a job. In "The Big Sign Smash," the Terrific Trucks have had enough of Sparky's messy ways when a piece of metal debris she leaves lying around pops Stotz's tire!
Muddy, Muddy! / The Grump Truck
7. Muddy, Muddy! / The Grump Truck
February 18, 2017
In "Muddy, Muddy," Dug almost wrecks the Terrific Trucks calendar shoot when he doesn't honor his commitment to the team to stay clean. In "The Grump Truck," Sparky takes her competitiveness to a new level, but realizes her attitude might be pushing her friends away.
One Million Milestone / Twin Swap!
6. One Million Milestone / Twin Swap!
February 11, 2017
Blinker and Scooper think it'd be funny to switch identities and jobs for the day, but realize they're not totally interchangeable.
Tread-Ucation / Nailed It
5. Tread-Ucation / Nailed It
February 4, 2017
In "Tread-Uncation," Stotz is being extra-protective of his new shine when the call comes in to dig a trench in a muddy field. Terrified that his nice finish will be ruined, Stotz does his best to avoid any sign of muck - even discussing it earns a rebuke! - and even pushes away his mud-friendly friends, like Dug. But when Stotz gets stuck in the mud himself, it's Dug that saves him, dragging him to safety... after all, he knows Stotz doesn't like being dirty, and he appreciates the differences of others! In "Nailed It," when Sweepy the street sweeper arrives at home base with a special attachment for Blinker - a sweeping brush of her own! - she's less than keen. After all, she'd rather do exciting jobs like everyone else. But when an accident at the work site puts the trucks in danger, Blinker's new brush is the key to saving the day... and makes it clear that every role is important, even if it doesn't seem that way at first!
The Tricky Twin / The Difficult Day
4. The Tricky Twin / The Difficult Day
January 28, 2017
In "The Tricky Twin," when Blinker's twin sister, Zippy, shows up at home base, it's clear the two of them are used to having fun. But when the rest of the team heads out for a job, Blinker and Zippy quickly turn their fun into trouble, as they tear apart home base, and knock Bill Board offline! In "The Difficult Day," Stotz is keen to help out in any way he can, but his skittishness about getting dinged and dirty leads him to bow out at the last second. But after he volunteers to move a massive boulder, the team finds itself in a difficult situation: without him, they can't finish the job without him! After considering the effect he's having on his friends, Stotz relents and does what he signed up for, and gets the job done right!
Foundation Follies / Lost and Found
3. Foundation Follies / Lost and Found
January 21, 2017
In "Foundation Follies," when a heatwave grips home base, the truck wash is put off limits... which sends Stotz into a full-on panic. During a job where Red T the fire engine is standing by with emergency water for overheated trucks, Stotz bends the truth to get the cleaning he was after... which has serious implications when Tork actually overheats and needs help. Realizing his mistake, Stotz promises never to lie to get a truck wash again, and to help conserve water for everyone's sake! In "Lost and Found," Blinker is keen to take a look from the ridge line near home base, but needs permission to go... and none of the bigger trucks have time. But instead of waiting for them to finish, she takes off on her own, and gets lost in the woods! Realizing Blinker has disappeared, Sparky goes on a hunt for her friend, finally finding her and reminding her to always ask permission before taking off somewhere!
Trench Trouble / Glitch Day Galore
2. Trench Trouble / Glitch Day Galore
January 14, 2017
In "Trench Trouble," when a new truck named Trencher shows up to help on a big job, Dug feels like this role on the team is at risk, and lets his insecurities get the better of him. But when a surprise puts the whole job at risk, there's only one truck who can save the day - Dug! And that's when he realizes that everyone on a team has something to contribute, even if it's not obvious at first. In "Glitch Day Galore," when Sparky's bucket starts giving her trouble, Tork sends her and Blinker to the mechanics' garage for a check-up. Blinker is overjoyed, but for Sparky - who hasn't had a proper check-up in a long, long time - the visit is full of anxiety and learning about all the things that make Terrific Trucks go.
No Easy Job / Distracted Trucks
1. No Easy Job / Distracted Trucks
January 7, 2017
In "No Easy Job," Blinker is so confident in her abilities that she decides to turn every little action into a game. But when the trucks are given a job crushing and recycling broken cinder blocks, her overconfidence gets the better of her, breaking her bucket and putting the job on hold. It's then that she realizes that even when you think you know a job inside out, there's always something new to learn. In "Distracted Trucks," Dug's penchant for distraction is slowing down operations at home base... and it only gets worse when the trucks are asked to install a cistern at the fairgrounds, to catch rainwater from an impending storm. Dug's inability to focus means he's forgotten steps, basic instructions, and worse: when it comes time to perform the most important step, he gets distracted again! But after realizing his mistake, he vows to focus properly, and finishes up just in time!
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Terrific Trucks is available for streaming on the Sprout website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Terrific Trucks on demand at Amazon, FuboTV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    June 27, 2016
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (61)