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Five truck friends are followed through their working day, which can include such tasks as grading a highway, digging a tunnel or moving a house. Terrific Trucks is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (43 episodes). The series first aired on June 27, 2016.

Where do I stream Terrific Trucks online? Terrific Trucks is available for streaming on Sprout, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Terrific Trucks on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

2 Seasons, 43 Episodes
June 27, 2016
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Stacey DePass, Scott McCord, Paloma Nuñez, Anand Rajaram
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Terrific Trucks Full Episode Guide

  • In "The Mug Bog Match-Up," Sparky thinks her new tires make her invincible, but when she ignores directions and pushes her tires too hard, she learns that even the best gear has its limitations. In "Dino Dig," Dug thinks that whatever he unearths is his for keeps, but when he unearths a dinosaur bone on a dig he learns that some things need to be shared.

  • In "The Dirty Dig Goldmine," tired of Dug getting dirt all over his trailer, Stotz decides to leave him behind, even though the team needs him on the job. In "The Temporary Road," the creation of a new path in the quarry is delayed when Blinker refuses to try doing a new job.

  • In "The Concrete Mixer Mix Up," Dug and Sparky's constant bickering causes problems on a job. In "Out of Gas," Blinker's go-go-go comes to a stop when she neglects to fuel up before a big job.

  • In "A Pile of Cooperation," when clearing space in a scrapyard, Sparky, Dug and Blinker learn that they'll have to cooperate to get the job done. In "THe Mighty Miss B," in an effort to prove she can handle the big jobs, Blinker shirks her assigned task and instead tries to lift a heavy barrier, putting the team and the job at risk.

  • In "Muddy, Muddy," Dug almost wrecks the Terrific Trucks calendar shoot when he doesn't honor his commitment to the team to stay clean. In "The Grump Truck," Sparky takes her competitiveness to a new level, but realizes her attitude might be pushing her friends away.

  • In "Tread-Uncation," Stotz is being extra-protective of his new shine when the call comes in to dig a trench in a muddy field. Terrified that his nice finish will be ruined, Stotz does his best to avoid any sign of muck - even discussing it earns a rebuke! - and even pushes away his mud-friendly friends, like Dug. But when Stotz gets stuck in the mud himself, it's Dug that saves him, dragging him to safety... after all, he knows Stotz doesn't like being dirty, and he appreciates the differences of others! In "Nailed It," when Sweepy the street sweeper arrives at home base with a special attachment for Blinker - a sweeping brush of her own! - she's less than keen. After all, she'd rather do exciting jobs like everyone else. But when an accident at the work site puts the trucks in danger, Blinker's new brush is the key to saving the day... and makes it clear that every role is important, even if it doesn't seem that way at first!

  • In "The Tricky Twin," when Blinker's twin sister, Zippy, shows up at home base, it's clear the two of them are used to having fun. But when the rest of the team heads out for a job, Blinker and Zippy quickly turn their fun into trouble, as they tear apart home base, and knock Bill Board offline! In "The Difficult Day," Stotz is keen to help out in any way he can, but his skittishness about getting dinged and dirty leads him to bow out at the last second. But after he volunteers to move a massive boulder, the team finds itself in a difficult situation: without him, they can't finish the job without him! After considering the effect he's having on his friends, Stotz relents and does what he signed up for, and gets the job done right!

  • In "Foundation Follies," when a heatwave grips home base, the truck wash is put off limits... which sends Stotz into a full-on panic. During a job where Red T the fire engine is standing by with emergency water for overheated trucks, Stotz bends the truth to get the cleaning he was after... which has serious implications when Tork actually overheats and needs help. Realizing his mistake, Stotz promises never to lie to get a truck wash again, and to help conserve water for everyone's sake! In "Lost and Found," Blinker is keen to take a look from the ridge line near home base, but needs permission to go... and none of the bigger trucks have time. But instead of waiting for them to finish, she takes off on her own, and gets lost in the woods! Realizing Blinker has disappeared, Sparky goes on a hunt for her friend, finally finding her and reminding her to always ask permission before taking off somewhere!

  • In "No Easy Job," Blinker is so confident in her abilities that she decides to turn every little action into a game. But when the trucks are given a job crushing and recycling broken cinder blocks, her overconfidence gets the better of her, breaking her bucket and putting the job on hold. It's then that she realizes that even when you think you know a job inside out, there's always something new to learn. In "Distracted Trucks," Dug's penchant for distraction is slowing down operations at home base... and it only gets worse when the trucks are asked to install a cistern at the fairgrounds, to catch rainwater from an impending storm. Dug's inability to focus means he's forgotten steps, basic instructions, and worse: when it comes time to perform the most important step, he gets distracted again! But after realizing his mistake, he vows to focus properly, and finishes up just in time!

  • In "Foundation Follies," when a heatwave grips home base, the truck wash is put off limits... which sends Stotz into a full-on panic.In "Lost and Found," Blinker is keen to take a look from the ridge line near home base, but needs permission to go... and none of the bigger trucks have time.

  • Trucks learn lessons as they work together and overcome obstacles to get jobs done

  • The trucks and their pals battle a bullish businessman who wants to ruin Christmas

  • A dirt bike course gets churned into a mess.

  • Blinker is left out of the fun because of her size.

  • Blinker's impatience leads to Dug getting damaged.

  • A minor accident puts Dug on edge and unable to finish an important job.

  • Tork insists on working despite having vision problems.

  • Blinker is left in charge of home base.

  • Blinker misplaces her bucket.

  • Sparky fills in as team leader while Tork is in the garage for repairs.

  • Blinker skips out on an important job.

  • Tork's dad recruits the trucks for a big job.

  • The trucks are called in to make a baseball dugout.

  • In "Mini Meltdown," Blinker is being left out of the fun because of her size... but being small isn't always a disadvantage! In "The Need for Speed," A dirt bike course turns into a real mess when Sparky takes her competition with Blinker to the next level.

  • In "Monster Truck Mashup," A minor accident has Dug on edge... and unable to finish an important job! In "The Scrap Yard Smash," Blinker's impatience gets the better of her, and damages Dug in the process!

  • In "Lightning Fast," Blinker's attempts to be the fastest truck in the world backfire when she discovers speed doesn't always equal quality. In "Losing Site of the Job," when Tork's vision starts to go, he insists on doing the job anyway... even if he can't really see the results!

  • In "Pushing the Pack," When Tork's dad recruits the trucks for a big job, they get pushed to the limit...and beyond! In "Don't Play with the Tire," Fire safety takes a back seat to fun when Blinker skips out on an important job.

  • In "Play it Safe," Blinker's need for speed puts everyone's safety at risk...including her own! In "Dug Out," When the trucks are called in to make a baseball dugout, Sparky's jealousy puts the whole job at risk!

  • In "The Hay Maze Soundwaves," Stotz gets a new speaker system and plays music for all the trucks. In "The Mini Truck Dream Team," Blinker's excitement to lead a job results ina crazy dream where she has to lead two other mini-trucks in a mountain of a task!

  • In "The Rock Crunching Runaround," Sparky rushes her work so she can make the trucksessories show but ends up causing a mess, making the job take twice as long. In "Bling Ring Overload," Stotz blings himself up in order to win the Sensible Semi competition, but goes so far he momentarily forgets what makes a Terrific Truck!

  • In "Making the Grade, " Blinker can't wait to show her stuff when she gets a new job on the site - but she's so into the job that she overdoes it! In "Terrific Truck, Terrific Tests," Sparky has a negative attitude towards the annual skills testing day, which results in her failing the test.

  • In "Multi-Purpose Mayhem" Sparky is over-confident in her multi bucket skills without reviewing the instructions and accidentally ruins a straightforward job as a result. In "The Selfish Trash Truck," Stotz gets a TRASH course in being considerate to his teammates during a grimy job at a dump site.

  • Sparky ruins a straightforward job when she fails to review the instructions.

  • In "Over Torked," Tork tries to show the trucks how to work hard by leading by example... and he ends up overdoing things himself! In "Home Base Big Wig," Blinker is left in charge of home base, just as things start to go wrong!

  • In "The Shed Demo Strike," Dug has a hard time letting go of old things, and almost derails a job in the process!. In "The Big Little Dig Tutor," Blinker is frustrated that she can't use her new backhoe attachment on the job until she's learned how to use it properly.