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  • TV-Y
  • 2012
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.3  (91)

The Chica Show is a children's series that first aired in 2012 on NCircle Entertainment. The show centers around a puppet chicken named Chica, who hosts her own TV show. Chica is joined by her human co-hosts, Kelly and John, and a cast of other animal puppets including Stitches the Cat, Bunji the Bunny, and the musical trio the Sunny Side Up Show Band.

Each episode of The Chica Show follows a simple formula. Chica and her friends receive a letter or a call from a child with a problem or question. The group then explores different areas of Chica's playhouse to find solutions, encountering new characters and having fun in the process. The show is very interactive and encourages viewers to join in on the fun.

One of the standout features of The Chica Show is the use of live-action segments to showcase real children and their hobbies or interests. These segments are interspersed throughout the episodes and allow young viewers to see other kids like themselves in a positive and empowering light.

The human hosts of The Chica Show are John Taylor and Kelly Vrooman, both of whom are experienced children's entertainers. John is the show's "Handyman," helping to solve problems and build things as needed. Kelly plays the role of Chica's best friend and is always up for a new adventure. Both hosts are energetic and engaging, and they do an excellent job of keeping the show moving forward while still allowing plenty of time for play and exploration.

In addition to the live-action segments and puppet adventures, The Chica Show also features a variety of catchy and upbeat songs. Many of these songs are performed by the Sunny Side Up Show Band, which consists of three bright and colorful puppets named Sunshine, Mr. Melody, and Sparkles. The songs are designed to be both fun and educational, incorporating themes like friendship, kindness, and problem-solving.

Overall, The Chica Show is a delightful and engaging children's series that is ideal for young viewers. The show offers a perfect mix of entertainment and education, encouraging kids to explore their own creativity and problem-solving abilities. With its colorful cast of puppets, upbeat songs, and energetic hosts, The Chica Show is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike.

The Chica Show is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (51 episodes). The series first aired on November 24, 2012.

The Chica Show
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Chica's Royal Choice / All Seasons Chica
12. Chica's Royal Choice / All Seasons Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Chica's Royal Choice," after Jett chooses a costume Kelly made for him over one made by Chica, Chica believes that Jett doesn't like her anymore. In "All Seasons Chica," It's the Coop's Annual Spring Chicken Clean Up, but Chica hasn't finished with winter yet, and refuses to hang up her sled.
All of a Kind Chica / Chica's Beach Party
11. All of a Kind Chica / Chica's Beach Party
July 1, 2013
In "All of a Kind Chica," when a young customer comes to the coop to get donations for her Puppy Carnival, Chica tries to help out in a big way, but when that fails, she learns that even the small things she does matter too. In "Chica's Beach Party," the coop is all a buzz setting up a surprise birthday party for Jett. But when Chica gets distracted and fails to keep an eye out for the coop's on-the-fly delivery guy, the surprise is on them!
Techno-Chica / Chica's Comedy of Errors
10. Techno-Chica / Chica's Comedy of Errors
July 1, 2013
In "Techno-Chica," when Chica uses Kelly's smartphone without asking she sends the coop into disorder. In "Chica's Comedy of Errors," Chica misinterprets some important information around the Coop and things get very confusing! With a trip to Shakespearean times, Chica learns that it's good to ask questions when things sound strange.
Chica's Tasty Treat / Chica's Sense-sational Day
9. Chica's Tasty Treat / Chica's Sense-sational Day
July 1, 2013
In "Chica's Tasty Treat," Chica wins a cooking competition by using an ingredient that no one else wants to try. In "Chica's Sense-sational Day," when a blind customer enters the coop, Chica discovers there are other ways to "see" things.
Chica's Checklist / Tippy Top Chica
8. Chica's Checklist / Tippy Top Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Chica's Checklist," when Chica neglects her chores to play with Jett's new periscope, all goes topsy turvy in the coop. In "Tippy Top Chica," Chica thinks she's too small to do anything. When she and her friends become very big then very small she realizes that she's the right size for her right now.
Chica Bugs Out / Chica's Parade
7. Chica Bugs Out / Chica's Parade
July 1, 2013
In "Chica Bugs Out," Chica discovers that even creepy crawly critters are really cool once you take the time to learn a little more about them. In "Chica's Parade," Mom, Dad and Kelly carefully plan and create parade floats for the springtime parade, unlike Chica who just slaps hers together. But when it's time for the grand display, Chica's float falls apart.
Lights! Camera! Chica! / Star Struck Chica!
6. Lights! Camera! Chica! / Star Struck Chica!
July 1, 2013
In "Lights! Camera! Chica," Chica can't get anyone to listen to her when she shoots a television commercial for The Costume Coop. In "Star Struck Chica," when Chica meets her favorite TV star she learns a lesson about giving other people some breathing room.
Chicasaurus Rex / Safari Chica
5. Chicasaurus Rex / Safari Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Chicasaurus Rex," Chica accidentally ruins Dad's model city and boots because she was too busy stomping like a dinosaur instead of being careful. In "Safari Chica," when the search for a costume makes Chica hungry, she takes more than her share of the Coop snack. A trip to a Savannah watering hole helps Chica to understand the importance of only taking what you need.
Bock-a-toodle-loo Chica! / Tweet Dreams Chica
4. Bock-a-toodle-loo Chica! / Tweet Dreams Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Bock-a-toodle-loo Chica," Chica gets nervous when Mom and Dad pack for the Albaclucky Costume Eggs-travaganza and she learns she can't come with them. In "Tweet Dreams Chica," when Chica stays up late she realizes that without sleep she doesn't have enough energy to have fun.
Can Chica Play Too? / Detective Chica
3. Can Chica Play Too? / Detective Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Can Chica Play Too," when Kelly's cousin Sally pays a visit to the coop Chica feels left out of their fun. In "Detective Chica," when Chica's Baby Chick goes missing she must follow the clues and solve the mystery.
Little Red Riding Chica / Blue Ribbon Chica
2. Little Red Riding Chica / Blue Ribbon Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Little Red Riding Chica," it's Mrs. C's big book signing day, but Chica doesn't tell the truth about the rip found in her mom's signature costume; the cape from Little Red Hiding Hood. In "Blue Ribbon Chica," when mom and dad can't decide whose entry should go to the fair, Chica gets them to combine their entries, but will it work?
Chica's Fashion Squeak / Cheerleaing Chica
1. Chica's Fashion Squeak / Cheerleaing Chica
July 1, 2013
In "Chica's Fashion Squeak," when Chica discovers her dad was a model, she creates a costume that she likes but doesn't allow wing room for his trademark pose - The Wing-a-ding-dinger! In Cheerleading Chica," Chica isn't convinced that her game of Hide and Squeak has room for more players but as captain of the cheerleaders, she learns there's always room for one more in the squad!
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The Chica Show is available for streaming on the NCircle website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Chica Show on demand at Amazon, FuboTV, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    November 24, 2012
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (91)