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Children will enjoy watching this show as they get ready for bed. The characters on the show sing various songs that are relaxing and talk about ending the day. Characters on the show are brightly colored puppets that have fur.

Daily 7:30 PM et/pt on PBS
1 Season, 31 Episodes
October 2, 2008
Kids & Family
Cast: Victor Yerrid
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Pajanimals Full Episode Guide

  • Sweetpea Sue can't wait for pancakes on Saturday, but Mom decides to make waffles instead; Sweetpea is scared and wants to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed.

  • Squacky gets addicted to a handheld video game, creating problems for all; Cowbella eats too much candy and has trouble falling asleep.

  • The Pajanimals are going to be taught how to play baseball tomorrow, and Apollo's nervous he won't do well; Cowbella doesn't want to take a bath.

  • Apollo is disappointed that he keeps losing every race; Sweetpea Sue is afraid of octopi, so the Pajanimals take her to the sea to meet Ellie Octopus.

  • The Pajanimals must take care of Fluffy the dog for a day; Squacky won't get his ball from under the bed -- he thinks there's a monster under there.

  • Sweetpea Sue is nervous about sharing Daisy Puff on Share Day; Apollo's had a bad day, so the Pajanimals all visit the Moon to help him feel better.

  • Squacky feels like he can?t do anything because his older brother Apollo is better at many things than he is.

  • Apollo's birthday is tomorrow, but Cowbella doesn't feel like attending; Sweetpea Sue is bothered by loud noises, especially a thunderstorm at night.

  • The Pajanimals celebrate Sweetpea Sue's birthday; Squacky's blankie has to be washed overnight, and now he doesn't know what to snuggle with.

  • It's Mom's birthday, and Apollo feels his present for her isn't good enough; Cowbella has been a bit bossy lately and wants everyone to listen to her.

  • Pajanimal Dance Party: The Pajanimals have some time before bed, so they decide to have a dance party, where they sing many of their favorite songs, including a full length lullaby sung by the Pajanimals themselves! I Can Do It Better: Apollo and Sweet Pea Sue begin competing at many different things, all ending in a fight about who is better at everything. That night, neither of them can stop competing, so they travel to the Big, Blue Sea where Granny Pearl explains to both of them that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and you can't be the best at everything and that's okay.

  • ONE TEACUP, TWO FRIENDS: Cowbella and Sweet Pea Sue get teacups as a gift from Grandma, but when they arrive, Sweet Pea's tea cup is broken. Sweet Pea Sue gets mad at Cowbella because she won't share her cup, so the Pajanimals travel to the Night Sky, where the moon explains that Cowbella and Sweet Pea Sue are family, and family should always make each other feel better. When they return home, the two girls decide the best thing to do is share the teacup. MIND YOUR MANNERS: The Pajanimals don't think that good manners matter at the table until they find out they are going to have a formal breakfast with Grandma tomorrow. Unsure of what to do, they travel to Storybook Land, where King Edwin is setting up a royal banquet, where the Pajanimals can practice for their breakfast. The Pajanimals return home, confident and ready for their breakfast.

  • Apollo and Cowbella both like purple but don't like sharing the same color; Squacky's afraid of the dark, so the Pajanimals turn to the moon for help.

  • Squacky is scared of the outdoors and doesn't want to go outside; the Pajanimals are going on a trip, and Sweetpea Sue's worried about leaving home.

  • Squacky is so excited about going to the movies tomorrow that he has trouble sleeping; Sweetpea Sue gets angry when Cowbella gets paint on Daisy Puff.

  • Searching for mom's birthday gift.

  • Time Out for Two: When Squacky and Cowbella have a fight, they both get a time out so they can calm down. Later, they both get worried that Mom may be angry with them because she seemed mad when they got into their fight. In the Land of Hush, Bedtime Bunny explains that Mom isn't angry with them, she just put them in time out to teach them important rules because she loves them very much. The Cow's Meow: When the Pajanimals are playing "house," Sweet Pea Sue wants Cowbella to play the family puppy, but she would rather be a kitty. Her constant "meow-ing" frustrates Sweet Pea Sue and she doesn't want to play anymore. At bedtime, Sweet Pea and Cowbella are mad at each other, so they go see Jerry, who explains that when you play games together, it's important to use cooperation.

  • See how Cow Bella gets over her bedtime fears.

  • Everyone is excited for Apollo because he's finally tall enough to ride a big ride at the amusement park tomorrow, but he's secretly scared to ride on it. Cowbella is afraid to go to sleep because she might have a bad dream.

  • Watch how Sweet Pea, Cow Bella, Squacky, and Apollo find it easy to go to sleep.

  • Watch the Pajanimals listen to the night time sounds.

  • TRY IT AGAIN: The Pajanimals are excited to have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning, but Apollo is nervous because he isn't sure if he'll be good at baseball. To ease his mind, the Pajanimals travel to the Land of Play, where Coach Whistler tells Apollo that it's okay if he isn't good at something at first, because he can always try it again. HOUSE OF PANCAKES: The Pajanimals learn that tomorrow morning, Mom is making waffles instead of her usual pancakes, which upsets Sweet Pea Sue because she doesn't like trying new things. The Pajanimals go to Storybook Land where Chef Edwin helps Sweet Pea Sue to see that trying new things isn't something she should fear. Chef Edwin whips up some fresh, hot waffles and Sweet Pea Sue loves them!

  • SUPER SQUACKY: Squacky is so excited to see a movie about his favorite superhero, Fantastic Splash, tomorrow, he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. In the Land of Hush, Bedtime Bunny sings Squacky a song and teaches him a calming exercise so he can sleep and be ready for the big movie tomorrow! DREAM A HAPPY DREAM: Cowbella is afraid to go to sleep because she might have a bad dream, so the Pajanimals go to the Friendly Forest to meet Jerry, who assures her that those bad thoughts are just from her imagination. He also explains that if your imagination can make scary thoughts, it can also make happy thoughts. When they go back home, Cowbella lists all her "happy thoughts" while falling fast asleep, ready for a night of sweet dreaming.

  • The Pajanimals are each naming something about themselves that is different, such as Apollo's green fur or Cowbella's horns, when they all agree that Squacky is the most different of all.

  • Squacky is so excited to see a movie about his favorite superhero, Fantastic Splash, tomorrow, he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. When Cowbella accidentally gets paint on Daisy Puff, she and Sweet Pea Sue get into a big fight.

  • The Pajanamals gang decide to stay in bed and have fun!

  • Listen to the Pajanimals sing until they fall fast asleep.

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