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Horrible Histories is a live-action sketch comedy program for children. It is based on a book series of the same name by Terry Deary. The show focuses on the darker aspects of human history, and the cast acts out short reenactments as comedy sketches. Each episode also contains one or more music videos, short quizzes, and various animated interludes.

Mathew Baynton, Laurence Rickard, Jim Howick, Simon Farnaby, Ben Willbond, and Martha Howe-Douglas make up the show's primary cast. There is also a large supporting cast, including a rodent puppet named Rattus Rattus. Rattus Rattus is the host who introduces each sketch with information about the period of history being related in the sketches.

Horrible Histories has been quite popular with critics, it has been nominated for several BAFTAs, and it was the first children's show to win a British Comedy Award. Fans of British television will notice parodies of popular British programs and television personalities throughout the show.

Horrible Histories is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (105 episodes). The series first aired on April 16, 2009.

Horrible Histories is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Horrible Histories on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

6 Seasons, 105 Episodes
April 16, 2009
Kids & Family
Cast: Ben Willbond, Alice Lowe, Alexei Sayle, Mathew Baynton
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Horrible Histories Full Episode Guide

  • The award winning Horrible Histories returns for a special featuring all your favorite songs from the series! Sing along about his burnt cakes with King Alfred, or Henry VIII' love of reformation - or get down Norman Style with William The Conqueror.

  • The award winning Horrible Histories returns for a special featuring all your favorite bits from the series, whizzing around the world to visit the ghastly Genghis Khan, the wise Confucius and witnessing a dance off during a naval battle!

  • The award winning Horrible Histories returns for a special featuring all your favorite bits from the series with a host of Rotten Rulers, including Naughty Napoleon annoying his Josephine, and Horrid Henry VIII getting married, again!

  • We follow Oliver Cromwell as he rises from obscurity, challenges King Charles I in the English Civil War, and ultimately orders the King's execution - as he says, as it was a Cruel Necessity (cue music)!

  • We follow Winston Churchill from a young soldier in India during the time of Queen Victoria, through the First World War, to victory in World War Two, and finally to his retirement in the Swinging Sixties - what a journey!

  • We follow King George III from a young unpopular King to a much loved figure some 60 years later, and check out a bit of his Court Life along the way. Meanwhile across the world we hear about some of the words we have got from India.

  • We follow King George III from a young unpopular King to a much loved figure some 60 years later, and check out a bit of his Court Life along the way. Meanwhile across the world we hear about some of the words we have got from India.

  • We meet Cleopatra as she clashes with her brother, seizes power, and hooks up with great Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Meanwhile across the world we catch up with the thoughts of famous Chinese philosopher Confucius.

  • We meet the young Henry VIII as he struggles with his boring dad, Henry VII, before becoming King himself, and going through wives like most people go through toothbrushes!

  • We follow Napoleon as he rises from humble beginnings to be the Emperor of France, bashing most of Europe along the way, and ultimately meeting his Waterloo at, well, Waterloo!

  • This episode follows the young Mary as she stumbles from young girl in Scotland to queen in France, back to queen in Scotland and finally to Elizabeth I's public enemy no 1 - with a bit of Queenian Rhapsody thrown in for good measure!

  • We meet young William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, as he quarrels with Harold Godwinson about who should be King of England, before bashing the English and taking the crown at the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066!

  • Watch Alfred the Great argue with his older brothers then defeat the Vikings using his cunning hit-and-run tactics, summoning the spirit of Ed Sheeran. Meanwhile, across the world, Ant and Dec host a very special Chinese edition of I'm A Celebrity.

  • Watch King John annoy the Barons and agree Magna Carta at Runnymede, after a banging Rap Battle. Meanwhile across the world we meet the formidable Genghis Khan in Mongolia, and catch up with the crafty Saladin during the Crusades.

  • In this song special, some of history' greatest characters serenade us with tales of their lives. Featuring the all-conquering Alexander the Great, the feisty Joan of Arc, the brilliant but miserable Charles Dickens, and the very determined Rosa Parks.

  • We meet a female dinosaur expert who sells seashells down on the seashore; Brian the handsome scientist reveals the weird wonders of the Greek Universe; and there' a fitting musical finale to the end of the series.

  • DI Bones investigates an unusual Victorian traffic accident; Prime Ministers Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill argue online over what to do about Adolf Hitler; and we discover the horrible history of early Australia.

  • A Victorian businessman goes undercover in his own factory; we meet eccentric Georgian politician Mad Jack Mytton; and the Real Tudor Hustle reveals the cleverest con tricks by naughty historical criminals.

  • There' public confusion when King Charles II bans coffee shops; a seasick chicken ruins a Roman sea battle; and a cave-dwelling Stone Age couple try to buy their first house.

  • We discover the surprising identity of Britain' top-scoring footballer; things get ridiculous on Germany' version of Historical Who Wants To Be A Millionaire; and the brainy pioneers of transportation sing about their inventions.

  • In this program, the Roman emperor Caesar Augustus reveals the lazy secret of his success, TV' most excitable reporter Bob Hale explains the very, very complex history of World War Two, and Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr takes on the English in battle.

  • In this episode, Queen Victoria' coronation doesn't go quite as planned, ancient Greek bighead Alexander the Great refuses to stop conquering things, and the HH Sport team report live from the horrible pirate races.

  • Famous monk St Augustine struggles to introduce Christianity to Saxon England, Stuart diarist Samuel Pepys annoys the smartest men in Britain, and we find that Joan of Arc' story is quite an unusual one for a teenage girl.

  • In this program we meet the rather eccentric Georgian philosopher Jeremy Bentham, super-rich Roman politician Crassus raps about his blinging lifestyle, and Johannes Gutenberg goes head-to-head with some monks on The Historical Apprentice.

  • In this episode, the boys test their horsepower to the max on Stone Age Top Gear, Charles Dickens sings about his life and books, and Vlad the Impaler reveals his horrible new plan for keeping out the neighbors.

  • In this episode we meet a surprisingly charming Stuart highwayman, the Captain of the Titanic holds the world' worst safety briefing, famous writer Mary Shelley pitches the movie of her life, and those violent Vikings show their softer side in a song.

  • The Saxon gods form an unlikely team of superheroes, famous astronaut Neil Armstrong reveals his new weight loss program, we meet Georgian London' crime-fighting genius, and Rosa Parks sings about her struggle for equality.