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Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is a family television show which follows Sigmund, a sea monster who makes new friends in two children Johnny and Scott. Sigmund is unusual from most sea monsters in that he does not enjoy scaring people and his family feels embarrassed because of him in the sea monster community. To avoid pressure from his family and to avoid having to scare people, he decides to run away from his home and family at Dead Man's Point and after swimming through the ocean for a long time, eventually arrives at a beach.

The same day that Sigmund landed on the beach, two boys named Johnny and Scott while walking along the shore stumble upon a clump of seaweed that appeared to be moving. The seaweed they found was actually Sigmund, and they become immediate friends. The boys bring him to their home to help protect him from his sea monster family who is constantly trying to take him back to his home in the sea. They also are having to keep his existence a secret from the human world, especially from the housekeeper Zelda who watches the boys while their parents are gone.

Billy Barty, who was only three feet nine inches tall, wore a suit to play the main character Sigmund. The two boys that became his friends Johnny and Scott were played by Johnny Whitaker and Scott Stuart and Zelda the housekeeper was played by Mary Wickes. Sigmund and the Sea Monsters first debuted in 1973 and along with Sigmund his family also included his older brothers Blurp and Slurp.

In each episode Blurp and Slurp try to take Sigmund back home by force but he is always able to escape from their plans with the help of his friends. Later in the show a sea genie named Sheldon was introduced, played by Rip Taylor. Sheldon always means well, but his spells that he tries to cast rarely work and usually cause more trouble for Sigmund and the boys. Sheldon also has a young nephew named Shelby, played by Sparky Marcus, who also tries to help them in their adventures.

Sigmund And The Sea Monsters is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1973.

Where do I stream Sigmund And The Sea Monsters online? Sigmund And The Sea Monsters is available for streaming on Vivendi Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Sigmund And The Sea Monsters on demand at Amazon Prime online.

Vivendi Entertainment
1 Season, 17 Episodes
January 1, 1973
Kids & Family
Cast: Scott Kolden, Mary Wickes, Rip Taylor, Fran Ryan, Sparky Marcus
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Sigmund And The Sea Monsters Full Episode Guide

  • Sigmund's family is invited to uncle Siggy's luau but only if Sigmund is there. But when his brothers try to get him Sigmund he hits his head and thinks he is a little boy.

  • Jack Wild, the movie star is vacationing on the beach and meet Sigmund and the boys. Sigmund's family take Mr. Wild prisoner, but if you think he'll stand for that...You don't know Jack!

  • A caveman and his pet dinosaur move into the Ooze's cave and force them out.

  • It's Halloween and Sigmund decides to go trick or treating with Johnny and Scott. So Siggy disguises himself as a boy in a sea monster costume.

  • Sigmund's family evacuates the cave for a storm and Sigmund moves home to avoid Johnny and Scott's parents.

  • When Sweet Mama kicks Big Daddy out of the cave, he moves into the club house with Sigmund.

  • Sigmund's mother Sweet Mama decides to redecorate the sea monster cave. But to save money she gets her furniture from Johnny and Scott's house.

  • Sigmund accidentally breaks Aunt Zelda's bowl and decides to get money from his family's cave to replace it, but he is caught after curfew by the sea monster sheriff.

  • When Sigmund's brothers find an Ooze brother must attend Ghoul school they try to trick Sigmund into going. Then the boys neglect their schoolwork looking for their sea monster.

  • Sigmund refuses to sing with his sea monster family in a monster rock concert because he has entered a radio contest looking for new singers!

  • A Sea Monster tax audit reveals Sigmund is missing. Sigmund's father, facing more taxes sends Sigmund's brothers off to retrieve their little tax deduction. Meanwhile the housekeeper brings her nephew to visit Scott and Johnny.

  • Zelda the housekeeper plans a birthday party for her friend Sheriff Bevins and depends on the boys to clean the house. But things go wrong when Sigmund cleans the house instead.

  • When Sigmund gets sick Scott & Johnny find a doctor at the aquarium. But when they realize he only wants him for research they have to cure their sea monster friend themselves.

  • When Sigmund falls in love with a dog he writes a poem to his canine love. Johnny discovers the romance and tries to explain to Sigmund the problems with inter-species relationships.

  • Sigmund the little sea monster hides out with his new human friends Johnny and Scott in their clubhouse, but has trouble with the sheriff when Sigmund's big bad brothers come for him.

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