The Wacky World Of Tex Avery

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"The Wacky World of Tex Avery" (1997) is a cartoon series. The titular Tex Avery had been a cartoonist who worked for MGM and Warner brothers and had been known for innovative and hilarious sight gags. The show included such characters as Einstone, a caveman genius who was the world's first inventor, Power Pooch, a canine superhero, and Pompeii Pete, a Roman centurion who was somehow freed from the lava of Pompeii and is now living in the modern world.

1 Season, 25 Episodes
June 1, 1997
The Wacky World Of Tex Avery

The Wacky World Of Tex Avery Full Episode Guide

  • Tex is a Pony Express Rider carrying something in his saddlebags. Amanda, to save her reputation as a charitable rich person, sends Freddy to a finishing school. Dan the Man is arap star whose recent change of name prompts him to change his image.

  • Mooch disguises as the Tooth Fairy in hopes of getting dinner. Genghis invades Camelot to make himself King of the Round Table. When a Neanderthal's wife leaves for a shopping her husband is clueless as to taking care of their newborn baby.

  • Tex and Sid try to their hardest to gain weight to gain Chastity's favor. It's hungry fly versus selfish dowager where baking a cake becomes battle royale. Count Danula, gets a visit from traveling pizza boy Pompeii Pete.

  • Amanda hires a Medium to help her contact her supposedly dead brother. Power Pooch is reverted back to "Puppy-hood" when Dr. Hydrant blows a special dog whistle. When Maurice goes fishing, Mooch realizes this could be his chance to make a ?catch?.

  • Sagebrush Sid "sidnaps" Chastity to row her to a church downriver for a wedding just so he can get a kiss. Amanda inadvertantly locks Freddy in the freezer. In a series of comical ?blackout? gags, Maurice plays haunted house with his hungry neighbor.

  • Dr. Dan, who practices golf more than medicine, meets his match in friendly Pete. An alien ship is approaching Earth, and Power Pooch instantly assumes it's an attack. Genghis is out to conquer an Indian tribe when he runs into little squaw Khannie.

  • Sid is an outlaw trying to steal gold from Tex's fort. In order to look like the skinny models in Vague magazine, Amanda heads for a really strict fat farm. Power Pooch is determined to protect the wealth of a solitary old lady.

  • Cattle rustler Sid is determined to steal Tex's herd of steers. Power Pooch must rescue Little Buddy who is held prisoner by the nefarious Dr. Hydrant! Amanda learns from a kooky mystic that a fly on your person can be lucky.

  • Chastity has reached her tolerance of fighting and demands to know how this feuding got started. Gunga Dan wants to make the cover of Fearless Hunter Magazine. Einstone opens the ?Einstone School of Medicine? to teach how to help fellow cavemen.

  • Tex isn't sure he likes this technology, especially when the outcome of the cartoon is in the hands the audience. Mooch tries to cook Maurice on the campfire. Dan the Man is a lawyer on vacation who wants to be left alone by POMPEII PETE.

  • Einstone realizes the Neanderthals evolutionary development is threatened because they're out of shape. Ghengis arrives in the Amazon with plans to cut a highway to conquering the tribes of Brazil. Pooch & LB join the cops in foiling a bank robbery.

  • DANNY BOY is instructed to teach a crime lord's nephew the ropes of the "business." Khannie is back in her native Asia when Genghis attacks the Himalayas. Einstone creates the Ugh Lympic Games to give them an alternative to beating brains out.

  • When Ghengis tries to sacrifice Khannie to the volcano god, Khannie gets something better than gold! A time traveler comes from the future to pick one caveman to bring back with him. Amanda tries to squash Freddy but can't seem to crush him.

  • Chastity has had it with Tex and Sid always fighting and demands they do a program with class. Ghengis conquers Egypt only to discover that the Princess, Khannie, has other plans. Einstone meets a sexy cave babe and gets hit by Cupid's club!

  • After Sid is abusive to his horse, the animal demands that horses get the cushy jobs. When his mother comes to stay, Einstone tries to get rid of her by finding her a boyfriend. Mooch discovers Maurice in a toy store and sets out to get his lunch.

  • Ghengis arrives in Athens where he intends to conquer Greece. Dan hides out in a dentist's only to discover that Pompeii Pete is their assistant. When the Neanderthals come to Einstone to fix their cave roof, our genius helps them with some ideas

  • Amanda settles to relax when she finds herself being haunted by Freddy's buzzing. Mooch decides to call a false alarm to get the firemen out and trick Maurice into his stomach. Power Pooch tries to teach Little Buddy the meaning of "vigilance."

  • ?Cat Scratch Fervor? While rescuing a local mouse, a bad local alley cat see Power Pooch chewing his Power Slipper. ?Say Goodnight Freddy? Amanda has a big photo session tomorrow morning. ?Quiet Please? All Dan really wanted was a good nights rest.

  • Amanda does her social duty by volunteering at the local library. Ghengis arrives off Diamond Head and plans to conquer Hawaii. When Maurice arrives at the dojo for his first kung fu lesson, Mooch waylays the instructor and takes his place.

  • It's double-cross to see who gets the shaft, er, the mine. Phony TV chef DAN DU JOUR is a tyrant with his staff! When Mooch discovers that it's Maurice's first day of school, he decides to catch the little squab by hijacking the school bus.

  • Dan is a self-important businessman who needs to get to the airport on time. Ghengis arrives in Scotland invades castle McKhannie in an attempt to conquer Scotland. Einstone believes he has invented the perfect Dinosaur trap.

  • Tex is on his way to visit Chastity when a big Grizzly refuses to let him pass. When Mooch tries to nab Maurice, the little chicken thinks his new sitter wants to play war. Amanda's mind finally snaps from the strain of her battles with Freddy.

  • Our hero Tex is lost in a blizzard when he chances across a cabin stocked full of food and firewood. Fed up with flies, Amanda decides to put to sea on a cruise ship to escape. Maurice decides to prepare breakfast in bed for his Ma and Pa

  • Sagebrush Sid is determined to rob the gold shipment on today's train. Ghengis the barbarian takes his reign of terror throughout the world but is stopped by the Great Wall, and Khannie. Amanda is attending the social event of the year.

  • Tex Avery and Sagebrush Sid compete to become the clown in the rodeo, Dan thinks he can scam a hospital. When Neanderthals find themselves hungry and unable to reach a giant dinosaur egg perched on a cliff top, Einstone comes to the rescue.

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