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Martha and Friends is an animated television series. Martha is a small child that makes crafts with her little friends. Martha and her little friends also cook and make special meals. They love to create new things. This animated show is perfect for little kids. Martha & Friends can help little kids want to be creative by wanting to try and make art projects on their own.

Martha & Friends is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (27 episodes). The series first aired on October 28, 2011.

Where do I stream Martha & Friends online? Martha & Friends is available for streaming on Vivendi Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Martha & Friends on demand at Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel Free online.

Vivendi Entertainment
2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
October 28, 2011
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Keith Ferguson
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Martha & Friends Full Episode Guide

  • Martha and Friends create a special display of their favorite arts and craft projects for the Community Center's Charity Craft Sale!

  • Hanna and Lily need to sew patches on their Flower Girl uniforms so Martha teaches them a variety of sewing tricks.

  • When the lights go out one night at the cottage, Martha and Friends get the idea of creating all sorts of family games from found objects.

  • Martha and Friends decide to put on a puppet show and make everything by hand - from the stage to the puppets themselves!

  • Martha and Friends throw a party for Francesca and Sharkey's fellow dog friends from dog obedience school, and make special canine treats and dog-themed gifts.

  • To raise money for their school, Martha and Friends put together various fashions - using found items - and put on a successful fashion show.

  • There's an over abundance of eggs at the Farmer's market so Martha comes up with the perfect solution: to turn all the eggs into beautifully decorated Easter eggs!

  • Martha and Friends make an array of unusual Valentine's Day cards - including special cards for Kevin's lovesick brother, Kyle.

  • Martha and Friends have a day off from school because of snow so they spend it cooking and making arts and crafts for a special Snow Day party!

  • Martha and Friends help a neighbor, Stella, turn a messy armoire into an exciting arts and crafts cabinet.

  • Martha comes up with various arts and crafts projects to turn a traditionally boring Thanksgiving into a fun holiday!

  • Martha gives Lily a crash course in proper dinner etiquette and what constitutes a proper place setting.

  • It's Rockin' Regatta day at the park and Martha and Friends build homemade wooden boats to compete in the upcoming boat races!

  • Kevin photographs twelve sets of decorated cupcakes - one for each month of the year - for the new school calendar.

  • Martha and Friends are decorating the cottage for Halloween using all homemade arts and crafts. With an unexpected pumpkin shortage they figure out how to decorate with unusual balloon pumpkins!

  • Martha and Friends make a variety of unusual Christmas presents out of felt.

  • Kevin wants to throw his cousin a birthday party so Martha and Friends gather together various scrap materials to make unusual, fun decorations and presents.

  • Martha, Hanna and Lily have a sleepover where they pretend to be staying at a spa using homemade lotions and beauty treatments.

  • Martha and her friends prepare for a Science Fair at school by conducting a variety of fun experiments from found objects in the kitchen.

  • It's Hannah's birthday and she wants to take special snacks to class. Martha comes up with new recipes for food that can be eaten and enjoyed by kids with allergies.

  • When Martha's friends start complaining about their worn-out blue jeans, she comes up with lots of fun solutions to spruce up their old pants.

  • A visit to a seaside town for the 4th of July turns to adventure when Martha and Friends learn that the town can't afford this year's fireworks display. Martha and Friends have a plan for raising money to pay for the fireworks but things get complicated when Francesca and Sharkey disappear during to a thunderstorm.

  • When Hanna gets sad about starting a new school year, Martha cheers her up with some special arts and crafts. Martha and Friends go even a step farther and plan a special back-to-school party so they can meet all of their new classmates.

  • Martha and Friends hope to win an egg decorating contest so they can attend the White House Easter Egg Roll. Unfortunately a mysterious thief takes all of the prizewinning eggs but Martha is able to save the day by coming up with some last minute decorating ideas!

  • Martha and Friends enter a Christmas tree decorating contest but their plans have to change when a local Youth Center needs help with their Christmas party. After creating a number of crafts and decorating the Youth Center's Christmas tree, Martha and friends win the contest anyway!

  • Kevin's modest plans to shoot a Halloween movie are changed when Francesca and Sharkey run away to scary Intimidation Woods. In rescuing the frightened dogs, Martha and Friends' adventure becomes the perfect spooky film for Kevin!