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Shin Chan (also known as Crayon Shin-Chan) first began with a manga like other popular animes. The manga series was created by Yoshito Usui in 1990 and was featured in the Japanese magazine Weekly Manga Action. In the year 1992 the show finally aired on television with its creator still making new volumes for the manga at the same time. Even though the show was broadcasted in '92, it took a few years for it to be translated into English for its audience in America.

As the anime grew in popularity so did the abundance of crude or region specific jokes. Many American viewers of the anime found the dialogue sometimes hard to comprehend due to them not having a complete understanding of the culture in Japan. This show is also dubbed for other areas like China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and places in Latin America.

The show's creator Yoshito died in a hiking incident in September 2009. On the day of his death an announcement was broadcasted to the viewers stating that the manga and anime (in its current form) were over. Usui's team relaunched the show and manga in 2010. Shin Chan has over 800 episodes and there have been tons of merchandise made for the show. Some of the items made were video games (Playstation, Game Gear, Game Boy Advance), movies (over 15 TV specials and films), and toys (official dolls and watches).

Shin Chan's story is quite simple. He is a five year old by the name of Shinnosuke Nohara and he lives with his parents in the Kasukabe, Saitama Prefecture. Unlike the other kids in his neighborhood Shin behaves very bad and says things that are not meant for his age. Shin clearly takes after his father who is a big influence on him. Each episode is just an inside look on what a normal day is like when you are living with a child like him.

3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
April 13, 1992
Cast: Akiko Yajima, Miki Narahashi, Keiji Fujiwara, Mari Mashiba, Mari Mashiba
Shin chan

Shin chan Full Episode Guide

  • The Bitzi Saga: Alternate Ending! Cancel a Shin! Cancel a Shin, Part 2!

  • Jam Hanson Presents the Puppets! Little Miss Muff Dive, Part 1! Little Miss Muff Dive, Part 2!

  • First, Do No Farming! Lust in Space! The Jackson Vibe!

  • Shintervention! Walk Whitey a Bit, Shin! Donut Resuscitate!

  • Kasukabewatch! Everyone Has a Hobby, a Way to Pass the Time! Relapse (Don't Do It)!

  • So Long, Fire Well! Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sitter's Dad's Dad! Girls Don't Melt!

  • Don't Let the Flamer Go Out! Dolphinfidelity, Part 1! Dolphinfidelity, Part 2!

  • Kids, Stroke Hard at Your Meet! Sweat Shop 'til Ya Drop! The Audacity of Rope!

  • Mo Bunny, Mo Problems! All Your Baseballs Are Belong To Us! Everybody Get Naked! (Volume Ten)

  • An Affair to Misremember! Shin Chan Origins! Oral Hijinks! The Flaming of the Shrew!

  • Opportunity Knockers! Pandamonium, Part 1! Pandamonium, Part 2!

  • In Test Anal Fartitude! TV Guided Tour! Fiery or a Wimpy Kid?

  • Three-Treat for couples.

  • An Itsy Bitzi Drug Problem! Flamernator 3: Elimination Day! Happiness Bunny's Revenge's Revenge's Revenge: With a Revengeance!

  • Summershine Cleaning! Georgie Goes Rogue! The Itzy Bitzy Sister!

  • When the Whistlers Blow! Trains, Trains and Trainomobiles! Weeding out the Undesirables!

  • The Real Housewives of Kasukabe! True Twilight Diaries, Part 1! True Twilight Diaries, part 2!

  • Fibromyalgical Mystery Tour! Ai'll Be Back! The Katz in the Cradle Robbing!

  • All the Boo That's Fit to Print! Bringing up Man Baby! Hate Balls of Fire!

  • Mom's Cavi-Tease! Beat the New Guy! Yaz-Manian Devil!

  • Loose Pussy... Cat. A Brief Satire of the Third Reich's Occupation of France! Cupid for Stupid!

  • The Secret Legacy of Ench-Man! A Star is Burned! Three of Tarts!

  • How We Spent Our Two-Year Summer Vacation! Anime is for Children (and Loser Adults)! Soaking Wet Country Club!

  • The Epicish Battle Commenceth! The Epicish Battle Commenceth, Part 2! The Epicish Battle Commenceth, Part 3!

  • The Loser can't Lose it 'cause He Lost it so He Loses it! Lunch Flake! Bitey of Evidence!

  • The Joke Stops Here! Book 'em, Shin-o! Disciples for the Truthery!

  • Gotta Gotta Hiccup to Get Down! Daddy's Day Scare! Running (to) Mate!

  • Penny's Mom Abhors Shin! Beezledrop Returns! Beezledrop Returns: Part 2!

  • Sh!tty Kickers! Sh!tty Kickers 2: The Legend of Girlie Gold! The Rise and Fall of Georgie Prescott the Third's Reich!

  • In Case You Forgot: Grandfather Knows Best! Pooter Tutor! Trials of Falsemother!

  • The Kiss of Debt! Shinja Gaiden! Grandfather Knows Best!

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts and Suicidal Tendencies! It's Raining Shin! Dildor, Sword Receiveth!

  • Along Came a Rider! Sleepin' It Real! Anything You Kendo, I Kendo Better!

  • Admission: Impossible! Yu Like Me, Yu Really Like... Right? (A Play in Two Acts!) Yu Like Me, Yu Really Like Me... Right? (Act 2!)

  • Action Bastard Says, "I've Got You, Crabs!" Whitey Flight! Fragile Rock!

  • The High School Years: Raging Bullshin, Million Dollar Boo-by, The Grade Nine Hope

  • Wrestlewomania! Wet Dreams May Come! Shin chan: The High School Years: Episode 1 - Shin-derella-chan!

  • The Widow Breaker! Whitey's Man Burden! Look Who's Stalking!

  • Crash, Test Dummy! Makeup, Little Penny! Fairly Bad Things!

  • Miss Katz Has the AIDS! Hos Think They Can Dance! Lucky Bastard Fever: Episode 5 - Gang-Bang, Victorious!

  • Ass Got Breezy Being Green! Summer Baby! Lucky Bastard Fever: Episode 4 - Fear the Money Shot!

  • It Puts the Lotion on the Baby! Dildor of Destiny! Lucky Bastard Fever: Episode 3 - Secret of the Bastard!

  • Super Happy Fun Time American School Presents: Winter Blunderland! Winter Blunderland, Part 2! Lucky Bastard Fever: Episode 2 - Inflatable of Doom!

  • Mr. Penny Builds Her Dream House! Blowing Me Softly! Lucky Bastard Fever: Episode 1 - Rise of the Pecker!

  • Tot for Teacher? Nice Day for a Whitey Wedding! Little Kids Drinking Beer!

  • The Drinky Hiro Show! Trading Faces! Trading Faces, Part 2!

  • Kindergarten Pop! The Secret Life of Georgie! Action Bastard Says, "Give Yourself the Shaft!"

  • Shin Wars: Episode IV - A Poo Hope! Shin Wars: Episode V - The Empire Likes Sprack! Shin Wars: Episode VI - Re-turd of the Hentai!